Dec 29



CrownBet to be sold for $150m

The game did indeed just change
The James Packer-owned Crown Resorts has agreed to the $150 million sale of its 62 per cent stake in corporate bookmaker CrownBet.

Channel Nine reported on Friday that Crown has struck a deal with investors, including CrownBet chief executive Matthew Tripp, which will be finalised by the end of February - subject to the buyers arranging satisfactory financing. 

The sale of CrownBet comes just three years after Packer signed a deal with Tripp which gave Packer control over Tripp's online betting platform BetEasy (which became CrownBet).
Dec 29



The last 35 hours live betting with 28.8 Fitness % from the yard you won $1,602 per hour, every hour.


35 x $1,602 per hour = $56,070


Amazing stats and all tax free!



Dec 29



The next 5 more race days hourly winning rate in dollars:


Quite scary amazing stats:


·       $6,500 winnings             $1,300 per hour

·       $6,100 winnings             $1,220 per hour

·       $5,100 winnings             $1020 per hour

·       $26,400 winning             $5,280 per hour, that is huge!

·       $4,200 winnings             $840 per hour


All based on 5 hour days many race tracks:  12 noon till 5pm.


25 hours punting with fitness % and you win $AU48,300 TAX FREE!


It certainly pays to bet for free with 28.8 live fitness % ratings.


Why would you look elsewhere?


I certainly have no fear.



Dec 29



SMS Services.


Punters are reminded that you can still get live SMS ratings on your mobile

if you cannot access a computer all day.


Costs is $20 per day



Dec 29



28.8 has tipped $1,017,340.00 in exotic collects in under 21 weeks:

Average of $48,444 per week in dividends.


·       Wednesday winnings:    $2,700 per hour  for 1 hour live.

·       Thursday winnings:       $1,020 per hour for 5 hours = $5,100

·       88% of top line fittest horses winning.

·       I put together all dividends 1-2-3-4 from top line more than any others.

·       World records keep tumbling.


$7,800 Tax free!


Last day of week 21 and for the year 2017 is this Saturday and we will win again.


I have no fear, see u then members.





Dec 27





The quick and the dead.


Popped in for last 4 races today at Mornington and Scone and was on fire as always.


If you spent $1,100 (or flexi) we returned $3,800 in about 1 hour live tipping,

amazing and right on the button with 1-2-3-4 selections.


You made $2,700 per hour.


Our exotic dividends are now up to $1,005,640


4/4 top line won, 4 lays in 4/4 undefeated on unfit horses. 608/599 in.


Back again tomorrow for full meetings at Yarra Valley and Gosford starting about 12.40pm





Dec 27



Good morning members,


Good morning punters short and sweet yesterday as wanted to break our million dollars in

exotics as stuck on $999,300 after the end of previous meeting.


It did not take long with only 6 races done as had guest arriving for a bbq, but we tipped

$2,540 in exotics for a cost of $1240.


ROI was 100% and now we stand at $1,001,840 in exotics tipped.


ROI on 21 weeks is a very impressive 5,385%.


We had 2 lay and successful and on 604 lays (Win and Place) for 595 winners with

win on 99.34% and place on 97.70% strike rates.


Our top line fittest horses were 6/6 undefeated, with our win average is a great 87% strike rate;

a great easy start for Trifectas and Pick 4’s.


Back live again on Thursday to keep up this world record pace.


I have no fear.






Dec 26



$999,300 in exotics, can we crack and magical $1,000,000 in only 21 weeks today?


Live and free first 8-10 races here today on 28.8 fitness % mounting yard ratings.


C U then.






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