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This has all been going on for some time now, but when 28.8 free live gets cracking, you watch all the bookies screem 2nd action,

after they have turned down the odds on 100% super fit horses, this is why punters need to know how to take fixed odds on

Betfair or learn how to trade and not

lose..... Jim




Proposed minimum bet limit misses the mark


RV are asking for feedback over the proposed MBL RV are asking for feedback over the proposed MBL Image: Getty


Last week Racing Victoria (RV) released the framework for their soon-to-be introduced - and long overdue - Minimum Bet Laws (MBL).

Don’t get me wrong, as a punter I'm thankful RV have committed to introducing MBL and they should be applauded, but forgive me for being slightly sceptical about the proposed framework.

Racing NSW implemented a MBL policy in 2014 that stated a wagering operator must accept a bet to lose $2,000 on metropolitan meetings and $1,000 on country and provincial. RV have proposed the current Crownbet policy of $1,000 across all tracks.

Another glaring difference between RV’s proposed framework and that implemented by Racing NSW is the MBL would come into play 30 minutes prior to a race as opposed to 9am on race morning.

RV also suggest ceasing MBL two minutes before the jump to allow wagering operators sufficient time to ‘lay off’ and mitigate risk.

Please, this is a game of risk and everyone participating should be duly exposed. Is the art of bookmaking officially dead? Is the next-generation bookmaker incapable of framing a competitive market?

It is suggested this framework is merely a ‘guide’ and RV have called upon punters and racing participants to provide feedback via an online survey. However, if the leading questions and precedent are anything to go by it's clear the punter is again at risk of finishing last!

Most irksome is that RV chose their corporate partner as a key advisor in developing the framework. Why wasn’t it developed in consultation with punters and then put back to Crownbet and other wagering operators to provide their feedback?

Furthermore, I can’t understand why multi-million dollar corporate bookmakers are being whipped with a feather duster while the life and blood of the industry – the on-course booker – is lashed with the cane.

Under the proposed RV framework on-course bookmakers would have a MBL of $3,000 on metropolitan tracks, which seems glaringly unfair when the corporate bookmakers would only be required to accept a liability of $1,000 off the same punter. 

Corporate bookmakers, coupled with dwindling crowds, have put the on-course bookmaker on life support – surely they deserve some sort of reprieve and the chance to operate on a level playing field?

Here are my thoughts on how the MBL should be formed:

- The same rules apply to corporate and on-course wagering operators

- Minimum bet limit of $2,000 for any WIN bet on a metropolitan meeting (proposed $1000 limit)

- Minimum bet limit of $1,000 for any PLACE bet on a metropolitan meeting (proposed $500 limit)

- Minimum bet limit of $1,000 for any WIN bet on a country / provincial meeting (as proposed)

- Minimum bet limit of $500 for any PLACE bet on a country / provincial meeting (as proposed)

- All previously closed accounts to be reinstated unless the corporate bookmaker can provide RV with detailed evidence of prior wrong-doing

- MBL to come into play the moment markets go up – if the bookmaker is open for business why should they be allowed to pick and choose their customer?

- MBL to run right up to the jump as opposed to the proposed framework of ceasing two minutes prior to the advertised start time. Wagering operators need to employ more staff if they’re having trouble laying off onto Betfair.

Racing is engulfed in a vicious cycle; each participant relying upon the other to survive. The industry is funded by the punter through wagering on horses provided by breeders and raced by owners. Those owners then pay trainers who in turn engage jockeys to ride.

One participant cannot thrive without all others, but racing administrators fail to recognise the plethora of sports betting alternatives afforded to punters. Horses, trainers, jockeys, farriers, stablehands, track managers, starters, stewards and racing administrators aren't so lucky. 

We punters aren’t blameless in copping the raw end of the stick as we’ve sat idly by as our standing and position in the racing community erodes.

The RV board has long had strong influence from breeding and wagering sectors but never the strong voice of a punter – it’s time that changed. It’s no coincidence that the VOBIS and Super VOBIS schemes have flourished under the current board that is littered with beneficiaries of a strong breeding industry.

