Jan 29





NEW: 28.8 Weir Factor.


I can never “catch” that trainer!


How many tens of thousands of times have you heard this before?


28.8 Weir Factor service.


Weir, Hayes and Maher are winning the vast majority of races now on every track, but have

multiple runners in races confusing punters, Who do I back?


28.8 offer a new edge:


·        These elite trainers have higher skills, better vets, better jockeys and more quality bred horses and 98% - 99% - 100% fit,

I am positive that their strike rates are massive enough  to follow for a new winning system.





98%   W5-H2/W4-M1-7


·        W is a Weir horse (5) (4)  Current stats 683 – 1-2-3 finishes

·        H is a Hayes horse (2)       Current stats 375 – 1-2-3 finishes

·        M is a Maher horse (1)    Current stats 177 – 1-2-3 finishes

·        Others (7)


Punters now know who trains the fittest horses from our SMS’s


Live FREE on THURSDAY this week and go to https://fit.28point8.com/








Jan 28





Good morning members, no races today, next may be Wednesday live Mornington and elsewhere on selective races from the mounting yards.


Nice work Saturday live on course at Caulfield and this is how it all unfolded on selected races.


RACE 1: 1ST   98% Crack The Code 1st fittest wins @ $1.70. Black book this horse to get BEAT next start, only a pony.


RACE 2: 2ND  98% fittest Queen Anabel 2nd  overs $2.60 a place.


RACE 4: 10-2-1-3-6 98% results 10-1-2-3-6, 1st fittest wins I AM IMMORTAL, $3.50, 1-2-3 fittest horses run trifecta,

1-2-3-4 fittest run the pick 4, 1-2-3-4-5 first 5 (6) was $20


RACE 5:  1ST  98% Catch Me, wins $4.40 $1.75, nice win, black book.


RACE6: 1ST   100% Social Spin, wins for Club 100% $2.05 (no win, no pay, 1,200% profit so far) Black book QUALITY type.


RACE 7:  97% Top fitness, Al Gayayel 2nd


Race 9:  97% The Answer My Friend, missed.


Plenty of exotics in our selections, but our 100% got up and all members got on.


·        57% win strike rate, 86% place.


Back during the week, maybe Wednesday Mornington off-course.


Thanks for all the well wishes SMS.





Jan 28



No races today, next meetings coming up soon and then Saturday, thanks James


Jan 27



Hi members,


Saturdays amazing profit summary coming up soon with another Club 100% Fit horse, no win no pay winner scoring, POT

now 1,200% and target is 3,000% per year.


28.8 to knock out Darren Weir.


Weir, Hayes and Maher are killing racing by taking over with sheer weight of numbers at every country meeting, and the poor little trainers will become extinct, if nothing is done to help them.

I can help them train fitter horses plus they need subsidies and restricted races to win and survive.


Weir SMS Fitness.

I know how these 3 train to peak their horses and win more races than any other trainers, and I will have a day with just only their horses rated in fitness and as they win 3-4-5-6 races on the card.

We will get on their best fittest horses, and this will be an inside huge edge for members.


More soon.







Jan 25



First two horses are the fittest and their percentage and rest are next to make up exotics. 1% - 1 length


Good afternoon members, we were live Sandown Wednesday on-course, returning to exotics selections with huge success and big smiles from members.


Let’s see how it all unfolded.


·        With 8 races, 2 x 1st fittest horses broke down and failed to beat a runner home.

·        Our only 98% fittest horse leads wall the way, Burgonet paying nice overs $4.00 the win.

·        Race 1. 97% 5-2/8/10, result was 8-5-2-10 returning nearly $400 huge, 1st 4 fittest horses run 1-2-3-4.

·        Race 2. 97% 2nd fittest wins at $3.20, La Tigeresa


·        Race 4 97%2-3/1-4 results 3-2-1-4 again pick 4 in four horses.

·        Race 5. 97% 7-6/1-4-2 (7 broke down, results 2-1 and exotics paid BIG $100

·        Race 6. 97% 1-2/5-3-10 results 5-2


Earlier in the day, I sms punters that trainer M Kent and Damian Oliver was walking the track to instruct apprentice Vollier what was best line to take.

U don’t get that in the form guide or off the tele and said Metronome, at double figure odds could be on the ball in the next.


Metronome was fit and rated 2nd paying huge $2.90 a place and made $1,950 plus in exotics.


Race 7. 97% 11-6 ($40 - $9 place)/3:   Results:  Trifecta first  3 horses -  3-11-6 and opened up first 3 horses in a huge P4 $2,200 in dividends.

Race 8. 97% 10-12/13-9-3  Results 9 Box On Collins wins at $9.30 – 9-12-6-10






Jan 22



28.8 Millionaires Training Academy (MTA): The Grunt: All Star Classic


·        I voted for this horse and on his day is a real G1 champion, then goes off the boil just as quick.

·        This is how his fitness pie chart shaped from being a winner to losing.

·        He lost his strength and muscle factors and that stopped him from finishing off his races.

·        Great horse and fingers crossed no ribs!

·        Live on-course twilight Sandown tomorrow with new formats.




James CEO Founder 28.8





Jan 22






28.8 Millionaires Training Academy. (MTA)


Welcome to 28.8 FREE start up until your horse wins Millionaires Training Academy.

What trainer wants to dip into the millions of dollars available to you, but can’t keep up with the big guns?

Join our easy to follow, Millionaires Training Academy with *no charge until your horse wins a race; that is how confident we are. (*conditions apply)


The Science of fitness wins races, we will give you an edge in:

·        Fitness Levels

·        Blood Count

·        Strength Factors

·        Hypertrophic Muscle


Strictly confidential and email a side on photo of any horse to get a sample. *We don’t even need know the horses name.

I have been in racing since 1959, rated millions of horses in fitness and consults for Group 1 trainers world wide.


Best Regards


James Conway

CEO Founder 28.8



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile 0408 510 300

James Conway


Jan 21





Good morning punters, I have a bung knee and been in a 8-10 pain threshold for a week.


Seeing specialist today and my tipping has not been too hot either, but knee coming good.


We are live Wednesday.



Changes to programming.


·        I want to please all members.

·        We tipped $2.6m in exotics but some members wanted less horses so I did  (1-2)

·        Exotic members are not happy and felt left out.

·        I am going to compromise.


Selective Services:


PRO 100% fit SMS  running at plus 1,000% profit. NO WIN NO PAY. (Each way included) Initially


·        I was placing myself under pressure to tip as not many 100% fit horses, stress plus.

·        Now I am more seasoned, a 100% super fit horses will HIT ME, some days no bet.

·        I am on top of this unique 100% tip 28.8 winning service.




That is fine, members that like this bet will see in our first 2 horses.


1-2-3-4-5 Fitter horses in order.

That is back for the exotic members  and suggest throw in a few more for last legs.





Sandown - 99% - 2-5/1-3-9

·        2-5 fittest horses then 1-3-9


Even for 100% tip will look like this:

·        Sandown – 100% - 4/1-2-5-6



*Even on ordinary days, place betting is seeing members through.

Results 2 tips: such as (3) 100/1 runs 3rd pays over $20, then others $6-$5-$4-$3 a place.

Passing on races are great information with nearly all blow out results, good calls.


Thanks for the feedback and I hope everyone is ok.






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