May 16





With the potential of a billion dollar gambling market opening up in the USA, this is great news for our members.

Most tracks have their own broadcasting networks, so they have the cameras on from saddling up,

parade yard to the jump of all runners.

They also have small fields of 8 - 10 runners and the pace is on with fitter horses halfing the field

which means less interferences.

Now with projected million dollars huge pools this is a cream pie situation for me.

it starts in the morning and finishes about 10am.

This is like winning the lottery for us.

lay an unfit horse in the USA, pace on, small fields and this unfit horse will run last 99% of the time.




May 15




If I can work out how to place up the price on liabilities I can instead of

offer 10/1 liabilities to punters I can place up only $1.01 because they cannot win, they are so unfit.

So then I can go back to win lays offering prices and take the 99.67% strike rate.

What set lay punters do after that is their business, they could easily trade without losing EVERY RACE.

All I know is I am set on a horse that has a only a 0.03% chance of winning.

I can make 3,000% profit every day.

Is that right?


May 15




Lay strike rates are off the planet


Doing betting and ratings is not on, just too hard as u really want to check the form on your place lays.


I am keen to have fitness ratings, Wednesday and Saturday with no lays.


Then have either Tuesday or Thursday lay day only with only a SMS service, PRICE $100 PER MONTH.


A unique service to punters and traders.


More later.





May 15




From: James Conway [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 11:35 AM
To: 'Wats
Subject: RE: [External] on Betfair now 270% profit day 1.


I think some of the 12 monther’s got off very light, go bombers, go pies.


Remember we made a packet off Smerdon, we knew when they had their top ups, good for 28.8 members.


Thanks god for racing!


From: [mailto:Rick.Wat
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 11:29 AM
To: James Conway
Subject: RE: [External] on betfair now 270% profit day 1.


Smerdon life ban plus all those others from Aquanita Lodge…………..Been going on for years…………Got what they deserve


May 15



Laying unfit horses.  96.05% strike rate.  608/584


I think there is some good money here to be made on place laying with lower liabilities.


But, you will have to do your homework also just to make sure.


Get that right and your strike rate should go up to about 99% a place and that IS UNHEARD OF!







May 15



How to change put up your own prices on Betfair.


Dear James,

Thank you for your email.

Yes It is possible to set your own odds.

When you place a Back bet you can take the current price on offer, or enter in the odds you choose.

You aren’t guaranteed to get it matched if you set your own odds but if the price of the selection you want changes to meet the price you want,

it will be fully matched provided it meets the same stake amount you entered. Markets are constantly fluctuating just like a Stock Exchange,

the market depth will provide you with the best guide as to whether or not you will be matched. You can be matched without having to constantly monitor the market.

To find more helpful information, please visit The Hub (in particular the following links) 


May 14



Contacted Bet Angel for some help.

He has great videos and been watching them and discussing trading and how you place a price on
a soccer, cricket, horse race etc on what you think the outcome will be.

With a win lay strike rate of 99.67%, if a horse is 4/1 the lay place price and 12/1 the win,
with a unfit rating the horse is in fact as racing against say 12 fitter horses it is
a 90/1 chance of winning.

I could confidently put up a 15/1 place offer and I will win.

I will do this one day, but then there will be an uproar of a scandal because someone bet on Betfair
a place more than the win price.

They would interview the owners, trainer, jockeys and more to get to the bottom of all this skulduggery.

But as the videos say in trading, place your own price on the outcome and in this race; punters can
have a much money a place at the same price as the win.

I will do this one day.



May 14



UK Jumps races:


Fit horses scoring up first, unfit scoring up last and not interested. I love watching your jumps racing

and for punters betting in the run; on a majority of times the fit horses are pushing and shoving for

the best front positions, and the unfit horse could not care less out the back. 


By the time they have gone 200 metres, your 2nd or 3rd row scored horses are out of

the race and never going to win.


The moral to the story is be cautious about laying the first group scoring up and

don't back the last group that are not interested in this race.  James



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