Punters must band together and put forward a candidate to take a seat at the table and shape the future of racing in Victoria. We’ve been complicit in our own plight for long enough, it’s time punters used their power as a key racing stakeholder to obtain a fair wagering landscape.

The proposed MBL are highly inadequate and public response echoes that. RV must head back to the drawing board and develop a stronger framework that considers the vital role punters play in putting on this Sport Of Kings.

The MBL is a single example in a number of key integrity issues plaguing punters and threatening to further assist the silent exodus of customers to sports betting. Once punters leave the building it will be lights out for the racing industry, but Corporate Bookmakers need not fear as wagering dollar will simply move from thoroughbreds to sport.
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It is no good 28.8 having world wide viral members and trying to get on a maiden at Colac with a pool for $8,000.

Good times ahead, just watch and learn and win members.


Tomorrow, Melbourne and Sydney, live from the mounting yard fitness % ratings.



Jul 19



28.8 Will Be Touring World Wide.


I can rate fitter horses on any race track in the world and 28.8 will be on the road next year chasing

the big races and multi-million dollar pools for members to have a go at.


Some highlights maybe:


Royal Ascot

Hong Kong


Japan Cup

Kentucky Derby

Arc De Triomphe.


Plus feature carnivals around Australia and New Zealand.


Stick with 28.8 for more winners members, this will all be exciting.


Cheers Jim


Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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Terms and Conditions: 28.8 Fitness % Spread Sheets

Terms and Conditions

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  3. 28.8 Fitness % Spread Sheets are only available on races we attend or fitness via broadcasting.
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  6. 28.8 make every effort to provide accurate, timely information to members, however 28.8 and associates, accept no responsibility what so ever for the accuracy or delay of this information and functions.
  7. Selective meetings apply but race days may change on short notice IE: Wet days, very hot days, personnel issues or such.
  8. Gst is included in prices, though may change.
  9. Without reason, 28.8 hold the exclusive right to cancel any membership. NO correspondence what so ever, will be entered in to? Any unused membership will be refunded.
  10. NO correspondence is entered into.
  11. Gambling is a game of chance and no liabilities will be recognized what so ever for any losses, penalties or hard times as such incurred, towards against 28.8 or any person/s associated with 28.8 and members and associates.
  12. You must be eligible to bet in your country to become a member.
  13. We have to load our 28.8 Fitness % Spread sheets in time for punters to use/bet before the race; occasionally some horses are late into the mounting yard, so they will not be included in our spread sheets. Use your own betting strategies in this case for horses omitted.
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Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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Jul 19
Jul 19



Hi Punters we are racing live tomorrow in Melbourne and Sydney, emails or text fitness live from the mounting yards.


UK last night.


I did some races in UK and France last night with winners, though hard to rate as they

will not zoom in on the horses, mainly because they have no idea of fitness levels, so not important.


One race was really strange where for about 400 metres the jockey, with his feet in no irons,

rough rides his horses at ¾ pace, arms and legs everywhere; body weight transfer all wrong,

all the way down to the barrier.


I mentioned this pre-race on Betfair forum and sure enough it ran last.


I don’t think it was right what the jockey did and punters lost their money cold before the

horses went into the gates.


An easy way to get beat in my opinion and probably would not been allowed to start

in Australia.




Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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Jul 18

this is all a good idea for jockeys.




Time to discuss jockeys’ sponsorships



The development of Ride Guide, an initiative of jockeys that aims to provide information to punters, creates a great money-making opportunity for Australia’s riding ranks.


There is no doubt that jockeys, major stars of the sport of racing, deserve the opportunity to make more money. It is a dream of many people in any profession.


But is Ride Guide the right vehicle? That is the question that integrity officials will be assessing.


Australian racing is blessed in that, for many decades, participants have been open with the media in discussing their views on a horse and race, which has aided Australia to become one of the world’s great racing and wagering jurisdictions.


Ride Guide is an initiative that links jockeys to a corporate bookmaker in releasing information to a select few - customers of that bookmaker.


Launched on Friday, the service is exclusive to corporate bookmaker Ladbrokes - a partner of Racing.com - which provides jockey insight into their rides at the Melbourne and Sydney Saturday metropolitan meeting.


