I wrote 11 rock and other type songs last week taking my 3 week tally to 27 ccompleted.

All are good stories.

How many can I write this week, would be a real achievement to write 20 in one week?

I have no doubt I can write 200 per year.

My goal is to learn how to play the piano and write music next year, I hope!


I was reading an article about a famous USA song writer and he has written about 1000 songs in nearly 20 years (50 per year)

and has had 10 No. 1 hits, so the strike rate, if you are any good, is about 1% for a hit and 10% for a good song and work on

the other 90% at a later date.


They say you have to write bad songs, just keep writing and it will happen.


I can handle that, rock on!


cheers James


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