Aug 2



Good evening punters,


Today we had Morphettville and Sale live on under their new

formats for the first time.

They had in-house form analyst, speed maps and they have cut the mounting

yard coverage times down by about 70%, with just a few seconds on each horse.


Any punter trying to now learn fitness ratings, as I have done for 30 years,

has just had the door slammed in their face.


I said years ago, and punters laughed at me, that it takes me 1-2 seconds

to rate my fitness percentages on horses. new quicker, mounting yard service to punters,

will have no bearing on my strike rates and things will still rock n roll.



Testing new software.


Two days in now and still a couple of bugs to iron out as punters that

follow me on twitter@fithorses  can see, that I go like a bat out hell on race days.


The two day highlights were many winning dividends but one was a $22k

collect and other was $26 winner on top line then $12k in exotics.



Multi screens.


I currently am using 3 screens plugged into my tower, but I will need

5-6 screens and that will come.


I strongly suggest to all punters that want to win more on fitness, to at

least connect  one more screen for a better service; they usually costs under $150.


That is all for now and will keep you all updated.



Cheers Jim


(They can’t stop this little black duck!)






Aug 1



  1. 12 races so far, 9 winners on top 75% win strike rate, dutch 2nd dog 2 win, 1 loss, huge and at nice odds also, on fire rt


    Horsham dogs results 6 is home 4 chasing Another winner on top $3.60, wot is happening our prices are getting bigger! rt 6-4


    Horsham dogs 6-4-8 rt

Aug 1



At last I am live road testing our web based app, with many new functions for punters to win.

Will keep you updated, Jim

Jul 31



What is the best bet?


 Pick 4’s




1.     1/6 Rove                    8.32%

2.     4 X 4 X 6 X 6              13.88%

3.     4 X 5 X 6 X 6              10%


4.     All 3 x $10 each           16.10% Max.


J    James


Jul 31





Good morning X,


I heard your recent podcast on the training methods in Japan.


Now you have reached the top of the tree in fitness and strength

training programs and information.


I have followed their style for over 15 years and when their runners

arrive here for the Melbourne Cup they are 98% - 99% - 100% fit to run, and win.


Their science of fitness is spot on and I am sure that John Hawkes,

John O’Shea, Daryl Beadman and James Cummings were and are shown

how to follow Japan’s training methods.


English trainers are one of the worst in the world and many Cup runners

come out here not fit enough on 96% -97% -98% by start time.


Some run well considering, purely on natural ability and that is when you

bring out the cheque book to buy.


My opinion of best fitness training countries.


1.     Japan

2.     Hong Kong

3.     Australia

4.     U.S.A

5.     New Zealand

6.     South Africa

7.     Singapore

8.     UK


You are on the right track in learning fitness and strength factors from Japan,

and the best place for horses to purchase would be from New Zealand and UK,

as they are all well-bred types.


Common factors, New Zealand and UK, have some of the best bloodlines in

the world, yet they cannot train to 100% fitness performance enough.


They are also the lowest prize money distributors in the world; could

have something to do with that.


It could be they also do not get enough opinions from vets due to cost factors.







Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 LIVE Horse Fitness % Web App.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jul 28



Live saturday on twitter, where we just about win every day, nearly $60k in exotics in the last week plus stacks of winners, cheers Jim

Jul 27

So far top horse in pick 4 for exotic punters, strike rate 100%

Win strike rate 43% and $23k in exotics, massive, on fire yet again Jim


  1. 1m1 minute ago

    Newcastle another winner on top 3-2-1, on fire again punters, as every day because of fitter horses that run faster rt


    Echuca R4 1 wins, 5th value fitter horse ($12.00) 1-10-13-7, we got it & will pay massive, Divies $21,000 WOW that is big! rt


    Echuca results race 4 1 wins, 5th value fitter horse ($12.00) 1-10-13-7, we got it & will pay massive, Divies $21,000 WOW that is big! rt


    newcastle we will stay up the top here, 3-1-2-5 on just 97% fit good luck rt


    Echuca next 97% couple of nice types, 13-7-11-3/1-10 rt

Jul 27



Q     What is fitness in your chances of winning?

A     Between 60% - 70% improved edge knowing how fit horses are.


Fitness is not in any form guides, but yes available on 28.8



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