Check out the unsolicited feedback from Jim's Betfair forum "value bet" below....

  • "He's posted more selections that have won in 30 minutes that most tip in 3 months. He knows his stuff....."
  • "Thanks Santa, looks like you stuffed up right - we ordered a forum Gym and you gave us a forum Jim - I think this one will be more useful"
  • "This bloke is sheer gold, I can sleep in now, and give up going to the track at 5.00 am.......Thank God..IMO."
  • "This guy is a beast lol"
  • "I know who value bet is......He's the bad dude from Back to the Future who travels back in time with a racing almanac and makes a fortune coz he already knows the winners. He has already made his fortune and is now sharing the love.........it can only be so.....fkucing brilliant"
  • "Value Bet is either 1 of the luckiest punters, or 1 of the best enclosure watchers around, I'm tipping it's the latter, very well done"
  • "Speaking of groups 1s, Value Bet appears to be G1 class at assessing them in the enclosure, well done"
  • "Hey VB do you reckon your Mum can let you come out and play again tomorrow...huh huh PLEASE lol"
  • "My physchiatrist advised me I should no longer believe in messiahs as it is detremental to my mental health however she also tells me not to stop taking my meds but I feel good now so I've stopped. I believe that VB is the new messiah and I'll put my faith in you the next fav you reckon is not fit. I'm going all-in with a lay"
  • "WD Judge...fcuk me this is the best value thread in a long time lol"
  • "Just logged onto this thread. I think we have a new messiah."
  • "VB your a phenomenom!!!!!!! Move over all pretenders."
  • "Vb you can be a regular poster any day in my book....."


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