I should be back doing some racing editorials as when at the Sportsman, but racing is all crap at the moment and punters are treaded like dogs.

See what happens but dishearting for punters if u ask me.

I have no issues because I back on fitness.



I wrote my first song on the 25-11-2014,  month not quite up yet, but have finished or should I say final first drafts, completed on 37 songs.

Not sure if will ge to 40 as only a few days to go.


But 37 1st month is not too bad an effort and if keep up that rate over the next 12 months,

that will about 444 for the year.

I can live with that, but will be more likely 250 odd, I think.


There's one theme that has followed half a dozens songs and will next year add about 60 pages of dialog to make a theatre musical.


keep at all, and best for Xmas all


Cheers James


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