Aug 1



Are stewards turning away new members?


Over the years I have had many opportunities to join in syndications of horses,

be a member of metropolitan race clubs and more.


But with the relentless powers of stewards extending more and more each month, with innocent

persons placed under questioning on race enquiries I feel that they are now operating completely out of line.


If a member, you cannot even scratch yourself without stewards calling you in, and that is wrong.


Stewards want to know your betting details, bank accounts, confiscate your software, who your mates are and

their financial details and tell us every person you have contacted in the last 12 months plus also “where are your

phones sonny”


A stand over style attitude?


Even if not a member you can be barred from going on every race track anywhere in Australia,  if you don’t kneel

down on your knees and say yes sir, no sir and do as your told and answer personnel questions.


You are guilty until proved innocent and need a legal mouth piece to help out and can be fined massive amounts

of money even if not a member of racing.


Where is our freedom of speech gone?


Stewards are having bun fights within racing, then apologies to the public and the local joe blow are now too

scared to say boo to stewards for fear of “arrest” or persons in racing are too scared to talk up.


I think this is all very bad publicity for the image of racing and know doubt stewards scare off

potential new members to join in the fun of racing.


I don’t need to go to a race track as do millions of other punters, I can do what I

want, bet where ever I want and chat to any of my mates at any time plus keep my phones!


I pay racing each month monies through Foxtel and my internet and a percentage of my bets each year,

but that’s it.





Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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Aug 1
Jul 31



See how I go tomorrow, a big day painting and maybe close to finish and then the start next one....Jim

Next year will have an art link of my paintings and prints available...Jim

Each painting takes about 100 hours to do.


Jul 31




Start with top line call:      4-7-7-7  Pick 4 costs $480          (flexi 10% - $48)

Start with top line call:     4-7-7     Trifecta costs $120         (flexi 10% - $12)


It costs $600 per race to get the big exotics in or $60 for 10% flexi, but some members wait for selected races.

$12,000 dividends or $1,080 yesterday u break even, not good enough.


$190k dividends last 11 meetings, with some cheaper wagers in short fields  in would of costs about $150,000

including quinellas and exactors.


Still a very healthy profit of $40,000  in 5 weeks on fitter horses and punters having multiple fitter horses every

race running for you, if that is your strategies.


Many others just bet win and place with exactors again big wiinners.


I was dumb yesterday.


Cheers Jim

Jul 31





It turned out a frustrating day yesterday with for some reason our top rated horse

settling between 7th and last and with front runners proving hard to beat

we were caught right behind the eight ball on a lot of races.


Our top line strike rate was 66% win but I failed to nail all the exotics with

some mistakes from me and just too many roughies getting up.


2 mistakes costs us $8k in dividends even though we got $12k in exotics in, but not good enough.


It should have been $20k in exotics not $12k.


I turned into a punter.


One mistake was the 4th in Sydney, Ruling Dynasty @ huge odds running 3rd and I listened to the commentators

that talked me out of it and I deleted it from my selections, costing us over $5,000, dumb!

It was fit to perform.


Number 2 was that cat LORD OF THE SKY, I had it on the top line of fitness and as it stops over 1000,

1100 metres and never won over 1200, though Oliver on board, I dumped it altogether, really dumb.


Costs up nearly $3,000 as I found the 9 at huge odds (4th)


My job is to tip fittest and not become a punter.


Ordinary day because of where the better fancied horses settled in the run as usually in the first 6,

a lot of races, front runners that just kept on running and some dumb “punters” mistakes by yours truly.


Back again Wednesday, free soon waiting for updates from James, my IT executive to email me for updates.


Cheers Jim


Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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Jul 30



Great last results at Caulfield

8-5-6-9  $2,600 in dividends.  (1st 5 horses)


That takes our dividends to nearly $12,000 and total last 11 days is now $178k + $12k = $190k

Ave  $17,300 Jim