Jul 22



I read a lot of invaluable punters feedback on Betfair and in general it seems that the overall racing and betting issue in

UK are coming to a head.

I think this is because of the lack on 20 years ago innovative thinking of a sound future business plan right through the system;

as the best are looked after and the not so best are not so important.

You may need an administration shake up or in 20 years times, it will be all sports betting and not as important or lucrative,

the left behind horsies.

The hundreds of small runner trainers will pass on and not be replaced.


Jul 19



Huge 3,000% greyhound fitness on the way to the boxes yesterday, live streaming again today on facebook




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Jul 18



My losing, just won't go away, who can help me?





Jul 16



Bit over 30 minutes last night live at 1am Melbourne time, about 400% profit on the fitter bets I liked. 100% strike rate. 1 flat race, 1 jumps race and 1 dog race. Thanks My losing, just won't go away, who can help me? HFTV will (Horse Fitness TV)





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Jul 12

This is a great new web site offering everything in racing, sports and travel and a must to check out.....James


Jul 7



28.8 HFTV How 2 Win On Fitness In The Mud gets punters out of Jail!


Good morning,


I got very frustrated on Saturday with 1-2 fancied horse tips getting bogged down in the mud. 

“This is rubbish and pro punters do not bet this way or even bet; on heavy rated tracks” (I do not include heavy track results in my stats, though we win) 

Towards the end of the day live on HFTV I knew I needed to talk live to members on

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849 about How 2 Win On Fitness In The Mud. 

Answer: 2 win in the mud, you need to take multiples of fittest runners and flexi bet in exotics such as Quinella, Exacta, Trifectas and Pick4’s. 

·        Immediately we struck gold in new live, how to bet instructions on the fitter horses I posted, then a good chat on how to win on this race.

·        In the last 60 minutes, we won 4,000% profit. Amazing. 

My emails and mobile ran hot on How 2 Win on Fitness in The Mud, whom punters were losing on the day, and “Got Out Of Jail” with this new service. 

I can see the edge; and will expand the service live on HFTV, Facebook, then later live streaming on Horse and Greyhound Fitness TV.


Problem solved and all’s great as members now know how to win in the mud!




Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 LIVE Horse Fitness TV  (LIVEHFTV.COM) (Live Greyhound Fitness.com)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Jul 5



Subject: 28.8 Is 1,000,000% profit a year, living a dream? 


Good morning members, 

Is 1,000,000% profit a year living a dream? 

·        Since going Greyhound Fitness TV live, on the way to the boxes; our profits have exploded.

·        90 minutes live last night 3,500% profit because I tell members the fittest dog that will lead around the first corner.

·        28.8 HFTV & Greyhound fitness live are on track for 100K% profit this year.

·        Hypothetically, with dogs and horses – 363 days live, busts the 1,000,000% a year profit.

·        But  I am not a robot, and this leaves me short.


I can always live happily in my own dream world! 

Live tomorrow for winners around Australia from the mounting yards, and

LIVE 1st leg of Quaddie leg ups and main Quaddie live on https://www.facebook.com/jim.conway.9849


Affiliates welcome and ALL SPORTS betting required. 




Mr James Conway CEO Founder 28.8

28.8 LIVE Horse Fitness & Greyhound TV  (LIVEHFTV.COM)

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Jul 1



Greyhound Fitness TV will win heaps for members. 

Good morning members, huge live mounting yard fitness results Saturday with: 

Winners tipped on fittest: 

1.      King of Hastings               $2.60

2.      Exoplanet                          $3.40

3.      Hard Press                         $1.60

4.      Smart Elissim                    $8.20

5.      Toryjoy                               $3.90

6.      Highland Beat                   $7.00

7.      Wanaasa                            $2.60

8.      Gaulois                               $8.00

9.      Cinquedea                         $1.60

10.   Musculina                          $3.40


Returns:  $42 – $25 = 60% ROI     38% Win Strike rate. (1-2 higher) Heavy tracks. 


Nice exotics: 

·        Caulfield 5: 4-6 only tips:  4-6 results         $86 return  - Costs $2 – 4,200% profit.

·        Plus over 500% profits other exotics. 






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