How fit is he:   98%  (2 lengths under peak fitness)


Hi Mick,


Been fitness rating your champion the last few starts and the same ol story was with Lord Of The Sky fitness ratings and his unsuccessful campaign so far also.


Basically media pressure is making you try too hard in training with this horse.


Relax and go back to what you best know.


His blood counts have been 18 (90%) – 19 (95%) so on track to peak at 20 (100%) soon, but

the main factors stopping the horse is its strength and power factors are low which are preventing

it from letting down over the last 150 metres.


He has nothing left in the tank and gives the impression he is racing like a flat horse.


His fitness levels are on track, but it’s his power and strength stopping the horse.


Increase his body weight 5 – 10 kg, peak his blood count at 100% and bingo he

will be back to his best.


Putting more miles in his training will only stop him quicker, he is fit, but no strength

to finish off his races with.


Good luck


Mr James Conway


Fitness consultant



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