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World 1st: 28.8 Club100 – 100% Fit Punters Club. 

73% Win Strike Rate – 91% place. 1,500% profit in 6 months.     


“Pay: By Donation: No win, no donation”    James Conway CEO 28.8

© All Rights Reserved.


30 years creating a fitness percentage formula.

*Bonus offer: 5 lucky members will receive guaranteed 100% return of membership 1st month if you lose. *Conditions apply


Brief History:

I trained nearly 200 winners as a greyhound trainer, I had my own full page editorials on fitness in The Sportsman; and then I developed fitness software for punters and tip live fitness winners now. 90% of fitter horses win, $2.6m in exotics, 14,000% ROI, Lay Unfit Horses 99.50% strike rate, and best LAY run, 616 winners in a row. We will bet only on selective races for the month.


Terms and Conditions February 2019


101 How it works?


I will rate horses in a percentage of fitness; ONCOURSE OR OFF COURSE FROM MONITORS with horses 100% fit with an edge

will Club100 bet for members.


·        Starts 1st week of each month.

·        I will do 3 - 5 days a week including on course, looking for 100% fit horses. (40 - 60 hrs)

·        No expenses charged.


102 How much are donations?   (You decide WHAT DONATIONS $ ARE WHEN REGISTERING I.E. Place donation is $  -  Win/place donation is $)


·        Upon registering I NEED, your name, town, email and mobile number

·        You pay by donation per successful place bet or win/place bet per ticket.

·        E.G.  You have 1 ticket: 6 place bets successful @ $1 donation each = $6, 4 win bets @ $3 donation each = $12.

To  Total $18 ($4.50 PER WEEK) donation for the month.

·         3 tickets cost $54 per month ($13.50 per week) , 10 tickets would costs $180 donation for the month

·        I will daily/weekly email your bets and ticket value plus post on 28.8 networks.

·        No win bet, no donation.


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103 How much do you need to start?


·        Your buy 1 ticket or more for $AU110 each, see our pay pal www.28point8.com

·        You cannot increase your ticket during the month.

·        You CAN increase your tickets at the start of the next month.

·        Selective days not available




104 How do 28.8 collect donation?


·        Donations will be deducted from your ticket value on a race or daily basis.



105 What agencies will you bet with?


·        TAB Tote Fixed Odds

·        On-course and off-course Bookmakers.

·        Experienced Betfair-Trader to be appointed.

·        Betfair. Win on losing bets, trading?

·        Corporate bookies will within a short time reduce our bets to $2 or cancel our membership, “they don’t like winners” plus

ha   have possibly thousands of dollars kept for a long period before refunded, no.



106 Cash in / Dividends – Anytime, allow 7 days direct debit into your account.


107 Payments  Pay Pal to enter


108   Overseas members welcome. Yes, membership is non-transferrable.


109 Will we know what the bet and when it is on?


·        *Bet is 10% - 20% of the total bank, providing I can get on. *Will vary.

·        Winnings will be added to the bank, less donations and 10% - 20% of new total bet.

·        My first priority is to get set, then I will FREE SMS members we are on this horse, value $20.

·        You can then back again yourself.

·        You may get the sms horse after the race.

·        100% fit selective 1 or more bets a day, other times a week apart, I am not in a hurry.

·        I will update your balance by email to you weekly and also post on our network ticket values.



110 Where are you betting?


·        Australian horses, but not restricted to.




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111   Taxation and GST


·        See your accountant, we are not responsible.



112   Membership


28.8 have to right to not accept a registration and no correspondence will be entered into what so ever.



113 Can it be done?


·        I think yes and will change any teething issues.


Please contact anytime.



Best Regards


James Conway      CEO 28.8

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







·        https://live.28point8.com/ where post fitness and news, results.

·        https://soundcloud.com/winningedgeinvestments/special-guest-jim-conway   (podcast)

·        https://twitter.com/fithorses

·        https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849

·       http://www.28point8.com/index.php/live-form


Disclaimer: *Gambling is a game of chance, we will have loses.  You must be over 18 to participate.

No liabilities what so ever will be acknowledged and no correspondence entered in to.

