Feb 28



Subject: 28.8 Sandown Club98 - 100% Win strike rate.



Good morning members, we had a great day at Sandown with our Club98 fit horses scoring 100% WIN strike rate.


·        98% top rated: Wins Liveinthefastlane     1st  $4.10 - $2.10

·        98% top rated: Wins Stocktaka  1st  $2.00 - $1.16

·        98% top rated: Wins Permissive Star 1st $2.90 - $1.40 ( we took on the bet of the day odds on No Drama Daci and beat it)


1.      $9.00   -   600% profit win

2.      $4.66  -   166% profit place


Other races 96% - 97% top rated, we got winners and exotics in, but not as easy as Club98


Thanks members back again Flemington Saturday with Club98 and Club100 bets.


Club100 Punters Club betting on 100% fitter horses CLOSES NEXT WEEK. (With members quaddie) Join now.


Let’s know which format you want please, sms.






Feb 27




Subject: FW: 28.8 Club100 Punters Club Quadrella.




28.8 Club 100 Punters Club Quadrella.

Good morning members, keeping with the spirit and theme of a Punters Club.

A suggestion for members to join in and have fun.

·        Each member has one spreadsheet number whether for 1 share or more.

·        Software will shuffle those numbers and give us 4 likely quadrella members for the month.

·        1st out  is in the chair, will place $100 worth of Saturdays main quaddie Melbourne or Sydney, usually last

  • 4 races for everyone from our pool.

·        If you win you stay in the chair for the following week.


·        I will put the bet on in the morning after 10am, when selections come through and then contact members of the numbers.


·        Any winnings, you will have $100 again plus 50% profits, let it ride, rest goes back into our bank.


·        E.G. Dividend returns $600, we have $100 bank let it ride, and then 50% of $500 winnings 

= $250 let it ride = Pool now $350


·        Or next member in line has $100 if we lose.

I think is a great idea to have members more involved, you never know we may crack a big one!





Feb 26



Today: 28.8ClubPlace:

Target 150% profit on selective place bets sms free to members today, see bets here.

Only on 28.8 rt

Feb 25





Subject: 28.8 FREE Club-Place SMS


Good afternoon members.


Tomorrow NEW FREE:  SMS Club-Place Tuesday.




·        Live Selective races:

·        One horse.

·        150% profit and then pull up stumps.

·        Very limited vacancies.


Please email if want on.






Feb 24




Subject: 28.8 Hedging 1-2-3 98% + won 55%




Good morning members, a hard day’s work at Caulfield yesterday.


Bet fitness of minimum 98% plus, hedged 1-2-3 fittest horses, this is what you won.


·        1st rated:   Sikandarabad won $3.30  - Profit




·        3rd rated:   Global Exchange won $9.10  - Profit




·        2nd rated:   Jamaican Rain  won $7.10  - Profit




·        3rd rated:  Qafila won $7.00  - Profit




·        1st rated: Zousain (club100) bet 2nd, poor ride, checked, horse reefed and pulled x 300m  and un-lucky  - Loss




·        2nd rated: Lyre won $7.60 -  Profit




·        3rd rated: Booker won $19.90  - Profit




·        1st rated: Seaway won $2.40  - Loss




·        1st rated: Baller $4.00  - Profit


Total 98% collects:  $60.40, that’s a clear profit of about  55% - $35.00 ROI.



Club100 Punters Club betting on only 100% fit horses Updates.


·        Set launch next Saturday 2nd of March and expected 38 hot degrees.

·        Will postpone till the following Saturday 9th of March, dumb to have very hot conditions against us also.


Next meeting live twilight on-course at Sandown on Wednesday for Club98% and Club100% bets.







Feb 23


Subject: FW: 28.8 Change of operations today / 2 horse race UK who wins?




Good morning members, I have a sand paper throat and with a big crowd at Caulfield expected, I will stay in the office and

work off my monitors today.

SMS starts about 12.25pm today plus some fitness winners from Rosehill.



