Feb 16



28.8 Club100 – 100% Fit Punters Club. 8/11 – 73% Win strike rate –

91% place. 1500% profit so far. Target: 3,000% per year

“No win, no pay” James Conway CEO 28.8 starts soon.

Feb 14







I am going to the parade yard now for my ratings, this will double the time or more for punters have to get on

to work out their bets.……James





·        With darkening clouds and grandstand shadows over the mounting yard, visibility was down 50% for yours truly

and made life difficult.


·        Easily fixed, I will go out the back to the parade yard to get the right fitness ratings and more time for members to get on.


·        There was no Club100 tips and we remain on 73% win strike rate and 91% place strike rate: Profit 1280% / place is 250%

I previously made a mistake)

·        The Club100 horses will come from smart 2-3 year olds and the Group horses a majority of times and that is great news for punters. You are betting quality.

·        Our Maher Punters club had one horse in and with a minimum fitness rating of 98% required, it never qualified and finished unplaced.

·        Maher will have multiple runners on days and win multiple races, we just have to wait but this system will work.


All good.

No races Saturday as have family wedding, good luck on the punt.





Feb 12





Good evening members.


C Maher is the next big thing in racing and I believe he will prove a better trainer than Darren Weir and finish one of the

all-time greats in Australia folk law.


He knows:

1.      Fitness

2.      Strength

3.      Blood

4.      Muscle


With expanding numbers, he is going to knock up winning races, especially when Linda Meech jumps on board.


Members can now have 3 options of our exclusive live sms tipping service:


1.     All selective fitness tips, with 2 fittest stand outs, plus Club 100, plus Maher’s Punters Club.


2.     Club 100 (only 100% fittest horses, 73% win strike rate / 91% place strike rate) No win, no pay.


3.     Maher’s Punters Club best of: (98% - 99% -  100%) sms tips, only $20 per day if  he has a runner,    no 98% + horse, NO PAY.


28.8 is only ever about offering a unique winning edge that no one else can on the internet.

Let me know please and state what sms service you want, starts tomorrow.




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Feb 12




join today, please contact


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. rt

Feb 11
Feb 11



Subject: 28.8 Club 100 wins again, 73% strike rate, no win no pay



Good morning members.


Our next winning fitness day is live on-course at Sandown twilight, a great meeting and please advise if want sms’s

plus new members and any member not on last 6 months, welcome with a free first day trial.



Once again Caulfield proved a very happy hunting ground for members with big profits.


This is how it all unfolded:

Race 1. 98% 11-1/5-12-7-8  results 1 YOGI $8.50 – 7 – 8- 11 (8 Magnapal, $33.60 runs 3rd @ $5.60 and makes $3,000 in

exotics, very nice start.


Race 2. 99% 9-3/7-8-1 results The Pony Cracks The Code wins again at $2.15 Exotics here pay 80


Race 3. 97% 1-6/4-5-6 results Princes of Queens wins 5-6-1, pays $200


Race 4. 100% Club fit (2) Nature Strips walks in, best price $1.80, easy money. NO WIN - NO PAY


Race 5. 99% 2-3/5-8-7 results I Am Immortal, nice type wins again $2.50


Race6. 98% 1-4/8 results 8 wins Lyre @ overs $24.00


Race 7. 99% 4-3/7 results 7 Hawkshot wins at $7.10


Race 8. 98% 4-6/7-2-13  results 11-4-7, (4) Kementari 2nd at $1.50 a place.


Race 9. 98% 6-4 results (4) Avilius wins at $3.10, 6 thirds Nights Watch $1.60


All a good days work and members had a big winning day.


Back Wednesday for the twilight at Sandown, live on-course.







Feb 9




Subject: 28.8 Trainers away punters pay


I did live Benalla this week and because Hayes had a good team in I thought we could sort out some fit winners.


·        He had a terrible day and his horses were 94% - 97% and ran shocking.

·        Now he wins a race at the night meeting and assistant say “it was nice to pick up a race when the boss is on holidays”

·        I could of shot him, what he did was focus on the fitness of just a few runners and forgot the rest.

·        Trainer away, punters pay….it is wrong we are not told, it happens all the time!




Feb 8



Subject: 28.8 A serious punting tip



Good morning members we are live on course at lucky Caulfield tomorrow where we have been on fire with selective tips.

·        Existing members please advise what service you want, selective sms races or club 100.

·        We have not had a club 100% fit horses for ages, let’s see what happens tomorrow, no win no pay.


A serious punting tip:


·        From personnel experience it is near impossible to bet win/place and then go on exotics and back and forth.

·        You just lose focus and get confused if bet both methods.

·        I recommend its either win/place or exotics, but not both.

·        I generally bet 1 x 9 a place on a fitter horse.


All good





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