Sep 11



Fitter horses win 92.38% my races. 15 - 20 may be 50% 21 - 30 may be 25% 31 may be 17%


Then I miss, that is the other 8% T

That may be close and yes maths shows us something significant with about 200% a better chance of the 21 - 30 ratings

and 300% of 31 plus ratings. rt


But 15 - 20 may win 90% of the time but only 25% of the races.

Sep 11



 28.8 Is there Mathematical Probabilities of Winning on our Punting?


I was thinking, you have card counters, you have mathematicians in just about every sport now ever played collating data on every conceivable
facet  of a game to program some small edge.

Is there mathematical probabilities of winning more on the punt?

Sure I have very good strike rates and profits, but can it be better?

I have data of about 1,500 races I have tipped fitter horses and I will bet you London to a brick, the low the top

5 fitter horses ad up the

mathematical better the chances you have of winning.

Let’s take 2 race ratings of fitter horses:

Race 1:   1-2-3-4-5 are my fitter horses, all 1-5 top weight as the handicapper has said best horses and are now rated fit.

Race 2:  10-7-3-11-15 are my fitter horses, spread out over the field and some of low quality and performance

and poorer types than horses than in Race 1.

I am sure there are a set of Mathematical probabilities numbers that further increase a punters chances.

•    Race 1:   1-2-3-4-5 adds up to 15

•    Race 2: 10-7-3-11-15 adds up to 46.

I am positive that race 1 would return better results than race 2.

I can’t be bothered going back over 1,500 results, however I will add the 5 fitter horses up and place on

the right hand side of my ICloud software prior to posting.

A pattern will form which could say:

•    15-20 win more races

•    21 – 30 win less

•    31 – 50 win few.

THE EVEREST BIG PUNT could well look at these mathematical probabilities to increase their chances when

having a real big punt in a big value race.

15 – 20 ratings could be as low as odds on to 2/1 you win on this race?

All good


Sep 11




28.8 The Everest Big Punt.


What is 28.8 The Everest Big Punt?

When members subscribe for our race day live mounting yard fitness % tips, $5 of your membership will go into our

28.8 The Everest Big Punt club where 2 or more times per year, using our unique fitness edge; we will chase the big

pick 4 dividends in  races like The Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, Golden Slipper etc.


You will get 1 ticket. Winnings are returned to members.

The more you join the more tickets members have.

Non-members and International Punters welcome.



SMS Pro punters costs:  


·        $55 per day SMS best of best fitter horses SMS to you.

·        Access codes for live racing on

·        Access to our early quaddie tips on

·        PLUS a 28.8 The Everest Big Punt ticket every day SMS you are on line.


Note: *$5 we will be put aside from your membership for The Everest Big Punt.



28.8 Live punters:



·        $55 per week you will get 2-3 race days (35 – 50 races)  live on

·        Plus Bonus access to our Fitness leg ups in the first leg of quaddies, several times per week on

Plus:       28.8 The Everest Big Punt        1 Ticket every week you sign up.




How it works:


·        28.8 will put aside *$5 of your membership fees when you subscribe, that goes into The Everest Big Punt club bank.


·        2 or more times a year, I will use our fitness edge for The Everest Big Punt on the big pick 4’s races, like the

Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, Golden Slipper, chasing huge dividends with multiple units.


·        The more weeks you register, the more tickets you own.

·        Profits are returned to punters..

·        28.8 Exciting new fitness edge betting: The Everest Big Punt.


·        NON 28.8 Members local and International punters are welcome @ $AU55 per ticket:  Contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Affiliations commission will receive 30% of $50  ($15) per registrations. Please contact me if you want to be an affiliate.

Sep 10




Live Wednesday Guys.

3/3 today.

BONUS FITNESS LIVE Quaddie 1st Leg Ups:

8/9 have won. Win Strike Rate: 89%

Winning Prices: $7.50 - $6.00 - $4.40 - $15.00 - $7.30 - $8.00 - $4.30 - $5.10

PRO Members will have access to these bonus fitness tips.

