The secret to betting in Hong Kong is known when that man, Joe Modeira IS ON AN UNFIT HORSE AND


28.8 knows that.




I am not having a go at Mark Read, in intuition on Australian bookmaking and his $50k

minimum investment in his “punters club” for Hong Kong trading.


He has the right applications to bet for punters even though 2016/2017 was bad year.


28.8 has this similar platform but we have the edge in knowing who is

fit and who is unfit.


After 9 weeks we are 760% ROI, half a million in exotics and 99% lay strike rate.


Who has the best platforms for punters to win/trade?






“Our Betting Funds generate returns in excess of stock market and

global hedge fund indices.


Racing season by season client net return: +44.81% (2014/15), +59.75 (2015/16),

-45.54 (2016/17).  [28.8 2017/2018 projection may be 2-3,000% ROI.]


This is the average net return across all betting funds, when distributions are reinvested.


Since inception (September 2015) betting fund client net return +35.89%.



The methodology employed is one that exploits the liquidity of pools and the

quality of Hong Kong racing.


In a Quinella bet there are an amplified number of outcomes across the pool

and the funds weight our investment against a global market provided by

the totalisator pool operator.


Simply, instead of taking bets we are having bets, making a book which reflects

profit on the value outcomes against risking poor value outcomes”



Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

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