Dec 24



AT about $4.50 in a maiden at Sale, Mathieson from the Chris Waller camp had a change of riding instructions and ridden well back.

Got adream run on the rails but ran into a dead end, had to change course twice in the last 200 metres and flew home.


Black book ast on 98% fit



Dec 22



I should be back doing some racing editorials as when at the Sportsman, but racing is all crap at the moment and punters are treaded like dogs.

See what happens but dishearting for punters if u ask me.

I have no issues because I back on fitness.



I wrote my first song on the 25-11-2014,  month not quite up yet, but have finished or should I say final first drafts, completed on 37 songs.

Not sure if will ge to 40 as only a few days to go.


But 37 1st month is not too bad an effort and if keep up that rate over the next 12 months,

that will about 444 for the year.

I can live with that, but will be more likely 250 odd, I think.


There's one theme that has followed half a dozens songs and will next year add about 60 pages of dialog to make a theatre musical.


keep at all, and best for Xmas all


Cheers James

Dec 17



I have completed the script for my movie: A Naked Day Out and is lodged in Hollywood.

A dark, very funny comedy in the similiar vein of Blazing Saddles, Flying High and Naked Gun, all put together in one amazing comedy.

Cheers Jim

Dec 17


I had a go yesterday on my quest for 20 rock (preferably) songs to write in one week.

Day 1 = 5 great songs (though 1 a silly comedy) and 15 more to go.


Finishes Monday night.


Total so far written in under 4 weeks is now 32.

It would be great to write 50 songs in my first month, but I think I am dreaming a bit to high.


Comedy Song:

Is about a bull dusting floor salemans in a music shop, who sells a $10,000 guitar to a man with one leg and one arm, so he can be a rock star.

Silly stuff.


Cheers James

Dec 15



I wrote 11 rock and other type songs last week taking my 3 week tally to 27 ccompleted.

All are good stories.

How many can I write this week, would be a real achievement to write 20 in one week?

I have no doubt I can write 200 per year.

My goal is to learn how to play the piano and write music next year, I hope!


I was reading an article about a famous USA song writer and he has written about 1000 songs in nearly 20 years (50 per year)

and has had 10 No. 1 hits, so the strike rate, if you are any good, is about 1% for a hit and 10% for a good song and work on

the other 90% at a later date.


They say you have to write bad songs, just keep writing and it will happen.


I can handle that, rock on!


cheers James

Dec 12



Wheeler in the dogs is Australia's biggest breeder and gives them out around Australia to many trainers.

He has a clause, I get 50% of the stake money, EVEN IF MY DOGS IS SWABBED AND FOUND POSITIVE AND LOSES THE RACE.


You still have to pay me, I wonder if Chris Waller will give the connections their $460k???


I had a big day on writing songs and wrote 8 rock classics....that is 26 now in 3 weeks...wahoo.



Dec 11



Chris Waller's full statement re: positive swab


Chris Waller has vowed to beef-up stable security Chris Waller has vowed to beef-up stable security

Chris Waller has this evening released the below statement with regard to Junoob's positive swab and disqualification from the Group One Metropolitan Handicap, and

the trainer's subsequent $30,000 fine. 

"Today has been difficult, however I will never lose respect for Racing NSW or the high level of integrity it upholds.

The findings from today support the fact that it was an innocent mistake that occurred, but one with significant repercussions that I as the trainer must accept.

To further safeguard from the slightest possibility of it happening again, we have extended CTV footage within our stable from 28 days to 36+ days to ensure possible intruders are monitored, staff procedures are adhered to and the horses are continually kept safe. A lot of this comes at a cost, however a small cost in the whole scheme of things. We will ensure witnesses accompany any treatments prescribed by veterinarian or senior staff members and implement the use of electronic microchip scanners

As the trainer of 1544 runners last season, over 50% of our runners were subject to pre and post-race testing and we adhere to significantly higher scrutiny levels from a sampling perspective. I am not the first leading trainer to have been in this position, but those that have been before me would understand that it is a frustrating time.

I accept the decision handed down by Racing NSW stewards today and I now look forward to putting this behind me and striving for further success.

Kind Regards

Chris Waller

Following the disqualification of Junoob, the Waller-trained Opinion has been declared the official Metropoliatan winner, with Araldo and Kingdoms filling the revised placings.

Dec 7



Went punting late last night and got winners in South Africa and Uk and now in California...its easy as long as

they show me the horses to rate in fitness.




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