Have you noticed lately how they no longer show the early box speed before a greyhound race!

This was amazing information, that matched with fittest dogs puts you on sure winners all the time.  

With the NEVER shown close up viewing for fitness checks on the dogs and now no early speed ratings I have a sneaky idea                                     this all comes from the proffessional punters ganging up to seperate their skills against the punter in the tab and increase                                           pro profits and make it harder for the millions of regular dog punters to win. 

It all reads like a conspiracy or should I say a blackmail warning to greyhound racing that you better look after us, the pros  at the expense of the battling punter and keep specific form information strictly to them.                                                                                                      

It smells right off to me.

And I would say that you would never see racing broadcasting of fitness scanning of horses before a race for the very same reason,                          though punters will be able to use the App to scan fitness themselves.

I think the power of the pro dollars in our pools is bending a few executive arms at the cost of the battling punters.  

Cheers Jim


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