Maybe quaddie live  again tomorrow.

Thanks James

Sep 10



28.8 Pro Punters SMS No 2 Edition.     10th September 2018

$55.00 per day selected fitter horses SMS 2 U.


Hi punters:

As to date we have rated in fitness 22 short priced horses in our system of favorites under $3.00.

14 have lost as not fit enough = 64% we have not touched. (Save pro punters are thousands up.)

We have tried only 4 horses:  18%    (Passed on 82% of short priced favorites)

·        Di Argento         99% fittest against Winx a place              3rd       $2.10

·        Redzel                99.50% fittest to Win                                  1st       $2.40

·        Asharani            99%, fittest, 2nd up/place: Jockey continually reefed the horse back to last, why?

·        Nature Strip      99.50% fittest to win and did                    1st      $1.60

ROI Profit so far:     210%     /      Target: 1,000% ROI per month.


BONUS:     1ST LEG UP of Quaddies fitter horses:

Winner’s prices @

($15.00) ($7.30) ($7.50) ($6.00) ($4.30)    5 out of 6 in   =   83% Strike Rate:

Next 1st leg up of Quaddies : Monday 11-10-2018


Next full live meeting is Wednesday,   12th of September 2018


****Pick 6 Global Betting:        I can do this!

My mission this week is to look into international Pick 6 race pools around the world. My fittest horse’s 10% - 15% strike rate

would cross the line 1-2-3-4-5-6 of the time.

Pick 6 jackpots are very common, wait till they have a huge $500k jackpots and have a go; this is what Zielko would do. 

A $5 levy per week may be taken out from members subscriptions for this and other type jackpot bets, like the Melbourne Cup.

Does anyone know information to help me please?

Regards All


Sep 8



This is a winner and free to members.

Quaddie Leg up: On Friday I went live for an hour for the 4 state 1st leg of quaddies with:

1st rated in wins @$7.50 winner and all fittest horses (4) ran 1-2-3-4 and paid huge overs of $500, this leg in the quaddie paid huge of $14,200.

2nd leg up won at $5.30 and this quaddie paid $750,

3rd leg up paid $4.30 and this quaddie paid $600 and

4th leg up missed with a $40  winner.

Will do more of these on non-race days for members.

Regards Jim

Sep 7






Yesterday I thought there were false favourites in each of the 4 legs of the quaddie at Echuca, so I looked for an edge on fitness

in the first leg and got the winner (4) FIGHT FOR VICTORY @ $17 as a good 1st leg up advantage.


I went wider in the other legs and this got me a flexi percentage of the $10,000 dividend.


Look at your quaddies first and get the first leg in with 28.8 mounting yard fitness tips.


You can do this on race days.


Back live and free sms Saturday as no tips on Wednesday where there were 6 favourites in our system (Under $3)

and all got rolled, and I tipped winners against them.


But they did finished in the 3-6 bracket and not unfit enough to call a lay.


A lay on an unfit favourite is unfit.


If you backed those 6 short priced favourites, as low as $1.60 you really lost some serious monies or had

an option to keep it in your pocket.


This is the edge 28.8 has.


See it all happen before your SMS goes out.




Sep 7



Yes Stuart, dead right.

It can be done, you just need an edge and look at winning on the punt differently.

Zelijko now has “Spotters” on a lot of race tracks around Australia in the mounting yards,

he knows where the edge is, fitness.


From: Stuart []
Sent: Thursday, September 6, 2018 11:16 PM
To: James Conway
Subject: Re: 28.8 I think I am unstoppable.

I get it !

Most people think winning on the punt is impossible or to get an edge is...
Well take at look at Zelijko or even Matt from Qld or Stephen Bartholemew ...
Or people that used to card count or time the roulette wheels ...
Leave them behind mate , people can win !!

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On 6 Sep 2018, at 10:12 pm, James Conway  wrote:

Just a banter from Betfair forum, plenty say I don’t even exist or post my tips after the race.

All good



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