Jul 28



Nice results for 28.8 in USA, tips 7-2-1


2-1-7, that's the Trifecta for us and winner paid well, $8.60...Jim

Jul 28



Delmare USA  7-2-1 look well....Jim

Jul 28



Two Year Old Form Study:


This time of year many young horses are having their first or 2nd race starts.


Backing a first starter, how do you study the form, even though it may of even trailed.


It is not available but 28.8 can tell you how fit they are to give you an edge to win on these races.


28.8 fitness percentages is not available elsewhere in the world and here on mostly Australian races,

expanding later into Asian racing.






Jul 28



Punters focus span is decreasing.


Like all things in life now, punters focus span on form studying is a dying art.


Punters, with so many things happening in their life, have not got enough time to

spend hours and hours on form study, trail videos, collating track work times, spread sheets

going back years and years and more.


But it won't work because fitness levels are not in form guides.


That is why 28.8’s new software is the new form function that punters will use in the future

to back more winners because we separate the fitness levels of a field for punters

to offer a new 50% plus edge in their betting.


Our results speak for themselves, winning tips from all over the world, thoroughbred,

harness and greyhounds with no form study by yours truly, just fitness assessments.


Our soon and free.






Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jul 28



i missed calculated our exotic dividends x $10,000

It is $178k last 10 meetings @ average of $17,800 per meeting.


Jul 28



I have a head ache, I am too old for myself's past memories.... Jim

Jul 27



Just finished live twitter dogs and trots had about 23 tips: 1-2 some races and 1 tip about 5 races.

2nd tip won zero.

1st tip won 10 races.



Jul 27



Chilling out now on fithorses on twitter, a lemonaide, great rock classics and 2 dog tips a race, DO NOT BET....Jim


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