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What’s on


I have software to do today, but will look at Bendigo selective races, not all races and post free on https://live.28point8.com/


Saturday happy hunting ground Caulfield our go again.


·        SMS live, Club 100 (no win no pay), no 100% fittest horse for over 70 races, but could be Saturday? {1,200% profit}

·        New kid on the block C Maher will be huge, 28.8 will get on top of his winners now, great news.

·        CRACK THE CODE, tipped on top and won, then said lay next start, only a pony Race 2 No3 Fav $2.30 will look at.

·        Many of the Blue Diamond Prelude races favourites 2nd up, be cautious.

·        Looking at live streaming India, tens of millions of punters and yes we can bet on their races!


See u Saturday for big day on winners.





Feb 7




WEIR REPLACED BY MAHER, a master strike, why?



We go from one big fish to even a bigger fish.


·        Talented Ciaron Maher and David Eustace will take over the stables of suspended Darren Weir.

·        This is a massive development and very, very smart.

·        Maher and Eustace are the big new kids on the block and know superior fitness/blood/strength and muscle on muscle training,

depending on the size of numbers, the figures will if anything, improve.

·        There is no relief for the battling smaller trainers and will guarantee that Weir will walk back into a running empire again.

·        Some of his better horses have to gone to trainers half as good as Maher!

·        Very smart, I take my hat off to this master stroke. Back them.


·        Darren Weir got it wrong, his horses were super fit and would of won anyway.





James  28.8

Feb 6



Hi members nice work again tonight in only few races with a $10.70 winner on top and $800, plus other winners.


·        Tomorrow live sms and club 100, Benalla and Grafton SELECTIVE tips, join today or contact if member already.



28.8 Goes on the road:


Yes members catch up with the team on our country racing tour on 2 tracks.

·        Friday / Saturday we can win on fitness on-course, then off to the pub for tea, drinks, music, fun and good times.

·        Then head off to the next meeting in the morning. (Saturday)

·        Sunday in a local pub for more winners, food and drinks.

·        Will see if I can get discounts and a huge PUNTERS CLUB on the go, $100 a ticket.

·        More later but he and she, her’s and him,  catch up for 1 day or 2 days, it will be exciting with plenty of winners.




DARREN WEIR wasted his time and now doing time.


His horses were 97% - 98% - 99% - 100% fittest and truly won, his unfit horses lost.


His horses would of won anyway and now he has 4 years twiddling his thumbs.


Some poor dumb ideas went around somewhere.





Feb 6




Today, Sandown last race:  7.30pm


·        Age of Chivalry

·        D Lane

·        Matthew Ellerton

·        1200m

·        Barrier 3

·        Price $2.80

·        Strong form


I will SMS if only super fit, no win no pay. ($20)


Please confirm if you want the tip on this horse.





Feb 5



Good morning members, light on this week because of commitments, but this is what is going on.


·        Tuesday/Wednesday last 3 races live and free on https://live.28point8.com/

·        Thursday live sms and Club 100 day at Benalla and see if I can find a Club 100 bet in the evening at Pakenham, NO WIN NO PAY.

·        Friday not sure

·        Saturday live on-course at Caulfield, happy hunting there with sms and Club 100 tips.


·        Sitting on 55% win strike rate and 85% place, which is massive on selective tips. 19/35 tips.




I think Darren Weir’s holiday about right and some high profile trainers and others, have egg on their face with

some foolish statements, even the great Bart Cummings had his stable closed down for 3 months.


Later, I will contact Darren and bring him back bigger and better, he did not need “help” as his fitter horses would of won anyway.





Feb 5



Good morning, your podcast is 100% correct.


Hi, James Conway CEO 28.8 Horse fitness consultancy and racing.


·        Racing Australia has a lot to answer for not “schooling” trainers to become successful. ( I have been on this for 6 months now)


·        Where do you learn to become a Group 1 trainer? (The answer is no one knows of such a fitness programs, except me)


I have rated millions of horses in a fitness percentage Terry and go live for members from mounting yards and off

monitors and also consult in fitness for trainers.


·        I guarantee I can win 2 mores races per season from every horse in any stable.

·        80% of trainers would have no idea of fitness/blood counts/strength factors and hypertrophic fitness training.

·        Many trainers NEVER peak a horse at 100% super fit.

·        That is why you have picnic trainers, bush trainers and Group 1 trainers.


DARREN WEIR.  (I call a spade a spade Terry.)


·        I offered Darren several times how to increase his fitness levels of his horses and win more races but heard back.

·        I have rated tens of thousands of Darren’s horses in pre-race fitness and his fitter horses 97% - 98% - 99% - 100% won, his unfit lost.

·        For some reason he got some voodoo messages in his head that this alleged treatment of his horses won races, he was wrong.

·        Rubbish, he has only a strike rate of 14%, 86% lose, so those losing horses must have had ear muffs on and never

got “the message” or were they unfit?


·        Give a threat of a prod to you and me and see if we will run 400 metres faster, u have to be joking?

·        Some bad medicine was here and it got into Darren’s brain and now the rest may be history.

·        He is a super fitness trainer, never needed all this shit and end of story.


Let’s catch up one day for a chat.

Some in the media are calling you a donkey, but you have hit on the core of “drugs” in racing and I have the proof

that Darren’s fitter horses won and his unfit horses lost.


Where is the proof that “by just only a message or signal” to a horse, makes it run faster?


The evidence does not exist.


Best Regards.


James Conway

CEO Founder 28.8


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Info on https://live.28point8.com/ where post fitness and news.

https://soundcloud.com/winningedgeinvestments/special-guest-jim-conway   (podcast)



Over 1 million hits:   http://www.28point8.com/index.php/live-form

Feb 4



 Pre-race: 97% Fit:  Race 6. No’s 5-7/3-1-2 Impressive type Jason Warren’s horse Antah won (he sweated up in the yard so I down-graded him 1 spot) from the 5 Kaching. 

Results: 7-5-2-3 and paid overs with $400 in exotics. Winner Antah can improve another 3 lengths and trainer Jason Warren is doing a great job.

Feb 4






Good morning


I have rated 100,000's of horses in a percentage of fitness live from the mounting yards 1st and 2nd up.

Grunt, one of the best milers in Australia I have rated every start.

I noticed that Grunt is to race 14 days,  2nd up in the All Star Mile.

From my data 2nd up horses have less than a 10% win strike rate, they just let down to much after their 1st up run.

Their blood, fitness and strength takes a decline and it take 18-20 days to bounce up again, so it will be a masterful training effort

to get Grunt up in 14 days after his 1t up run.




Why Grunt trains off.


What happens with this horses is that his blood counts stays high, his fitness is close to 100%, but his strength and hypertrophic

factors go out the window, not allowing him to finish off his races (ribs showing and loss of muscle on muscle factors).


I think Grunt can win the ALL STAR but 2nd up is a huge ask for any talented horse..

If he goes 1st up too lean and too fit, it could be curtains, interesting.


Good luck


James CEO

28.8 Fitness consultancy



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