Nov 22




You last 110 lay form in your spread sheet betting results looks like this:







A world record 110 lay wins on unfit horses in a row.


That is thousands of dollars in your pocket.


220/218 Win

220/215 Place



Nov 22



It is show time punters!




We will win again, click on the red links above for free live fitness



percentage ratings from on track for Sandown and Canterbury.

Nov 22





I intend to live the first half of my life. I don't care about the rest.


Onwards and upwards 28.8 members! Aussie Errol Flynn






Good morning punters, nice work yesterday with small fields and once again the lay shone through.


Last 2 meetings lays have been 1,600% profit and 1,200% profit win and place = 2,800% profit huge.


Our ROI is now 2,455% in 16th week, exotics up to $757k and profits on lay  is now 35,400%, world records.


I am currently on a lay world record of 106 in a row undefeated.


Today we are live at Sandown and Canterbury, we will win again today and see you at about 12.40pm



Nov 21


My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the armies of 28.8,

fighter of Strength and Honour, loyal servant of the true emperor James Conway

to defeat losing on unfit horses today, tomorrow and forever.







Nov 20


This is what you will receive, every race we do for the day for $AU25.00 or $230 for 10 days racing,



A great service for punters on the job, socializing or no internet service.





Testing: Fitness text betting undefined

28.8 Quick Pick Bet No's: 2-3-4-6- The two will be hard to beat on 99% fit

99: 2
98: 3-4-6
97: 9
95: lay-11

Nov 20



Maximus said Strength and Honour tomorrow for 28.8 fitness punters,