Jun 17



Now all we do is to get punters win more often with fitness ratings.


Flemington betting ring

Record wagering in Victoria in 2016-17

Wagering on Victorian racing this financial year has broken through the $6 billion barrier for the first time, setting a new Australian benchmark.

Racing Victoria revealed the milestone on Friday, showing turnover has increased 24 per cent in the past three years, and there are still three Saturday metropolitan meetings left in the financial year to better the position.

"We're delighted to reach this milestone, which is an important indicator of the health of Victorian racing and the faith that punters have placed in the quality and integrity of our sport," said RV chief executive Giles Thompson.

"Through the combined efforts of all stakeholders in FY17, the industry has delivered high quality racing on well prepared tracks that punters can view anywhere, anytime which has helped drive this increased investment.

"Strong wagering performances have allowed us to announce $40 million worth of increases in prizemoney and bonuses since May 2015 with owners and participants set to compete for a record $214m in Victoria in the 2017-18 racing season.

"It has also allowed us to continue our significant investments in integrity, equine welfare, infrastructure, tracks and media to promote on-going growth in the sport and to support the 20,000 equivalent full-time employees in Victorian racing."

Figures released by RV show the turnover split is 53 per cent metropolitan, 47 per country and that average turnover per meeting has reached $11.4m.

Jun 16



Twitter and 28.8

Been doing some great ratings on twitter on all three codes around Australia and punters sure like the non stop winners at all odds.

I think, going on short figures x 30 days we would get well over 1 million impressions per month just on the evening shifts.

Add horses in the afternoon and that figure could be 2-3 million impressions per month!


Alls good, Jim

Jun 15



on world record pace on twitter punters and this is what u will get soon live on 28.8 web based app.


Winners and exotics everywhere. dog tip usually only tip 1-2, but said 1-3-4-6 and 6 was 50/1, results

1-3-4-6, 1 $5.20, Pick 4 $235, wow



Jun 15



Live twitter@fithorses now, Jim

Jun 15



Fairy tale stuff without knowing how fit the horses are.


Lachie King rides Tavonian (outside) to victory at Ballarat over Brooke Sweeney and Penny to Sell (Image: Racing Photos)



The answer to whip-rule protests?



Respected form analyst Dominic Beirne has outlined his formula for quantifying advantage gained by overuse of the whip, in a bid to table a solution to potential future race protests.


Beirne told RSN 927's Racing Pulse that his formula of '0.1x/a' could be the answer Racing Victoria stewards, and those Australia-wide, could be searching for.


Basically, 'x' would be the number of illegal whip uses - that is, the number exceeding five uses prior to the 100m mark. 'A' is the claiming kilograms of the apprentice, where applicable.


So if 10 illegal uses of the whip equates to a one-length advantage, if a senior jockey over-whips by 10 and wins the race by less than a length, then theoretically, the race would go to the protesting horse.


Beirne, referencing the recent unsuccessful whip-rule protest at Sportsbet-Ballarat where Lachlan King overused the whip in a narrow win for Tavonian, said it was illogical that stewards can come up with a sanction for whip breaches that don't affect the race result.


King was fined $750 for over-use, and a further $250 for consecutive-stride use prior to the 100m mark.


"Those things [fines for consecutive stride, over-use] are able to be quantified, but not the margin. Or to be fair to the steward, he's quantified the margin as less than 0.1 of a length. And you'll never uphold one on the base of that," Beirne said, in reference to the June 4 protest.


Brooke Sweeney protested after her mount Penny To Sell was beaten by 0.1 of a length by the King-ridden Tavonian.


Beirne added he felt RV's chairman of stewards, Terry Bailey, should be more open to protests regarding whip use, and not bypass the issue.


"I was surprised Terry would say that [he would never uphold a whip protest]," Beirne said.


"I put an example on Twitter whereby if a jockey hit a horse every second stride from the top of the straight to the 100m mark, and exceeded the number of legal hits by 10 - so he kept hitting the horse every second stride - and the horse won by a nose, and the second horse protested ... if the stewards aren't prepared to act upon such a circumstance as that, the rule is not being policed.

"This rule can be policed; it's just going to take a brave steward to be the first one to do it.

Jun 15



Days and nights live, I will do more when I should not, and at 66 years young, this will be the death of me, such is life!

My brain will explode!

Got 1/1 at Hong Kong just now.


What days are we free to air live?   (Subject to conditions and changes without notice)


W     Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

2.           Selected night meetings on horses, greyhounds and harness races.

3.           Hong Kong evenings where I see mounting yard coverage.

4.          Feature meetings, like the Melbourne Cup Day.

5.           Fitness ratings on dog and trots racing. 

    Up to 2,000 racing posts per month.


        Nonstop winners. (Tipped 50 winners on top [1-2 selections] one marathon session.) 



Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 INSIDE Horse Fitness % Winners

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Jun 14



28.8 for that hidden fitness edge.


Good afternoon punters we had another IT group meeting last night and Saturday 24th of June

is our new release date.


What you need to do is mark your best bets and see how we rate them in fitness

before you bet, that is a huge edge.


Fingers crossed, it’s been a long time coming and is free.






Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 INSIDE Horse Fitness % Winners

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jun 11



No 1 fittest, (1) AHMAR wins at Singapore as tipped on fitness of 98% at
big odds for punters of $AU16.50

We very lucky tonight, thank you punters and see you another time.



Only 1-2 or 1-2-3 ratings last 4 races and we missed on only 1 race, other winners (2nd fittest rating) paid $15.


All good work for Asian punters live on Asianbookie.

Outlay 10 units and get back 40, thats ok.

Thanks and will all be live here one day.




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