Sep 21



Why would you ever want to place a bet again on an unfit horse when you can find

out for free on 28.8 Horse Fitness TV whether it can win?

Sep 21



Hi members, Wednesday we lifted the bar to a new level.


I said I wanted members to win more by being more selective to cut down

the costs of multiple exotics.


Well, it all fell into place today in a magic way with everything working great

for about 13 of 15 races with some massive results, like 2,000% profits.


I called a coffe break race, no bet and sure enough we missed, a great call

for members.


I have little idea of how to work out our profits and ROI, but it must be

some records flowing in again.


I really have not got the time to go through many winning punting options,

so will just say 50% ROI which is way undervalue, pro punters want 3%.


More again tomorrow, 28.8 Live Horse Fitness TV will grow into something

huge and unique around the world.


We are hot!



Sep 20




Good morning members we are live today at Cranbourne and Warwick farm, where I will try and

increase your profits and spend less.

See you about 12 noon for the 17 big races, free and live on 28.8 Horse Fitness TV.

See our article of fitness on the once talented Tarvago who raced on Saturday at Flemington.



Sep 19



I want members to win more.


Over the last 10 days I have been making some extra strategy calls to go with

1 or 2 horses and other strategies and this is working great, like today.


This cuts you’re betting cost by up to 60% if you play the exotics.


Next, then I will call coffee break, these are terribly hard races with a

return strike rate of UNDER 20%.


I know they are bad races and this a good edge 28.8 gives punters.


Pass on these race and you could be thousands of dollars better off.


So streamlining our wagering to win more is very good business.


Cheers Jim


Wednesday and Thursday to come.


Sep 19




From: Jim Conway [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 3:59 AM
Subject: RE: Information on your service please


Hi Ray, thanks for the email.


We are free live now on this link Ray

Tick the box and click latest fitness and that will give you 12 hour access,

do the same next day etc.


$343K win in exotics last 6 weeks.


99% lay strike rate 163/162 for a 10.8k% profit


ROI 550%, massive


This will all come up on your mobile or IPAD before the races in Melbourne or Sydney.


If you wish SMS alerts it is 10 meetings for $190 for both Melbourne and Sydney.


Follow our live form on 28.8 plus our live horse fitness TV for plenty of winners

and strategy tips, fitter horses speed maps and fitness black bookers, Ray.


Tell your friends.








From: Sting
Sent: Monday, September 18, 2017 7:07 PM
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Information on your service please


Good evening Jim


I learned about 28point8 today after Mounting Yard Live liked your tweet.


I will be attending a few race meetings during spring and would probably

be selecting your $20 single meeting pack on Paypal.

My question is, how is the mounting yard information delivered before a race?

And is it easy to asses the information, before having a bet?

Lastly, would getting the Sydney and Melbourne info on a Saturday,

therefore cost $40?








Sep 18



I can do one big post but gets washed down after a week.

Instead, on the top line of live i will continually post betting tips to old and new members.


That should help you heaps, Jim

Live Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Sep 18



See many horse reviews from Saturday and what they need to do in fitness to win.


On live punters, see red link above.



Sep 18



HEY DOC came out a shocker in fitness on Saturday and completely lost it from his high fitness rates previously.

It is not the distance it was his fitness levels on low 97%, he completly lost his blood count levels to 80%, his fitness was low 90%, and hypertrophic levels lower again on 85%

I cannot fathom how that was all possible as he was looking good to take big steps this spring, now in trouble.


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