Racing has to go where the fish are biting!    Casinos

Casinos chase high rollers that bet millions of dollars per hour, racing go after a very few pro punters with excessively rebates at the expense of the little punter.

Racing should get out there and take your racing products to the 7,800 Casinos around the world with your bookmaker bags and exchange software, shake hands and introduce yourselves.

High rollers at casinos can go into Triple888 Betting Lounges, where horse racing is broadcast 24/7 by the 150 race clubs;they will bet up in mega millions because they can win more often our 28.8 fitter horse form PLUS are on a level playing field with other world punters.

If  7,800 casinos high rollers bet only $AU6, 000 a race per venue, that is $AU47 million in the pool every race; 20% commission take out is $AU9.4m every race or $AU245 billion per year in commissions PLUS we have to add the betting from the
10 million global punters and new Poker Punters!

All doable.

150 clubs should receive $AU1 billion+ per year in gross revenues.

Earn today: Nearly all Casinos have massive horse betting rooms for hundreds of millions of tourist and they show horse racing 24/7.

Casinos now can tap in with fit horses form with a monitor and watch punters leave the pokies to go and win on the horses! Casinos and betting outlets will rub their hands together for their new betting concept.

James is also developing native software to scan quarter horse racing; which is huge market in the USA

Was Kerry Packer on the right track in the 70’s when he wanted racing without the public?

The best of best elite trainers do not need the stress of having 400 – 500 horses in work, train less horses and get paid 100 fold more.

Worlds’ best jockeys will be in big demand and will satellite race.



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