Jul 31





I don’t think we will ever have a losing month and hopefully even one day!  Touch wood.


In February, I knew we had not lost since Derby Day at Flemington 2017 and it just rolled on from there.


Win, win, win, every day there-after and stats are up on our web site.


We have not had a losing day since then.


After 31 years @ rating horses in a percentage of fitness I had to go live to get the hibby jibbies

out of my system and perform under pressure.


I have done this now for 45 weeks with $2.1m (1 million pound) in exotics.


Members will clearly see the last 8 – 10 weeks my top line of 1-2-3-4-5, the two

fittest strategy horses, plus the top line are filling more exotics include the big

value pick 4’s at any old prices.


I think I am unstoppable and all results are in our archives.


Today we spent $4,700 on exotics for a return of $11,700 with a profit of $7,000 or 3,500

pound for our UK members.


I have also been tipping winners live around midnight on community forum in UK, under value bet.


The only way I can see a loss is if a big lay gets up, and yes that is on the cards, but

with a strike rate of 99.42% in favour of the punter, as Maximus said “an acceptable risk”


Some days I have been crook as a dog, but still got the winners.


Fitness is not in form guides and that is why punters lose.


Back Wednesday.






Jul 30



Good morning,


We have written the funniest ever Australian Outback comedy screenplay.


Title:   “Wobble Wobble Go To The Gobble Gobble Races” © All rights reserved.


“To ward off bankruptcy the Gobble Gobble Race Club invites the Mardi Grass to their Cup Meeting”


In real life; this is a brilliant marketing idea and can financially save many race clubs, not only in

Australia but world-wide!


We can’t all go and see the Mardi Grass entrainment parade, so why not bring the STARS to our race tracks?


www. Pricilla Queen Of  The Races.com (coming soon)


Feed-back welcome.



Best Regards



James & Sharyn Conway (Authors)


Melbourne Australia.


Jul 27



Only 2 days racing this week but we showed a $55,500 (27,000 pound) profit.

640% ROI.

A nice called Thursday, 1st 3 horses rated in fitness ran 1-2-3, 14-7-3 in order,


Winner $14, exotics $1,000 (500 pound) huge tip on fitter horses,

see u live here next week.


Jul 25



Good afternoon punters we had record results today and all bankers running in for us for big dividends.




·       6/6 lays in 100% strike rate.


·       17/19 fitter horses won: 89% strike rate.


·       Exotics: Returned record $60,500 (30k pound), costs low of $7,500


·       Profit on the day was $53,000 (26k pound)


·       ROI 600%


Back again Thursday.



Jul 24




Good afternoon,


Would you like your horses as fit as Chris Wallers?


Contact me


James Conway

CEO 28.8

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jul 24



Hi guys,


I haven’t had a Saturday off for many a long time and it is such a big game between

Collingwood and Richmond, a group of us are having a bbq and watch it.


This week’s days are Wednesday and Thursday free on https://live.28point8.com/


After that it will be $30 per week or $100 per month.


We have a great service, great members and I hope to continue winning.


We have not had a losing day since November 2017


Some new ideas are coming to help punters further.








Jul 20




Hi Punters: I was Live on twitter@fithorses on Wednesday evening.


My God, what have I done?

Tens of thousands of impressions on twitter live, a great night on the punt, plenty of laughs,

a few punters unloaded on a $4.60 a place, 1 tip only.


Plus the 28 winners I tipped.

I took a few years off my life but the public want me!

Firstly I would like to say that some-one spiked my coke, ok, so I did not lose control.

He left his calling card, a packed of rat sack!

Any way punters want FAST AND FURIOUS 11

Coming soon, looked at my calender and I have to make a decision when I want to go to the grave a day earlier.





Jul 19



We went live on twitter@fithorses yesterday after winning $4k DURING THE DAY.


84 races and our aim was to place a horse in the pick 4 roving banker.

Results out of 84 tips

28 winners on top

37 horses ran place

So that is 65 horses, trots, dogs, ran in the pick 4.

Strike rate of 77% finished as bankers.





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