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Fitness is not in your form guide Dan, yet is 50% of the form knowledge required, now it is

I do not study the form yet have one of the highest strike rates in the world, why?

Lay profits are over 11,000% in 10 weeks on selected unfit horses.




From: Dan UK
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2017 8:53 AM
To: James Conway
Subject: Re: Help with your site please

Oct 16



Go to the link provided and read some results Dan

I will place lay bets  up when I see a terrible unfit horse on our fitness chart.

You also get a suggested strategy to wager on.

The exotics are in the call, like top line start with and so forth.


You need to do a bit of surfing Dan to get the hang of it.

I do all meetings from 2 tracks a day, some-time 20 races and 300 horses rated in fitness during the afternoon.

I also do some races in Hong Kong in the evenings.




From: Dan
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2017 8:53 AM
To: James Conway
Subject: Re: Help with your site please.


Hi James. 


Thanks for the reply. The stats for the lay bets are absolutely amazing! I will certainly be following them from now on. Is it just one race a day that you cover? It’s hard for us brits to understand Aussie Racing so I hope you don’t mind, but which exactly are the Lay Bets on the site? And where are the exotics tips posted?


Many thanks James


Appreciate the help!



Oct 16



Fitness is not in any form guides, now members have an edge in fitness.

Oct 16



Good morning Dan,


I spent 30 years working out a fitness percentage on a race horse that can represent the finishing

order of horses.

Fitter horses perform and unfit horses lose, this is it want my final figures showed with my lays at

99% 173/171 strike rates.

1%  = 1 length, so a horse rated 100% has a 5 lengths edge over a horse rated 95%.

My ROI in 10 weeks is an impressive 770% with exotics in this time over $500k.

Consistency is our strength with winning may be 24/25 meetings.


The top line are the fitter horses and you main chances, hedge or dutch some times are winners

come from there over 20/1. I will call top line I like.


If I find the race more even in fitness I will call Value Bet and look for value and even going wider

outside the top line to collect, or coffee break and I just don't like the race.

I am on 3-4 times per week and general do two meetings, Melbourne and Sydney for members

rating off monitors in my office from the mounting yards.

It is all free and just go to  https://live.28point8.com/ tick the box and press Latest Fitness and

you are on for 12 hours.

Just repeat for another 12 hours.


I also do editorials, black bookers and general horse fitness chat on


Welcome aboard and Betfair is a great platform for 28.8, especially if you know how to trade and not lose.





Oct 16




Introduction:   1958 – 2017   A life time in racing fitness.  







My Work Station Rating Fitter Horses Around The World



                                                                   Good Old Days, Another Winner



Fitness Editorials As A Journalist In The Sportsman Racing Paper.




This is how a 100% fit horse has wins. Fitness levels in my pie charts.