May 9



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May 8



The Final Place B4 You Bet: We put fitness in your form guide.


Coming soon:  28.8 LIVE STREAMING from the mounting yards on 28.8 

28.8 HORSE FITNESS TV   Only $20 per month.


·        More winners

·        More races

·        More exotics

·        More lays

·        Thoroughbred, Greyhound and Harness fittest winners.

·        More countries: Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, UK, USA, South Africa

·        More black bookers

·        Rebates

·        Win $10,000 in prizes

·        *Travel with 28.8 to Hong Kong.

·        SMS tips still available.




May 8



Would you pay $20 per month for access to 28.8 selective live streaming fitness tips around the world?

Coming soon:    28.8 HORSE FITNESS TV.




May 8
May 7



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May 7




Subject: I want to go back in time. Coming 28.8 Fitness TV. $20 per month.




Good afternoon members. 

Our weeks sms live starts tomorrow. 

·        I want to go back in time, I am not happy with our format of waiting and waiting and 50/50 feedback from members who want changes. 

·        I want to be able again to cut lose with winners. 

·        I am not happy with the Punters Club, but have news coming, ZERO BETS because 100% fit horses have gone? 

·        Starting tomorrow; we will revert back to our very successful sms tipping of 1-2/4-5-6 strategies on SELECTIVE races. 

·        Remember to hedge the first 2 horses (1-2) say 1 wins x 5 places and rove other numbers for exotic punters. 

·        I continually found that big priced placed horse that made big dividends and tipped plenty of winners and over $2.6m in dividends.



Software:  28.8 Fitness TV.   “The Last Place To Go B4 You Bet. We put fitness in your form guides” 

1.      We are upgrading our live software for local and now global punters, quicker tips, better strategies and more 24/7 winners, dogs, trots and overseas winners. 

2.      Members Options: Either select SMS live tips @ $80 per month (Australia) or Fitness TV 24/7 live viewer tips,

ONLY $20 per month, or both will be available to members.


3.      Prices not 100% confirmed as yet and we have to add G.S.T soon. 

All good and new things happening for members, 2 weeks free sms available for new members only. 



Apr 28



Subject: 28.8 April stats are in.



Dear Members:


Good morning our April stats are in on our new SMS selective betting fitness, achieved the follow impressive results:


Using our strategy of hedging a bet to return a profit: I.E Bet 1 win x 5 places.


·        Win Bet  39 tips / 20 winners          51% Strike Rate      780% profit

·        Place Bet  41 tips / 30 winners       73% Strike Rate      410% profit

·        Lay Bets 4 for 4                                 100% strike rate     400% profit

·        Punters won on 76% of all races for the month [45/34]. 


Profit for the month was an impressive 1,590%



·        Target Win profit projections for the year                   9,000%

·        Place betting profit for the year                                 5,000%

·        Lay betting profit for the year                                  12,000%

·        Yearly profit projection                                         26,000%                         



Marketing:      New members bonus receive 2 weeks free sms selective fitness tips, valued at $40. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


We had one bad Saturday with 4 terrible rides from Sydney senior jockeys and our strike rates should have been over 80%. 

Back during the week for more winning selective fitness and unfit tips. 

More new IT products coming. 


James CEO 28.8



Apr 26



Subject: 28.8 Improvements on platforms.



Good morning members so as to please all 28.8 punters, from Saturday we will be tipping our exotics selections on the last 2 races

in Melbourne and Sydney. (4 tips)


Our format is:


·        1 tip fittest horse selection, win or hedge (hedge is to back  1 win / 5 places so if the horse runs a place you show a profit on the race.

·        A lay bet call on an unfit horse/s.

·        Exotic call last 2 races as before E.g.  1-5/4-8-12 means I like the 1-5 as best two fittest, then others.

·        Work in exotics in these races or bet win/place.


New SMS members are welcome with 2 free weeks of tips live from the mounting yards.


We are live today at Caulfield and Hawkesbury and other tracks.


Join today $20 per whole week.






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