Good morning Punters and interested readers, as usually plenty has been happening in my world with my F#@^% broken back, or sort of.


The punt has been good, landed in some $1k - $4k trifectas and Pick 4 flex’s because of unfit favourites running around, so all is very promising and trying to get to the tracks to keep things going.

You have to know fitness to turn your punting around.

Plenty happening in racing with Lee Freedman back in harness training again after 3 years off.

He is a master and king of kids for over 10 years with massive Group 1 victories, why?

Because he trains on blood counts and power and strength factors, so look for his horses in the coming weeks and get on the fitter rated ones by purchasing our documentaries on fitness.

Peter V'Landy got on TVN and talking about the future of racing and young punters not hanging around blah blah blah, been hearing it for 20 years and they have spent millions on promotions and gimmicks all to no avail.

Then he said, "Maybe we should look at the form guide as just too hard for young persons to find the winner"  Wow, at last he makes some sense, so once again and again to all racing, I sent him preliminary info on scanning horses for fitness to solve the future of punters in decades to come.

I am not holding my breath as they seem reluctant to step into technology of horses fitness as some great fear to the industry, that's my two bobs worth for today on this.



I have 2 scripts in Hollywood, one a TV pilot and the other a dark comedy, both I think are very good and already have a read going on with the dark comedy.

I have 3 other films scripts on the go plus 2 theatre plays.


Music and Song:

Had a couple of sherbets last night and play Meatloaf in concert live, which is one of my favourite videos as the words are so strong in the songs, so stuff that, I CAN DO THIS ALSO.

So in between finishing off my scotch and then opening a bottle of Shiraz, in the space of about 2 hours I wrote 4-1/2 songs, so not a bad effort and sent of the 4 to a mate who played in cover bands to do the music and then we will send off demo tapes for recording.

The Shiraz got the better of me as I wanted to write a complete LP overnight but crashed about 9.30pm.

Such is life.


That’s about it and if you want to rate a horses blood count and turn you punting around the next day, see our documentaries for sale.

It is cheap as took me 6 decades to learn.


Have a nice day.....Cheers James



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