Mar 6



Subject: 28.8 Can we have another quaddie? 28.8 wants to pay your morgage?


FEEDBACK: Punters Club closes Thursday.


·        Can we have another quaddie? A great idea.

·        Out of our punters club money, we will have two quaddies of $100 each per week, one on Saturday and one on Wednesday, Melbourne or Sydney.

·        I will draw 6 members for the month and post, they are in the chair in that order.

·        If a member wins, they get to bet again.

·        Great interest for Club100 Punters Club members.

·        Please email me the numbers early so I can place the bet before leaving for the races then sms/email members our combinations.

·        If numbers are too late, no big deal, no quaddie that day and we pass to next member.


28.8 wants to pay your mortgage?

·        50% of any dividends jackpots.

·        We have non-betting investors and I have talked to them, yes they want to play with lucky numbers,

      names, colours and whatever!

·        Get a $20k dividend and your next quaddie bet is for $10k!

·        Wow now that’s exciting!



Great Idea, starts Saturday.






Mar 5




Subject: 28.8 On fire again and will win tomorrow again.



Good evening punters on fire yet again at Seymour and we are live again Bendigo for SMS.


·        Saturday / Sunday / Tuesday have been massive profits of over 250% ROI.

·        1-2 fittest horses won everywhere.

·        Winners today on top galore and in LESS than 5 tips and highlight was try only 1 horse at Scone (3) and wins $12.10 - $3.

·        Today if you backed every fit selection you won 55% ROI.

·        I will continue to do Club98% SMS tips.




Club100 Punters club betting on only 100% fit horses starts Saturday and closes THURSDAY.


·        I will place the bet and then SMS members.

·        Club100 tips are only for Punters Club members. 71% win / 93% place

·        Please read final doc. and feedback welcome.

·        Punters Club will be like watching grass grow, so I suggest you don’t sit and wait for a Tip; it ain’t going to happen.



All good



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Mar 5



Subject: 28.8 Is big brother watching us and are we worth millions?


Hi members, I read this on


·        In brief, someone says they have a system backing 5 horses into 68% of the win pool and come out with a 90% win strike rate.

·        True or False; the abuse runs hot, that this is impossible figures etc. and would be worth $millions.

·        But these are the same figures that 28.8 has, 92% win strike rate in 5 fittest horses.

·        Interesting and no doubt we are in a league of our own or is big brother watching us? ·       

  • Though maybe a fraud, the author is right, he needs a pro punter.



Live Tuesday and Wednesday members, the punters club starts Saturday Flemington.





Mar 3



Subject: FW: 28.8 Magic day again, 180% ROI



Good afternoon members, we were live today with Wangaratta and 1 off others for magic results again.


1-2 fitter horses win


1.      She Will Rose       $3.30

2.      Bering Sea            $2.30

3.      Gypsy Queen (Tamworth 1 tip) wins $2.00

4.      Silent Warrior      $15.60

5.      So Magnifique     $10.10 on top wins the last

6.      Sunshine Coast 1 tip (1) wins easy $1.60


Costs: $18 returns: $34.90


That’s 180% ROI for the weekend, plus $k’s of exotics and plenty of other top line winners.


Club100 Punters Club closes soon.


Back maybe Tuesday (Seymour) and then twilight Bendigo Wednesday






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Mar 3



Subject: FW: 28.8 Live today selective races.


Good morning members had a good rest last night and coming good.


·        I will be doing Colac and Wangaratta today as they have formatted 15 minutes apart.

·        Selective races and no 96% posted but sms that fitness.

·        Club98 or Club100

·        Please join, standard fees apply and first race is about noon.






Mar 2



Subject: 28.8 Club100 Punters Club IMPORTANT NOTES



Good evening punters some important notes about our CLUB100 Punters club betting on 100% fit horses.


·        Club100 tips will only be available via sms to CLUB100 Punters club members.

·        50%? of the time you should be able to get on once betting is completed and I send out SMS.

·        If I bet 14 times in the month and you may get (7) tips that would normally costs u 7 x $20 = $140 or $280 for 14.

·        However in the Punters Club100 you get the tips as part of your registration plus $110 is bet on fit horses.

·        You are a country mile in front.

This is a great 28.8 system.


Closes next week, please register now.




Mar 2




Subject: FW: 28.8 Club100 wins again: 71% win, 93% place: 2,300% profits.





Club100 “Punters Club” Bet up again on 100% fit horse wins, SCHABAU walks in @ $1.50


Hi members, hard yakka today but we got there.


28.8 Club100 wins again: 


Impressive 100% fit horses stats:  


·        71% win strike rate, 2000% profit

·        93% place strike rate, 300% profit.


Nice work today at Flemington with our 1-2 horses showing good profits.


1.      Schabau wins. $1.50

2.      She’s So High wins $2.30

3.      Mr Quickie wins $13.00

4.      Violate wins at $9.00

5.      Oregon’s Day wins at $7.40


$33.20 = Costs $17 = profit of $16.20


A lesson for the old.


When you are old like yours truly and a diabetic, don’t do this.


·        Last Friday week, sore throat, let it ride

·        Last Monday, the flu, let it ride

·        Last Wednesday pneumonia, now I went to the doctor, but “like angry” told I was 6 days late

·        I was pretty crook today and will be for the rest of week or in hospital.

·        The show must go on, the bastards can’t stop me!


So I hope u learnt a lesson in old age health care folks.


Wednesday twilight at Bendigo looks the go.





Mar 2




Subject: 28.8 $10 place black booker gets up.


Good morning members,


I am no real fan of black bookers because their fitness changes In their next start, however we had place success yesterday

with the highlight was POP QUEEN at Moonee Valley running third at $10 a place.

·        I am sure no one else in Australia had this horse black booked.

·        Early start at Flemington and any members want on sms fitness contact me please.

·        Will then do a few from RANDWICK.

·        I think we may have the ALL STAR MILE WINNER going around today.

·        Punters club starts soon and please register for a ticket.


Catch u later.




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