May 22




Subject: 28.8 Winning on FIT favorites - 15,000% profits?



Good afternoon members 28.8’s great winning profits continued today. 2/2 (100% strike rate) 

Winning on favourites: 

As I don’t study the form, why not let the markets do the form study for me? 

1.      Favourites have good form, good jockey, right trainer, track it can win on, barrier and distance and 28.8 knows who is super fit?

2.      30% of favourites win, I can sort that out.

3.      28.8 Edge: Best of 30% favourites; this is where 28.8 excel, we find the good things that win x 5 or scrape home under circumstances.

4.      Fittest favourites, hedge bet strategies, members will keep winning.

5.      Target: Profits up to 15,000% per annum, tax free!

6.      Live Horse Fitness TV (LIVEHFTV) will be massive.

7.      Now Instagram (live horse fitness TV)

8.      Affiliates welcome for big returns.





Fitter tips results:

·        W1-W1-W1-W1-W1-W2-W1-W1-W3-W1-W1-W3-L-W1-W2-

·        W2-W1-W2-W1-L4th- L4th-W1-WQ-W3-W1-L4th-W1-W1

·         23/27 hedge bets won on 85% of all races.

·        Win Strike Rate 16/27 = 59%





May 20



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May 20




Subject: 28.8 LIVE History of 28.8 and fittest tips facebook 2.30pm today



Good morning members 

Not much on today so will chat the History of 28.8 / future of 28.8, how punters can win plus live tips (will be selective, not good races)

on Facebook at 2.30pm, 

Looks like Wednesday live, but u never know, I turn up anywhere UK, Hong Kong, Australia, trots and dogs?

I am sticking to my winning business plan.




May 19



Subject: FW: 28.8 What happens on Saturdays when tipping.



Hi members.


Saturday is by far the hardest tipping day of the week, give me a midweek maiden anytime! 

I will switch off very quickly if elements are against us, WE MUST WIN!

 What happens on Saturdays that makes it harder:


1.      More carnival races with big fields and even ability quality horses.

2.      Best jockeys “out of town”

3.      Delayed quick recorded mounting yard coverages.

4.      City tracks have high grandstands that cast dark shadows over their mounting yards and camera men do not light adjust the picture.

5.      Head on shot of horses I wanted to rate, allows no fitness ratings but they win easy.

6.      More level fitness ratings 


I now have the temperament NOT 2 PANIC and happy to wait another day, WE ARE HERE TO WIN! 

LIVEHFTV coming. (Live Horse fitness TV) Affiliates welcome. 

We won between 600% - 900% profit for the week, a huge result. 

I am live around Australia sms next week. Join for fit winners. 



Week of 18-05-2019 

·        W1-W1-W1-W1-W1-W2-W1-W1-W3-W1-W1-W3-L-W1-W2-

·        W2-W1-W2-W1-L4th- L4th-W1-WQ-W3-W1-L4th - 21/25 Hedge bet won races. (84%)




May 18



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May 15



Good evening affiliates, great SMS day today on fitness from the yards.


·        Top rated horses: 9/13 won 69% strike rate

·        1st 5 tips all won.

·        Top rated horses: 12/13 ran a place 92%

·        Hedge betting won on 92% of races.


Wednesday 5th May 2019:  Our Bet Sheet:  



Thursday live again, join now. 

Saturday, the 28.8 Team have been invited to a corporate box at Flemington, so I am live on-course at Flemington.


All good 




May 13  (International Live Horse Fitness TV is coming in a month or so, this will be huge

and only $AU20 per month. 

Hi members we are live Wednesday and Thursday this week, Jim. still am having a few emails problems. 

Bet, Hedge and Exotic Strategies on the ball all of the day on Saturday. 

·        We won on 14/17 bets: 82% returned a profit with our suggested strategies. 

·        Bet Sheet:        W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-L-L-W-W-W-W-W-L-W


Let’s know if you want on SMS this week for only $20 












May 10



TODAY: Live streaming FACEBOOK TODAY about 2.45pm for winners.


28.8 Live HORSE FITNESS TV, coming soon. $10k in prizes to be won, free entry. 

Just $20 for a full  month for live mounting yard fitness tips from around the world.


Good morning members, I have been asked to clarify some betting strategies that I call when I sms punters. 

When I tip 97% fit 1-2/6-8-4:  See image.    

These are the horses ALWAYS in order of fitness: 1 fittest then the 2 and so forth.



Betting strategies:


Hedge 1 or other top fittest horse: 

·        That means back either the 1 or 2 or other and bet 1 unit win and 5 units a place, if the horse runs a place you must show a profit on the race.


Rover 1 or both horses in exotics. 

·        These can be great bets, rove the fittest and or 2nd fittest in exotics and collect some big dividends.

·        Rove (TAB) means if result is 6-8-1, you win the trifecta, if it is 4-6-2-1 you get the pick 4.

·        If you bet pick 4, I suggest you add 1 or more horses.

·        We tipped $65,000 in exotics in one day and so far over $2.6 million in dividends. 


Always look for Value:  

·        In our selections, at times you will see some big prices fit horses, look for value.

·        We tipped on top a horse that paid over $100 a win and $28 a place. 


Fitness Range:  1% = 1 length. 

·        Low fitness is 96% - 97% it makes it harder to win and if odds on fav in this range be very careful.

·        98% - 99% -100% fit are star bets.

·        The majority of 99% - 100% rated fitness is generally horses in carnival times for million dollar races.


1.      Place betting on either of the 1-2 fittest horses are returning great profits.


2.      Fittest horses are winning approx.  85% of races.

3.      See nice wins link for many hundreds of great results. 


Good luck and will reply to any questions. 


James Conway CEO 28.8


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