A membership can be cancelled at any time, with refunds/dividends returned and no correspondence what so ever entered in to. There are no bank interests on funds or winnings available.

No fees -  pay winning tips by donation: Limited vacancies. We can refuse an application.  © All rights reserved.

Feb 18



Club100 punters club starts soon, 100% fitter horses, 4-10 bets a month.

Costs: By Donation.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., this will be huge and successful.

Feb 16



28.8 Club100 – 100% Fit Punters Club. 8/11 – 73% Win strike rate –

91% place. 1500% profit so far. Target: 3,000% per year

“No win, no pay” James Conway CEO 28.8 starts soon.

Feb 14







I am going to the parade yard now for my ratings, this will double the time or more for punters have to get on

to work out their bets.……James





·        With darkening clouds and grandstand shadows over the mounting yard, visibility was down 50% for yours truly

and made life difficult.


·        Easily fixed, I will go out the back to the parade yard to get the right fitness ratings and more time for members to get on.


·        There was no Club100 tips and we remain on 73% win strike rate and 91% place strike rate: Profit 1280% / place is 250%

I previously made a mistake)

·        The Club100 horses will come from smart 2-3 year olds and the Group horses a majority of times and that is great news for punters. You are betting quality.

·        Our Maher Punters club had one horse in and with a minimum fitness rating of 98% required, it never qualified and finished unplaced.

·        Maher will have multiple runners on days and win multiple races, we just have to wait but this system will work.


All good.

No races Saturday as have family wedding, good luck on the punt.





Feb 12





Good evening members.


C Maher is the next big thing in racing and I believe he will prove a better trainer than Darren Weir and finish one of the

all-time greats in Australia folk law.


He knows:

1.      Fitness

2.      Strength

3.      Blood

4.      Muscle


With expanding numbers, he is going to knock up winning races, especially when Linda Meech jumps on board.


Members can now have 3 options of our exclusive live sms tipping service:


1.     All selective fitness tips, with 2 fittest stand outs, plus Club 100, plus Maher’s Punters Club.


2.     Club 100 (only 100% fittest horses, 73% win strike rate / 91% place strike rate) No win, no pay.


3.     Maher’s Punters Club best of: (98% - 99% -  100%) sms tips, only $20 per day if  he has a runner,    no 98% + horse, NO PAY.


28.8 is only ever about offering a unique winning edge that no one else can on the internet.

Let me know please and state what sms service you want, starts tomorrow.




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Feb 12




join today, please contact


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. rt

Feb 11
Feb 11



Subject: 28.8 Club 100 wins again, 73% strike rate, no win no pay



Good morning members.


Our next winning fitness day is live on-course at Sandown twilight, a great meeting and please advise if want sms’s

plus new members and any member not on last 6 months, welcome with a free first day trial.



Once again Caulfield proved a very happy hunting ground for members with big profits.


This is how it all unfolded:

Race 1. 98% 11-1/5-12-7-8  results 1 YOGI $8.50 – 7 – 8- 11 (8 Magnapal, $33.60 runs 3rd @ $5.60 and makes $3,000 in

exotics, very nice start.


Race 2. 99% 9-3/7-8-1 results The Pony Cracks The Code wins again at $2.15 Exotics here pay 80


Race 3. 97% 1-6/4-5-6 results Princes of Queens wins 5-6-1, pays $200


Race 4. 100% Club fit (2) Nature Strips walks in, best price $1.80, easy money. NO WIN - NO PAY


Race 5. 99% 2-3/5-8-7 results I Am Immortal, nice type wins again $2.50


Race6. 98% 1-4/8 results 8 wins Lyre @ overs $24.00


Race 7. 99% 4-3/7 results 7 Hawkshot wins at $7.10


Race 8. 98% 4-6/7-2-13  results 11-4-7, (4) Kementari 2nd at $1.50 a place.


Race 9. 98% 6-4 results (4) Avilius wins at $3.10, 6 thirds Nights Watch $1.60


All a good days work and members had a big winning day.


Back Wednesday for the twilight at Sandown, live on-course.








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