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A huge opening for FREE  LIVE HFTV on lower fitness tips that won 4,000% profit only 1, 1-2 or 1-2-3 tips yesterday. 

Members won 5,000% profit last 2 days, sms or FREE live horse fitness TV on of less fit horses. 

Join now for Saturday’s 98% plus SMS Pro Punter tips or check in for free less fitter tips. We are on fire! 

There is only 1 way to win on the punt: Find the fittest horse and hedge your bet, that is bet 1 win x 5 place etc.

If the horse runs a place you must show a profit.


HFTV will be huge and fully open in about 8 weeks' time. 

·           Exciting news, 28.8 has Australia’ best form analyst joining HFTV, view his informative videos to get an early edge in winning form.


28.8 Fitter tips results:


·            W1-W1-W1-W1-W1-W2-W1-W1-W3-W1-W1-W3-L-W1-W2

·            W2-W1-W2-W1-L4th- L4th-W1-WQ-W3-W1-L4th-W1-W1-W1

·           W1-L-Ldnf-W2-W1-W2-W2-L4th-W1-W2- W1-L-W1-W3-L-W1-L-

W1- W1-W1-W1-W1-W1-W2-W2-W2-W1-W2-56 tips


1.      47/56 hedge bets won on 84% of all races.

2.      Win tip Strike Rate 31/56 = 55%

3.      52/56 tips ran in 1st 4 for exotics = 93% 






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