Horses I am interested in are:

1.      The Autumn Son, poor trial form, odds on $1.35, is good enough but is he fit enough?

2.      Native Strip 2nd up, odds on?

3.      Zousain, very nice horse, odds on $1.45, is he 100% first up fit? Club100 bet?

4.      Alizee $2.30 nice horse has 5 runners 2nd up against it, they could struggle, could it be a Club100 bet?



Blue Diamond


·        Will I am Immortal run a strong 1200m in a pressure race?

·        Catch Me went backwards 2nd up, I would not of started her, she had a hard run previous, can she bounce back?.

·        Lyre, very impressive big type filly, good blood count, has she improved in fitness?

Loving Gaby, under a fitness cloud, she remind me of multiple Group 1 top liner, Sunline, big strong filly, she could be a future champ?



2 horse race in UK.


The other night, got up  and watched some jumps races in UK about 2am.

·        1 96% fit: - $1.30·       

  • 2 98% fit:-  $2.70 and wins x 5 lengths. That was a star bet!

Club100 Punters Club, could of pumped this horse on Betfair as huge overs.



Number 1 issue in racing for punters.


·               Jockeys are consistently not riding out their mounts to the line, as soon as they are headed 70 out,

  • they stop riding, it is wrong. ·        Stewards need to crack down hard.


Thanks and see you soon; Club100 Punters Club betting on only 100% fit horses closes soon for 2nd March opening. Register now.









Feb 22



Good morning punters with our exciting Club100 Punters Club starting Saturday week the 2nd,

we have changes to our 2 services.


Club100 Punters Club closes soon, and if you want a chat please book a time. No profit, no pay per tip.



1.      Club100 Punters Club betting on 100% Fit Horses.


·        I will be more online and on-track; in the mounting yards and around the stables

looking for our edge in 100% fit horses to compound punt for members. $110 per month.

·        FREE SMS horse sent to you before the race to back again or watch.

·        Note: Because I am now also punting, you may get the sms after the race at times.

·        Last SMS is 7pm, as I do see 100% fit horses in Hong Kong, betting into huge pools. We can get set!


2.      Club98


·        This re-naming of our existing service is our off course and on-track fitness trips.

·        98% fit horses perform better than lower fit horses.

·        96% - 97% races will still be SMS to members.

·        Selective days available and rates are still the same.

·        No Club100 tips SMS in this service, you have to join the Punters Club


This makes things simpler and good luck for Blue Diamond day where I will be on course rating fitness and join now.


See Pay Pal www.28point8.com






Feb 21





From: Kevin Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2019 12:09 PM
To: James Conway
Subject: RE: 28.8 History of Club100.



Yes indeed.  Fun times ahead!.




From: James Conway <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Sent: Thursday, 21 February 2019 9:06 AM
To: 'Kevin Subject: RE: 28.8 History of Club100.

Thanks Kevin, donations will be guided, let’s get a winner


From: Kevin Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2019 12:03 PM
To: James Conway
Subject: RE: 28.8 History of Club100.


Hi James,

Also forgot about the donations!

I’m happy to be guided by you or whatever everyone else is doing.

Your example was $3 for a win and $1 for a place.  I’m good with that if that works for you.

Thanks again James.

Kind regards




From: Kevin Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2019 12:00 PM
To: James Conway
Subject: RE: 28.8 History of Club100.


Thanks James.

Kind regards



From: James Conway <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Sent: Thursday, 21 February 2019 8:58 AM
To: 'Kevin Subject: RE: 28.8 History of Club100.

Thanks Keven sent u an email, welcome aboad.



From: Kevin Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2019 11:43 AM
To: James Conway
Subject: RE: 28.8 History of Club100.


Hi James,

I’m very keen on the Club 100 launch.

I followed the link on your website to join – I’m not sure if I’ve done it correctly as the only option for the $110

was for “Live fitness 2 -pack” so I hope this was correct.

It then took me to Pay Pal where I’ve made the payment, but there was nowhere I was asked for name, town, email etc.

My details are:


If you need my account details please let me know.

Very exciting times!

All the best.



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