Dec 7



This week’s racing live:


Good morning punters, we are back live on Friday at Mornington and Muswellbrook

during the day at about noon, and maybe some of the night meeting at the Valley.


Saturday is our usual double header at Pakenham and Rosehill.


See u then for plenty of winners live from the mounting yards.







Dec 6



28.8 PLUS/MINUS bets today where place or each strategies may be best.


Got to live please, red link above.


This can also help out on doubles and quaddies.



Dec 6



I have solved fitness, I now have thousands of live results to establish betting patterns.


·       28.8 PLUS races today, where the odds of the top 5 horses are likely to be over $28.8,

making multiple trifecta and pick 4 investments potentially profitable.


·       28.8 MINUS races today, where the odds of the top 5 horses are likely to be under $28.8,

making multiple trifecta and pick 4 investments unprofitable.


·       The best suggested bet for 28.8 MINUS races is to bet a place on your favourite horse,

suitable for martingale strategies or win and place wagering.


Will post races at midday.


I am not live today.





Dec 5


I can solve everything.


See live story.




"Maximum says STRENGTH & HONOUR 2 28.8 members"



Dec 5



When is it best 2 Bet and what odds do you require?


See live for trifecta and Pick 4 punters on how to win more.



Dec 5



What are rebates?


We are looking into rebates for 28.8 members.


See live for story



Dec 5



I think UK racing services are primitive, see live story

UK bookies are the richest in the world and this may be why?


Dec 5



Where the dividends are coming from in Trifectas and Pick 4's, GO TO LIVE TO GET THE FITNESS FORUMULAS.




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