A concept that has been driven by leading rider Chris Symons and produced by sports company Unscriptd, a video presentation occurs when a Ladbrokes customer clicks on the jockey’s silks when looking at a race page that shows the rider discussing that horse’s chances.


Ladbrokes have paid what is understood to be a significant fee for this content. It is this payment that has raised concerns, especially in regards to integrity, by industry officials.


If Ride Guide was solely about promoting racing from a jockey’s perspective or providing better information for the market then one could argue that it could be funded as a ‘wipe your face’ exercise by the jockeys themselves - better information leads to increased wagering which leads to better industry returns.


The industry is already doing this through assets such as Racing.com and radio station RSN 927, along with wagering media companies such as Tabcorp’s Sky Racing.


News services such as the Herald Sun and numerous racing websites do similar on a daily basis.


All are producing informative content, through interviews with industry participants, to the broader racing audiences.


It is understood that the revenues that are made by Ride Guide are split three ways - some goes to the jockey who provided the insight, some goes to the producer Unscriptd, and the rest goes to the state jockeys’ association, whether Victoria or New South Wales.


Insiders have said that the money that would be directed towards the jockeys’ associations would target jockey welfare initiatives, especially around the administration support for injured riders, or, possibly, reducing riders’ fees in races run.


Terry Bailey, Racing Victoria Chief Steward, has said that he didn’t have full knowledge of the Ride Guide proposal and could not yet give approval to the concept.


“We have had dialogue previously with Chris Symons about Ride Guide and he had provided some more examples of what would be produced,” Bailey said.


“However, I understood that more trials were to come but it appears that those trials amounted to going live on Friday.


“Australian Rule of Racing 83 covers riders having a pecuniary interest without approval and we need to be satisfied with what is happening here.


“There are also concerns as to what the owners’ and trainers’ associations may think about the matter.


“Racing NSW Chief Steward Marc Van Gestel and I will be meeting with officials from Unscriptd on Tuesday to come to a resolution.”


Peter McGauran, Racing Australia CEO, is happy for the integrity departments from both states to resolve the matter.


“We see this as being an operational matter and Racing Australia doesn’t need to be involved,” McGauran said.


Australian jockeys are much better off than many other jurisdictions, with strong and united jockeys’ associations protecting their rights. This has led positive moves around riders’ fees for races, the strengthening of the Jockeys Trust to help those disadvantaged, and a greater acknowledgment of support for its ranks amongst many initiatives.


With jockeys clearly wanting an opportunity for greater financial returns, it is time for individual jockey sponsorship to become a reality in Australia.


The UK has allowed jockeys to have individual sponsorship, with branding appearing on breeches and clothing as per a code of conduct that is signed between the jockeys and the British Horseracing Authority.


Is Australian racing robust enough to offer the same opportunity? I think it is.


It is understood that riders have been keen to go down this path for some time but the resistance has been strong from industry administrators. This has included riders wanting to develop partnerships with groups that have had limited or no exposure to racing.


Racing Australia has previously been against the idea of jockey sponsorship but it appears that view may be softening. Currently, Racing Australia has approved a broader deal that involves sponsorship of all jockeys by LUCRF Super, with all proceeds going to the National Jockeys’ Trust.


“We would be willing to look at the idea of individual sponsorships again,” McGauran said.


“Clearly there are concerns around conflicting opportunities, there would have to be protection around major race club sponsorships and broader industry deals, and of course wagering partners.


“This would suggest that the pool of potential partnerships could be rather shallow and that it may require some imaginative thinking but I would be happy to have the conversation.”

Now is the time to have that conversatio

Jul 18



Monetizing 28.8


I get a lot of emails on how do 28.8 make money if it is all FREE, a good question.


Using your computer, laptop and IPads when you open www.28point8.com

it will auto go to our next race fitness spread sheets, all horses rated 100% -94%,

as all have seen.


This will be on the left hand side of your screen, on the right hand side will be

auto play, short videos Ads.


These will not interfere with your searching whom to bet on.


On mobiles, there will be a short video before we open our web site with our fitness % ratings.


This software has taken us 15 months to create and everything is FREE TO WORLD WIDE PUNTERS.


Thanks Jim


Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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