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Good morning members, I have been asked to clarify some betting strategies that I call when I sms punters. 

When I tip 97% fit 1-2/6-8-4:  See image.    

These are the horses ALWAYS in order of fitness: 1 fittest then the 2 and so forth.



Betting strategies:


Hedge 1 or other top fittest horse: 

·        That means back either the 1 or 2 or other and bet 1 unit win and 5 units a place, if the horse runs a place you must show a profit on the race.


Rover 1 or both horses in exotics. 

·        These can be great bets, rove the fittest and or 2nd fittest in exotics and collect some big dividends.

·        Rove (TAB) means if result is 6-8-1, you win the trifecta, if it is 4-6-2-1 you get the pick 4.

·        If you bet pick 4, I suggest you add 1 or more horses.

·        We tipped $65,000 in exotics in one day and so far over $2.6 million in dividends. 


Always look for Value:  

·        In our selections, at times you will see some big prices fit horses, look for value.

·        We tipped on top a horse that paid over $100 a win and $28 a place. 


Fitness Range:  1% = 1 length. 

·        Low fitness is 96% - 97% it makes it harder to win and if odds on fav in this range be very careful.

·        98% - 99% -100% fit are star bets.

·        The majority of 99% - 100% rated fitness is generally horses in carnival times for million dollar races.


1.      Place betting on either of the 1-2 fittest horses are returning great profits.


2.      Fittest horses are winning approx.  85% of races.

3.      See nice wins link for many hundreds of great results. 


Good luck and will reply to any questions. 


James Conway CEO 28.8


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