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This to me is the best betting system to win on the punt, Fitness hedge betting. 

When I tip a horse and is $7 a win and $2.70 a place and runs 2nd or 3rd, YOU MUST STILL WIN ON THE RACE. 

When I tip a horse and is $3 a win and $1.50 a place and runs 2nd or 3rd YOU MUST STILL WIN ON THE RACE. 

Bet say 1 win x 4 places and that will return a 100% profit on a $7 place bet or whatever the place units prices, if the tip runs a place (Ave 80% - 85%) of the time YOU MUST NOT LOSE. 

Betfair sometimes bet more than 3 places, this is gold.   

Our Fitness hedge betting allows you to win 75% - 100% daily hedge betting on all bets and no runs of outs. 

And no form study, but if u do not like my selection, don't bet.   

You are now living a dream!


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Sep 12



TAX FREE: Live mounting yards today punters 1pm


Be a Pro Punter with no form study just back our fittest horse and win



Sep 12



What ever you have read in racing for the last 200 years is wrong.

That is my point.

Not 50 races, not 50,000 results but millions of results.

So any banter about video replays, speed maps, jockeys, trainers, track bias, on and on and on, moan,

moan moan; does not effect the result of a race more than how fit your bet is behind the stalls.

That's all.


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Sep 9




Dear Sports Editor /PUNTERS.


Would you like a great untold story for your readers? 

After 58 years and dedicated 150,000 hours I have broken the code why a horses wins!


·        A new brilliant horse fitness service to punters that keeps on winning.

·        I soon opens the first 28.8 Live Streaming Horse Fitness TV station. www.

·        I am the only person in the history of racing to rate horses in a % of fitness.

·        How fit a horse is not in form guides, until now and 70% of why a horse wins.

·        28.8 break the science of fitness in a % from mounting yards, off monitors around the world.

·        28.8 post up to 15 fittest tips a day, posting 4 - 12 minutes before they race.

·        28.8 has world best: 53k% profits in last 4 months.

·        28.8 have a WIN strike rate of over 50% and tips returning a profit of over 80%!

·        28.8 lay strike rate of 99.50% unfit horses, with best run of 618 winners in a row.

·        28.8 have tipped nearly $3m in exotics.

·        Punters are re rejoicing: My losing, just won’t go away, who can help me?” 28.8 can.


Why a fit horse beats an unfit horse?


1.      A fit horse has higher training fitness levels, elevated strength factors to get it home  and built up muscle

on muscles factors to sustain that run.

2.      28.8 place a % on each horse with a horse 100% fit has a 10 lengths edge on an unfit horse rated only 90%


This is why our 28.8 members keep winning, I find that fitness edge for them. 

28.8 has 2 weeks free for your readers and membership is only $AU20 per month: free at the moment. 

Partnerships with 60% commissions are available plus discount video and banner advertising on LIVE HFTV. 

This is a truly great story that has to be told and a history doc with photos can be forwarded, please email or call me. 

King Regards 


Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 Live Horse Fitness TV, Mounting Yard Tips.

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Sep 8



Good morning.


Why not affiliate with 28.8 Horse Fitness TV with a 60% commission and turn your data base

into $1 million? 

All sports content welcome and advertising. 

Saturday live mounting yard fitness selective Tips: 




The Live Score:

52 tips:

• 27 Winners – 52% strike rate
• 42 Placed   –  81% strike rate

Going live Hong Kong mounting yards soon and please contact me. 




Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 Live Horse Fitness TV, Mounting Yard Tips.

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Sep 7





28.8 recent strike rates fittest horse, dog or trotter.


39 tips: 

·        23 Winners – 59% strike rate

 ·        33 Placed – 85% strike rate



All good.

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Sep 6



28.8 tip only on selected races where I can see a fitness edge for members, the only site in the world that does this.


Maybe 10 - 15 bets a day with a fitness edge live from the mounting yards. rt


53,000% tax free profit in only a few months.




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Sep 4



No one else can put fitness % into their live tips that is why we are the best in the world,


live today on today


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