Getting out and about.




Just for a change I may go live on-course on some days FOR EARLY FITNESS % MAIL

from the stables; a better service.


Tips will come through hour/s before the race as I rate horses coming off the truck and you

can mark down on your form guides.



Tips will come through our platform on my iCloud from oncourse with fitness tips posted during the day.


I can go to the stables and do Waller and Weir horses fitness levels hours before

they race, a massive new edge.


·       Fitter Horses to back and include

·       Unfit Horses to lay

·       Horses to include in your exotic and early quaddies.


It will be local to me and nice weather.


This will be included as part of your $30 per week / $100 per month membership.


I will still be able to do some races off on-course monitors for our Sydney races, but not all races.


A new big edge for members.


Live today about noon.


More later





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