Jun 23



Good afternoon members a tough day today with 19 races I did live from the mounting yards

around Australia.


I would of done more but the timing of Melbourne, Sydney and Doomben wasn’t the best, but we got by.


Exotics we invested $10,000  (5,000 pounds) to get back $32,000 (16,000 pounds).


Profit was $22,000 or 11,000 pounds for the day, we sure did get some big ones in.


Out lay strike rate on unfit horses as 14/14 for 100%


Our win strike rate fitter top line was 84%


Back again during the week.


3 punters sent in photos from on-course for free fitness ratings, hours before they raced

some-where in Australia.


All good, back on Betfair live for a few races tonight.



Jun 21





An enquiry into the speed the starters goes, to release the horses. It is up to the starter what speed he wants.


If you have a fast early runner favourite in say 6-7-8 front row, the starter can kill this by

Scoring up too fast and they can’t get across because the inside horses are flying, and punters lose.


Never a dull moments in the trots mate



Jun 20


I may be back about midnight for Asoct, see how I feel.

I had internet issues today but did 19 races around Australia live in the mounting yards, with 17 89.50% top line winners.

Spent $6k on exotics and got back $14K: profit of $8k

8/8 lays also in.

See you later?


Jun 20



The Science of Second up Betting/Racing.


Our live and free triple headers is on again today around Australia.   https://live.28point8.com/



Many horses are media favourites, some-times odds on after a good first up performance,

only to run poorly 2nd up.




Let’s put this in lay-man’s terms.


If you are 30-40-50-60 years old and after a long break, you play one of your favourite sports, first up.


It may be cricket, soccer, football, tennis, squash, running or such.


You will surprise your-self and put in a jolly good showing.


However 3-4 days later you practically cannot walk and are sore for many more days.


It is the same with a horse, they run well, but are sore for the next 10 days, go well down in

fitness and then need another 10 more days to


catch up and pass their first up fitness levels.


But media jumps in and their prices are way under to their fitness levels and trainers

don’t understand why they have lost.



Bet in between these periods and you are at a bigger risk of losing.


If you use a 2nd up short priced horse as you think “this has to win” as your standout, so

you lay another horse; you are in serious trouble.


In  Australia 2nd up horse recover in around 20 days and in the UK it is closer to 30 days plus

because of different training programs.


I have explained this science of winning 2nd up to many trainers.


What they need to do is firstly work on re building a horses blood count with Iron, B12/B15 injections

and folic acid or similar type additives they use.


The horse will lose weight after its good first up run, so its strength factors are down, they

need to re build that and then


start on getting the horse fitter then after another 14 days.


2yo these rules does not apply when they start racing, they are injury free, it is all new to

them and they only just want to run.


I hope this helps your 2nd up betting, best rule is stay out or don’t set the horse for a big race 2nd up.


The media say it will be fitter, they are wrong, it is less fit.








Jun 18



How The Science of Fitness wins.


There had to be an easier way of winning on the punt?


I won many dogs races because my dogs were fitter.


The multi-million dollar pro punters are now training up spotters around the

world to get a fitness edge from the yard.


Fitness on your next bet is not in worldwide form guides and punters betting without this

information is down at least 70% of the information you need to win consistently.


Yet, only a hand full of people in the world know how fit a horses, don’t answer trainers

because 90% don’t even know.


We have not had a losing day since 2017 and I really need to knuckle down and go the punt soon.


Your speed maps are wrong and are made up of fitter horses making the pace, or fitter

horses running all over the top.


What our tips and see how many are leading!


I would say that just about everything ever writing for punters in the last 400 years is

70% wrong because they do not have fitness ratings to include in their stats to get it

right and never will have.


What is punting really all about?


Winning on the punt is not about backing 1 horse, it is not about backing 3 horses,  it is about

using fitter horses as commodity numbers to return a profit with the right strategies.


You can hedge though my first 3 fitter horses and possibly return a profit.


You can definitely lay my unfit horses with a win strike rate of 99.62% and 96.32%, but

that is every bodies cup of tea and I think some of Betfair’s How to Use information needs

a more simple lay-man’s videos for new punters.


They take it for granted that new punters understands the terminology, they don’t so give it away.


Martingale punting on fitness works, win or place.


Running doubles or quadrellas work using fitness as a leg up in the first legs.


But the real big slice in the pie is the exotics of trifecta’s or Pick 4’s


I continually find that long prices horse that sometimes blows these dividends out of the water.


You just need the right strategies.


With a 86% top line 5 fitter horses winning and another 10% of my next best 2 fittest winning,

that equated to 96% of fitter horses winning.


And that information is not in your form guides.


I continually call my first 2 fitter horses as best chances and this stands up nearly all day

with both bankers or either one your leg up to in cheaper exotics.


My service caters for all punters, Quinella or place bets they can show a profit.


So that’s just about it punters and no need to ask what a fit horse is as I cannot explain to you.






Jun 18



I can't remeber when we last lost, it would be sometime in 2017.

I keep finding that big odds horse in the exotics, like one race on Saturday with a 4,000 pound return.

2 weeks ago I got the trifecta all at 20/1 - 20/1 - 20/1 all from my inside fitness edge with the Chris Waller stabe (WINX)

that ran 1-2-3 then also found the 7.

It paid 18,000 pounds!

We don't lose.

I get offers each month from punters/investors wanting to stake me for 50%, they put the cash up, but that is not fair as I see it.

I do all the work and they take it easy even though they stake me; with a 90% chance of winning, so 1st week I could set

up years of work for yours truly.

Run as a 5 day business, my returns are 45,000 pounds per week, with a less that 50% betting costs (Over heads) and tax free.

That is a very good business module.

On only a few days a week work I am nearly 1 million pounds in sales (returns) and that can double.

Between now and Christmas I have a few business plans on the go and this will see my site close down and I will go the punt.

Pushing up to 70 now, so I am no spring chicken.

My movie cowboy script is very good and heading to Hollywood, it will turn out a trilogy, then I have 4 others half done.

Such is life.


Jun 15



Tomorrow I have my 3 state triple header where I have 28 races and 430 horses to put in an order of fitness.

Impossible? No worries we will win.

I am convinced I have supernatural powers now and now one can perform this feat and win.

So the gods have spoken to me and Saturday is the annual Supernatural Winners day, world-wide.

You need to back horses with:

God like

in your bets and you will be successful. So check your names they will all be fit to win.

I have contacted MARVEL comics and have told them that their next supernatural hero, me, 

is about to cut loose on the world.

You will win, MARVEL MAN has spoken.



Jun 14



It had to happen, some 8 months since last pay out, but I am kicking myself.

How I slipped my guard:

I know one of the owners of a horse having its 1st start for Chris Waller and won like a real nice horse.

Their pockets will be lined with her in the future, Bubbles N Troubles.


Firstly they are talking Listed or Group racing in the spring.

That puts her value up to nearly a million, this is if offers have not come in the last 24 hours.

Then any yearly will be worth $500k - 1 million plus easily if she wins a Group  race.

Then if she goes into the brood mare sale when say 4, she will be sold forl over a million.

With only 5 owners, there is their house paid and stilll money left in the bank.

So with all this happening, 10 minutes later I let my guard down and got caught on a 50/1 lay after 8 months.

Cost me $6,500 or 3,200 pounds, but I put my head down and keen to keep my 6 months win record in tack.

We finished the day $4,000, 2,000 pounds up for the day 30% ROI.

A big lesson learnt as wanted to get to 1,000 straight lays.

Stats now 775 lays for 772 winners, strike rate 99.61%.

I hate losing!



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