Jul 27



Should be live today after lunch with more winners that are fit, cheers Jim on twitter

Jul 27


The 18 that was all the rage on the parlay and only paid 1/3rd of it's price, 28.8 was on it

and rated to members on twitter before the race with massive profits for punters, we go the lot, Jim


  1. Jul 25

    Bairnsdale race 8 results 18-2-11-7 Winner pays huge $21.20 interstate, we got the lot and huge profits $17,000 plus huge rt


    Bairnsdale next race 8 low 96% fitness 11-12-18-7/2-3 good luck rt

Jul 27


After a massive 5-6 months live on twitter@fithorses all our ratings will transfer to 28.8 web app soon.


Cheers Jim and live and free plus added features.

Jul 27



Massive parlay win behind bizarre S-TAB price at Bairnsdale

The S-TAB dividend had punters scratching their heads Image: Racing.com
Punters were understandably surprised when the winning dividends flashed up on the screen following the last race at Bairnsdale on Tuesday.

The winner Maldonado - an $18 chance in fixed odds betting - paid $20.40 on the NSW tote, $21.20 with UBET, and a strangely meagre $6.30 on S-TAB. 

The $6.30 winning dividend with S-TAB was not a typo, nor was the $7.30 place dividend. 

The skinny tote price was the result of a rather epic 'all-up' placed by one New Zealand punter.

The TAB customer placed a Parlay Formula 2,3,4,5,6 on the last six races at Bairnsdale, outlaying $103 for a 50c unit.

Known as a 'Poker6' in NZ – the bet type requires the punter to select at least two winners for a collect and the maximum number of legs available is six.

These were the winning legs the customer in question had:

  • Bairnsdale R3   11 Magnesium Rose - $3.30
  • Bairnsdale R4   9 Kushchyenko - $17.30
  • Bairnsdale R5   4 Miss Procyon - $3.40 (Also included Ecology who finished 3rd)
  • Bairnsdale R6   12 Tanto Bianco - $12.50 (Also included Petrov who was unplaced)
  • Bairnsdale R7   11 Settlers Road - $4.90
  • Bairnsdale R8   18 Maldonado - $6.30 (Also included Internship who was unplaced)

The power of the 'all-up' was there to see in the seventh, with Settlers Road paying just $4.90 with S-TAB and $8.30 with NSW.

Heading into the final race on the card, the punter had $13,764.10 going on each of Maldonado and Internship.

Luckily for him he was gifted a beautiful ride by Daniel Moor on Maldonado, tucking in just behind the leaders before peeling out in the straight to win by a widening 1.75L.

Money picked up from the other combinations meant that a lazy $100,613.50 jumped in the punters' pocket off his $103 investment.

Interestingly, our NZ mate wasn't the only punter to benefit greatly from Maldonado's big win in the last. 

Another crafty TAB customer placed a Bairnsdale quaddie with the 'Field' in the first two legs before coming home with Settlers Road and Maldonado.

The $20 bet netted him $4,709.45 plus bragging rights with his mates at least until the spring carnival kicks off.

"It was just an absolutely perfect ride, you couldn't have asked for more really," said Maldonado's trainer Gary Mallinson post-race - a sentiment no doubt shared by the two winning punters.

Jul 27


Wrong!  Spend 30 years rating millions of horses.


nobody can know 100%, not even the trainer

but times and distances in track work, physique and weight, relative to previous values, will give good indications


Jul 27
Jul 27


This started on punters.com.au, see how it goes, It may be interesting.

They kicked me off it years ago because a small group could not understand a word I said and called me a liar.


How Does One Tell if a horse is 100% Fit?



Post answers under here. Thanks.
28.8 study his findings then u will know
He won't answer any of my inquiries on Facebook.
Need some fresh 2017 insights from people who know.  (If you can find them)



Jul 25



Not many races today but in 30 minutes we fitness rated $21,000 in exotics for members,

that's pretty cool Jim


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