Stats Update:  Week 33


·       ROI    9,300% profit

·       Exotic Dividends  $AU1,400,000

·       Top line strike rate   536 races – 460 winners    85.80% strike rate

·       Lay unfit horses Win:   490 bets – 488 winners. Strike rate 99.60%   

·       Profit on win  lays:  46,200% 

·       Last 388 straight winners – 100% strike rate.

·       Profit on place lays:  33,000%

·       2 pay outs out of last 388 place lay bets.  – 99.50% strike rate.F


We are expanding our services into Hong Kong for the huge betting pools of up to $AU35m

every race and 80 million punters.


WORLD FIRST: I am Fitness Percentage Spreadsheet Rating horses for Group 1 Trainers

in Asia and Australia.

I make 8 comments on every horse via your email photos of horses from around the world,

no names required, just use ref code.

Trainers work practices are more 100% more efficient and up to 50% easier with more winners.

Contact me for a free trial.



*28.8 Closing Tipping ICloud Site:    (Soon)

·       Members only $AU20 per week for Wednesday and Saturday = 4 meetings.

·       VIP Members: $AU100 per week: Hong Kong 2 meetings a week, video track work best of

best Hong Kong plus same races in Australia as members.

·       VIP will lead into rebates on many products, lucky lotto punters Club and much more for members.





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