Dec 4



UK Punters would never crack my fitness codes over there.

Go to live for this great story please.



Dec 3



This week also we will be talking about Bitcoin Betting on live.


Our 28.8 Fitness Edge worldwide Punters Club is gather momentum.


This will be huge, think of it as a new business like share market trading.


Think as more of investing in a number of commodities with a fitness edge and

less as gambling with no fitness edge, more later.



Dec 2



Great world breaking results up now for 17th week live in the mounting yards around the world, see above.


Next week fitness story.


Why is Winx so good?




Dec 2



Results are up from last night, see above



Dec 1
Dec 1



Live online tonight at the valley after race 2  we keep on winning, click red link above, see u then, James

Dec 1



Why I think $2,25  a place in top 8 is a good bet for Collingwood, see live story



Dec 1



I have seen the fields for tomorrow and big dividends can happen, see story on live, Jim


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