$21,750 exotics today, if you are not betting some exotics with 28.8, you are betting wrong. All from 1-2 roving bankers, deliver cheaper bets. Jim


$21,500 in exotics so far today, if you are not betting exotics with 28.8 you are betting wrong.


Race 6 $6,100 in exotics, easy. Winner top line $9.90 both bankers in 1st fittest at $2.70 a place and we then get the Grafton 1400m


Race 6 Both bankers run 1-2 and all top line returns here, ok pays $1,000 MASSIVE OVERS TOP LINE ALL IN. Stawell 1300m


$13,500 roving 1-2 bankers today, that is how to bet with fitness.


4 races down: $8,700 roving 2 stragey horses today on fire.


$7,100 in exotics returns after 1st 3 races, huge


Race 1 Rover 2nd fittest 8-3-7-4 returns $2,000 Grafton 2350m


28.8 Fitness successfully puts that first group of horses across the line more than others.





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