Oct 7


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Hi Josh, many want the Pro Punters SMS, we are still 1-2-3 weeks away from a closed site where you will get:


For $55 per week:


·        Access to 50 – 70 fitness races on our icloud software

·        Pro Bonus SMS Live tips during the week

·        $5 of your membership goes in our Everest Big Bet punters club that we will be having a go with a fitness edge

in the big Pick’s during carnival times.


In the meantime Josh members are paying the $55 on pay pal and get the Pro Bet SMS horses until we close up.


So go to Pay Pal and you are on Josh and I need your mobile number please mate.


Thanks James




From: Josh Sent: Sunday, October 7, 2018 9:57 AM
To: James Conway
Subject: Re: 28.8 Place Betting for Beginners is a Winner.


hi Jim,


how do you send out the place tips? Are they SMS or advised on your website?




Oct 7



Place Betting For Beginners On Fitness is a WINNER.


·       Yesterday, using fittest horses I had 5 place bets: $1.35 - $1.40 - $1.60 - $1.90 - $3.40


·       100% Strike Rate.


·       Bet $5 returns $9.65 =  POT huge 465%


Yes, place betting is a winner with 28.8




Oct 6




ALL MEMBERS will get bonus PRO PUNTER SMS good things sent out.


2 SMS place calls today for a 100% POT. Stats: Wins  9/11  = 82% strike rate.


ROI is amazing 842%




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Oct 6



Saturday summary:


·       The heavy track at Randwick and low quality horses was a non-event for us.

·       However we still showed a 40% ROI on exotics.

·       18 races 16 fitter horses won : 89% win strike rate.

·       6/18 winners on top, strike rate 33%

·       The key today was place bets that showed great profits.


·       I had 100% strike rate on my place bets today, best price $3.40

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Oct 6



New punters, bet a place 1st or 2nd fitter horses and keep collecting.


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Oct 6



WINX DAY, live and free mounting yard fitness % ratings at Flemington and Randwick, 18 big races and starts at noon, James


FREE Punters fitness leg ups 1st leg of quaddies, live and free, 97% win strike rate only on 28.8 today 


Oct 5





·       9/9 Kyneton SUKOOT 6/1


75% of my black bookers lose because they front up less fit.


I want to look at this horse in the mounting yard and will go live punters today from race

7 a Kyneton, 1st leg of quaddie at 3.15pm.


Our leg up in the quaddies is running at 97% win strike rate.


See you then.



Oct 4




From: James Conway [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2018 6:31 PM
To: 'Fred Subject: RE: Betting


Thanks Fred, any pays are donations at the moment mate till we are a closed site.


Costs are $55 per week (On PayPal now), then you will receive:


·        Access to our live ratings for the week with a pin number.

·        PLUS SMS good things, 78% win strike rate at the moment.

·        $5 is taken out and you get a ticket each week in our EVEREST BIG BET where next year we will have a go in the

hard Group races pick 4's with a big fitness edge advantage.


Should be about 50 – 70 races live or more.


1st leg up of quaddies is running at about 97%.


All members will be on this same service Fred.





-----Original Message-----
From: Fred
Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2018 6:15 PM
To: James Conway
Subject: Betting


Hi James


Can you please tell me when I have to pay again.

Also just an update on what I will be services I will be receiving.






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