Jul 23



FREE live mounting yard fitness tips, out soon.


·       Get that 50% edge missing in your form.


·       I will do at least 5 meetings per week, maybe 6 it depends on how I handle all the work.


·       I will also do some night racing, overseas and local.


·       Later I will have many monitors open and if I see a super fit horse in say Adelaide or Ipswich, I will tell punters.


·       Pop in for all day fitness tips or one race, all welcome.


·       Owners check to see how fit your horse is before you back it.


·       Pro punters now you have fitness information to complete your spread sheets.


·       Tipping web sites, add fitness to your selections to help your members win.


·       Media, improve your tipping by 1st checking our fitness percentages.


·       Overseas punters, 28.8 is worth the effort because you will win.



So also good and exciting times coming up soon in about 9 days times, we find the big priced winners.


Cheers Jim


Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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Jul 23



Good morning punters.


We are racing today at Flemington and Canterbury and looks a cracker of a meeting with

nice size fields and horses with an edge in ability for us to rate live from the mounting yards.


Wet track or dry track, it makes no different to us, fitter horses still win.


I have a smoky right up my sleeve at 20/1 and can’t wait to see how fit it is.


You will see new link “Form Archive” for results.


Road testing new software all ok so far for August FREE release.


Remember email and SMS text message tips still available if that suits your situation.


Join today


Cheers Jim




Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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Jul 22

Good evening members,


Live fitness tipping this weekend from Melbourne and Sydney from the mounting yards.


Wet or dry tracks does not worry us, we still win.


Last 7 meetings we have tipped $119k in exotics, a high percentage starting cheap  costs with top

line and in fact 1-2 winning up to 87% of races.


Possibly out-lay $39,000 and return $119,000; a healthy profit of $80,000 in only 4 weeks.


Our bet of the day and pot of gold race of the day are up about $20,000


August early is our world release of free fitness tips, coming soon now after 30 years.






Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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Jul 22






Been at this now for 29 years and our new native software is getting closer, actually I suggested around late July because of all

the heavy 10 tracks to dry out a bit.

Taking it easy now, but should live on air around the world for maybe 10+ days per month plus some night meetings.



Generally I will do up to 20 races per day, so pop in for 1 race, last 4 races or all day, welcome any time

you want to make a bet, check fitness first.



The software you will auto see our fitness sheets  of all horses rated between 100% - 94%, track and date and race number.

There will also be suggested betting strategies for this race, either I like the 1st horse, or top line stand out, or value bet this or

just too hard for me.




Below pre-race comments there will be 7 tick boxes where I think is the way to punt in this race because of how fit the

favourites are and value priced runners fit to return huge profits:


Stand out      Win      Place     Quinella      Trifecta      Pick 4      Double


I will tick the appropriate boxes where I think the higher profits are for punters.




Results and dividends



They will appear during the day on good things beat and ones to black booker for next start.



Will appear during the day.


This is all great information for fitness punters that want to keep on winning.


More soon Jim

Jul 22
Jul 22



We are racing again this Saturday in our double headers, Melbourne and Sydney, live mounting yard fitness % tips.


Going live free with our new software that has take 15 months to create looks only 10 days away now.


Fingers crossed, Jim;  it will be sensational.


Pop in for every race for free fitness percentages or just one race, it is not an issue.



Jul 22



I find the interesting part is that Ladbrokes valued this service at $2.4 million.

How much is 28.8 worth?


Ride Guide canned
BY Adrian Dunn - @adriandunn2
11 minutes ago Horse Racing

(Pic: Vince Caligiuri/Getty)

Jockeys boss Des O’Keeffe expressed bitter disappointment that a solution could not be found to allow Ride Guide, the jockeys’ video information service posted on a corporate bookmaker website, to continue.

O’Keeffe said the Australian Jockeys Association is “bitterly disappointed” at the decision imposed by Racing Victoria and Racing NSW stewards not to grant consent for jockeys in Melbourne and Sydney to participate in the Ride Guide posting on the Ladbrokes site.

Racing NSW and Racing Victoria today issued a joint statement noting their continued concerns on a raft of levels, particularly integrity and the image of jockeys being paid directly or indirectly by a corporate bookmakers.

“The stewards note that, at the very least, there is a genuine issue of perception with the ‘Ride Guide’ service,” the statement said.

“....where jockeys are paid by a wagering operator, through an intermediary for information and/or opinions in respect of their mounts, is inconsistent with the maintenance of public confidence in the image, integrity and perception of thoroughbred racing.”

The Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners Association in both Victoria and New South Wales opposed Ride Guide.

Jockeys and/or apprentices were warned that if they continue participation with Ride Guide they will be in breach of the rules and subject to penalty accordingly.

After two days of discussion between the jockeys association, stewards from both states and Unscriptd, the global media company who acted as the intermediary, a satisfactory resolution could not be reached to provide a lifeline to Ride Guide.

Stewards as well as executives from both states expressed outrage that Ride Guide appeared for the first time last Saturday, featuring leading jockeys Dwayne Dunn, Craig Williams, Nick Hall and Michael Walker among others providing assessment of their rides for the day.

O’Keeffe said he found the “selective amnesia” of so many people involved in the chain of the decision-making process bemusing.

“We are bitterly disappointed that in 2016 there is not a pathway through this for a positive outcome to further promote our beleaguered sport in a positive manner,” O’Keeffe said.

“Personally, I find it quite staggering. There are a lot of politics involved in this ... with it going to the Racing Minister.”

Terry Bailey, the Racing Victoria chairman of stewards, said one of the many “stumbling blocks” is the pecuniary interest aspect. He noted that the consent of nominators is also required under Australian Rule of Racing 83(b).

Bailey also queried if the information the jockeys were providing was their intellectual property to sell. He said the difference between Ride Guide and jockeys talking about their rides on media platforms is in the latter case they are not in receipt of payment.

He said the exclusivity of the arrangement was viewed as another area of concern.

“The No. 1 stumbling block is jockeys selling information to a corporate bookmaker. That perception has to be overcome somehow,” Bailey said.

“There is an argument that information (jockeys assessment) should be available for all to see.

“Jockeys would need the consent or permission of the owners of the horse before they would be allowed to make any comment (for Ride Guide).

“From what I read from Jonathon Munz (the Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners Association) and what I’ve seen from the ATA (Australian Trainers Association) there doesn’t seem to be any support from them for it.”

Jul 22



He is not wrong.


Terry Bailey

RV chief steward Terry Bailey (Image: Tom Pollock)

COMMENT: Racing must rise above it all

The Victorian racing industry is headed towards self destruction if it can’t pull itself into line and fast.

Every day, racing faces a battle to remain the wagering product of choice in an ever-crowded market with rival sport and entertainment options. Maintaining relevance is crucial.

Rather than there being a desired approach to strengthen the industry with a united front, including administrators and participants, racing consistently finds itself in turmoil with internal battles and power plays being broadcast publicly that does nothing but harm the sport.

It has to stop.

Whether you like Terry Bailey or not, as Chief Steward of Racing Victoria he is employed to do one thing - oversee the rules of racing.

There is only one rule book.

If a horse returns a positive swab, stewards must investigate.

If there are concerns about a ride, again stewards must investigate.

If there are betting trends that appear out of the ordinary and suspect, stewards must investigate.

That is their job.

If a steward has erred in how he or she has followed the rules then there should be consequences.

But publicly attacking stewards for just doing their jobs is not the answer.

Similarly, how integrity officials appear publicly must be managed appropriately by the industry body.

Running a public commentary on all things said only serves them poorly.

The behind the scenes machinations of racing are seeing much of this being played consistently in the public eye through the media, and racing is the loser.

Racing must start rising above it all.

Victorian racing is five weeks away from the launch of the Spring Carnival, the jewel in the crown of the entire Australian racing industry.

It can’t afford for mainstream coverage of the sport to be dominated by ‘he said, she said’ bickering from those that should know better. It is appalling behaviour.

Whether much of this is being deliberately escalated or not, the result is still the same - the integrity of racing is being eroded and it is ruining the sport.

Once again, racing finds itself in the mainstream media for the wrong reasons.

It’s time for the racing industry to stop cannibalising itself and focus on one thing - making itself a strong and relevant industry that has a sustainable future.

The Australian Football League, the most powerful sporting body in the country, is not perfect by any means but it doesn’t mess about when integrity is challenged publicly.

A total of $80,000 in fines was enforced on North Melbourne Football Club and its coach Brad Scott over unsubstantiated accusations of umpire bias.

The coach and Club issued public apologies and accepted the fine without issue.

In racing, we have participants voicing frustration on a regular basis over any issue - with social media becoming the platform of choice.

Freedom of speech is one thing but there are often consequences.

Racing as an industry is a game of opinion - whether punting or buying horses, opinions are relevant.

And everyone is entitled to one.

It might be time for some to start thinking strongly about the consequences once those opinions are aired.


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