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I can easily see Victoria Greyhound Racing booming out of all this.

City stakes are around $8k -$12k plus and more for features races.

It will take a big leap forward and a great option over owning and training trotters.


The SKY and TAB has to haveraces and more races to cover NSW and ACT, with most coming from Victoria.

There are many small greyhound training and rearing farms, their price has just gone up about 30%.

Rearing and breaking in of pups will go through the roof for breeders and owners.


It is all good news today in the dogs for Victorians and some other states.



Jul 7



Greyhound industry on last chance: Grace

Greyhound racing is set to continue in Qld and Vic Greyhound racing is set to continue in Qld and Vic

Queensland Racing Minister Grace Grace has confirmed greyhound racing will continue in the state in light of NSW's decision to ban the sport, but conceded the industry was on its 'last chance'.

The Minister said greater vigilance in regards to animal welfare and integrity had been in place in Queensland since the exposure of live baiting cases last year.

"Queensland was the first State to act in response to greyhound live baiting cases last year,” Ms Grace said.

“We acted immediately to stop the sickening abuse that was exposed, and put the greyhound industry on notice that it had to clean up its act."

“Clearly, the greyhound industry is aware that it’s on its last chance."

Ms Grace said an Inquiry in Queensland had not recommend a total ban on the industry. 

“The MacSporran Commission of Inquiry did not recommend a total ban on greyhound racing," Ms Grace said. 

“Instead, it recommended a stronger integrity regime to ensure animal welfare is front and centre across all three racing codes."

“We’re in the process of implementing all of MacSporran’s recommendations, including a consistent program of monitoring dogs from birth to maturity to ensure that no animal will be able to disappear off the map."

Victorian Racing Minister Martin Pakula shared similar sentiments, stating that inquiries into the industry had not recommended a ban on racing, but that the industry was on notice. 

"None of the Perna, Milne or Bittar reports recommended the shut down of Victorian greyhound racing. It is an industry that employs thousands," Mr Pakula said.

"But since live baiting the industry's been on notice. Every participant should know it's future depends on ongoing commitment to reform."

The NSW government is set to close down the industry as of 1 July 20

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This is the biggest story in racing I have heard in 50 years!


NSW Government to shut down greyhound industry

an hour ago

Premier Mike Baird. (AAP)

The "illegal and unconscionable" greyhound racing industry in NSW will be shut down by the state government after the handing down of a parliamentary inquiry today.

Premier Mike Baird announced the decision following the conclusion of a Special Commission of Inquiry.

"In response to the widespread illegal and unconscionable activity," Baird wrote on Facebook.

"Including the slaughtering of tens of thousands of dogs.

"I can today announce that NSW is putting an end to greyhound racing."

The Inquiry found that a shocking number of acts of animal cruelty, including the killing of 68, 000 dogs, had occurred over the past 12 years and Greyhound Racing NSW "had adopted a policy of deliberately misreporting the extent" of the barbarism.

Read more at http://wwos.nine.com.au/2016/07/07/12/19/mike-baird-nsw-government-to-shut-down-greyhound-racing#LqyzzesXrW7412U3.99

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From: James Conway [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: Thursday, July 7, 2016 1:08 PM
To: 'john Subject: RE: 28.8 Fitness betting and form guides dont match up


That is great news John, well done and Saturday our next meeting, cheers Jim


Every day races 6-7-8 are the hardest.


From: john Sent: Thursday, July 7, 2016 1:00 PMTo: James Conway


Hi Jim,

I had a good day yesterday with the first qui in Mel box the 7 got $72.70 and S10 win on race 2 pays $6.2 and @10 qui Syd race 2 pays $2.30

and all up $157.7 minus $61 with the $20 and made $96.70 profit and quit for the day.

I have a form guide and write all your picks on so I can check where I go wrong next day and still I am happy.

Thanks John



Jul 7


Betting on fitness and form guide study does not work.


Very early on I learnt that intense, in depth form study, video watch etc to have those so called best

form chances right in front of you was a complete waste of time and effort.

Then to include fitness definitely did not work.


Why?   Because I was swayed by what’s in the form as to who is fittest and lost.

I now browse the form for say 1 minute per race, just look who is 2nd up in how many days

and who has drawn wide which takes that bit higher fitness level to cross and win.


If you want to save 20 – 60 hours a week in wasted form guide study, just go to our FREE software out in August,

match up fitness with a brief form study and you should keep on winning.

It’s that simple.






“The Man Who Changed Gambling”


Jul 7



Lucky 28.8 Big Wins.




What do these bets costs?

Super fit horse 98% plus    1-6-6-6  Pick 4 costs $120         (flexi 10% - $12)

Super fit horse 98% plus    1-6-6     Trifecta costs $30        (flexi 10% - $3)

Start with top line call:      4-7-7-7  Pick 4 costs $480          (flexi 10% - $48)

Start with top line call:     4-7-7     Trifecta costs $120         (flexi 10% - $12)



Our stats are showing the first 2 horses winning consistently more than others.


Some of these shorter way home races are returning over $8,000 in dividends.


Start with top line call:      2-7-7-7  Pick 4 costs $240          (flexi 10% - $24)

Start with top line call:     2-7-7     Trifecta costs $60           (flexi 10% - $6)


Over the next few weeks our new link: Lucky 28.8 Big Wins with literally show 100’s of big results that members got.

Then there are the big winners on top like Nautical won @ $105 Betfair.





Jul 7






Another great day for members with 5 winners on top and 3 winners 2nd pick out of

12 races I liked:  huge 75% strike rate and $35 returned.


We collected $16,500 in exotics which brings our last 3 meetings to just under $70,000

in exotics collects because of good calls.


Back again Saturday for another double header.







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