Oct 12



Another winner on top 9  $3.80


9/3/6  Divies  $100


Oct 12



Warwick farm next top line strategy to start:

Cant keep up. results 6/4/8/1   we had the 4/8/1 top line and then the 6  $3,900 Jim


Oct 12



Caulfield next, strategy top line to start.

Results, bingo got the lot winner on top $8.30 and $15,000 in exotics.

2/8/5/1 Jim


Oct 12



Warwick farm 3, top line strategy to start.

Results.  3/7/6/10  $440


Oct 12



Busy here, Caulfield had the 11 on top and beaten on line by bolter 9

Warwick Farm, winner on top 4 $2.20...$200 in dividends


Back to Cauflield Strategy top line starts  all good results 6/2/4/5  $1,200, nice





Oct 12



Warwick farm race 1

Top line start

Results top line winner 1st home and the lot $40.00



Oct 11



Corporates spent 236 mill on advertising in 2015, thats a lot of money!

Oct 11


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