Jun 6



I may be back again tonight live on fitter horses in the UK.


Great work again today Wednesday triple header at Sandown, Canterbury and Gold Coast.


24 races, 100’s of horse rated in a percentage of fitness, 21 top line winners 87.50% strike rate.


We had 30 lays, 15 win and 15 place with 1 place getting up but we

traded out by the end of the day for a $300 profit on that.


We returned $30,500 (15,000 pounds in exotics) for a $20k profit ($10k pounds)


Our ROI was 200% for the day.



Jun 6



Good morning punters we are live today at Sandown Good 4, Canterbury Heavy 8 and Gold Coast, Good 4.


Our dominance with Waller and Weir winners will continue and is great news for members.


I tried last night to YES or NO favourites in the UK, but with very limited vision, all behind the

barriers it was impossible.


However the service has merit and I will now put FAV under the horse number on my ratings.


That will give you an indication of where the favourite is likely to finish.


A good leg up because if not mentioned too high, this could be a value race.


See you about 11.45am today.





Jun 5



The dark side of paddock watching.


Is the favourite fit tonight YES or No.


Later live on Betfair community forum on UK racing.


James Spock

Jun 5



Is the favourite fit tonight YES or No.


Later live on Betfair community forum on UK racing.



Jun 5



Good morning punters we are coming off nearly a record week last week with 4 big

days on mounting yard fitness, doing most of 3 meetings every day.

A huge effort that paid big dividends.

Exotic returns were $125,000 for the week, our ROI was a huge 760%

ROI for 40 weeks now up to impressive 12,260%

Exotics returns $1,870,000.00

Top line fitter horses 939/796 have won a 85% strike rate.

Lay unfit winners 725 calls 723 winners Strike rate of 99.74%, no pay outs since last November, last 615 straight winners.

Lay unfit placed horses 725 calls, 698 winners, strike rate of 96.28%

It is a tuff gig doing 3 meetings a day, but back Wednesday for SANDOWN, CANTERBURY and GOLD COAST.

Plus more on Betfair community at bed time and may be twitter.

We are still free as also out free photo fitness ratings.

Send through a photo/s on course of your bets from the early stable and now what is fit and what is not fit.



Jun 2



Top work again today with $46k (23,000 pounds) profits.


21 races live, hundreds of horses rating in a % of fitness.


33% top horse won. (7)


Exotics returned $56k.


ROI 350%


Lay 16/16


Thanks, back again next week.



Jun 1



Good morning punters, we are live on Saturday at Moonee Valley, Rosehill and Sunshine

Coast (I will be missing race 9).


26 big races live from the mounting yards.


On fire this week with $38k so far in exotics and undefeated on  72/72 win lays.


See you about 11.15am, early start.


Want to know how fit your next bet is, email me a photo for a fitness rating hours

before they race if on-course.


See u then





Jun 1



I have unique live iCloud web site Gaze only about pre-race horse fitness.

I go live in Australia now for 30 races an afternoon live from mounting yards, posting my

  • 5 best fitter horses in a fitness % and next best 2.

    Members bet on those after I make a bet strategy.

    I also tip a lay unfit horse when I see one.

    My 39 weeks live lays have been 717 tips for 715 wins 99.72% strike rate.

    Winning the last 607 straight and have not tipped a loser since November.

    My place lays have been 717 tips and 691 winners, strike rate 96.37%

    My ROI is over 11,000%

    My exotics have won $UA1.8 million. (900k pounds)

    My top line 5 fitter horses winning is 918 races winning 779 / 84.86% strike rate

  • My next 2 fitter horses covers about 10% more strike rate.

    Unfit horses that I miss is 5.14%, I am wrong and I hate losing.

    I fitness consult for leading trainer Chris Waller (WINX) and a Group 1 trainer in Honk Kong.

    I go on twitter@fithorses for more winners on the dogs and trots, fast and furious action.

    I go on Betfair here for more winners.

    Sometimes I go early morning for winners in the USA.

    Sometimes I go live Hong Kong and Singapore for more winners.

    I do not have an ego, but hell who cares "How can you sleep when the beds are burning"

    I am mad as a hatter and fear nothing.

    I am really, really old, past my use by date.

    I hope this explains your question.




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