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Welcome PRO punters to the best information ever available TO WIN on horse fitness racing.

After over 60 years in racing, I have released my Science research results on all matters leading to horse fitness and HOW PRO PUNTERS CAN START WINNING. A fit horse can peak at 50kph, an unfit horse struggles on 35kph. We will teach you what horses are fittest and what horses you can lay to lose on Betfair. Each books has unseen science of fitness information supported by a very large number of horse fitness and unfit horses. All books are non-refundable.

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When you purchase an E-Book you will receive 1 month’s FREE access to our 28.8 LIVE BLOOD COUNT EDGE tips from the mounting yards which closes soon. This is LIVE selective tips mostly from Australia races and keep on winning every day because you are betting on the best blood count horse.   https://live.28point8.com/

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Book 1

Fitness Pro Punting Made Easy


Book 2 (free)


Millions of punters like to LAY horses on Betfair NOT TO WIN. It makes sense, lay a horse to lose and have up-to 16 horses running 4 you. Sounds easy, it is not because you may have a 500 pound liability (if it wins you pay out as a bookie) but accidentally you have the fittest horse in the race running as your lay. You are history. The only reason you lost is because your lay bet was FIT. STOP losing by laying FIT horses; this e book will put you on the right track and teach you which horses is UNFIT and best UNFIT horses TO LAY. Punters have rules to stick by to win on laying unfit horses. I suggest you stick with these as your pay out as a bookie if you are wrong can be huge! I will teach you.



Book 3

Secrets of How 2 Rate a Horse's BLOOD COUNT

28.8 What is the aim of this BLOOD COUNT EDGE book?

Hi punters, I will in a simple format, show pro punters that their new knowledge of rating a horse’s blood count will prove it is the number 1 key in form information you need to win more when punting on horses. This can create wealth to even a novice punter. What you have read about “things you have to do” to back a winner is seriously WRONG because they do now know the horses blood count.  Ask the author what is the blood count of their tips?  They can’t. Worldwide media parade yard experts would be silly not to include high BLOOD COUNTS for more winning tips

  • 28.8 proved with thousands of mounting or parade yard winners that Fit horses run faster than unfit horses because of elevated blood count levels with more oxygen in its muscles, your horse will finish off the race full of running for longer.
  • 90% - 95% - 100% blood count horses perform consistently, so stick with them.
  • 85% average low blood count fitness wins a lot of races.
  • 80% blood loses, lay on Betfair, they will stop.
  • We will show small trainers how win more Group 1 races.