Mar 6

Race 3 Sandown Star Lani is $1.50 and on fitness it is level with 4-2-5-1 then others close by.

It has not got a fitness advantage on other runners and short priced, no call.

Mar 6

95% - 96% fit the field and staying out.

Mar 6

Results Winner Go again, top rated $3.40 / $180

As said the outsider were in with a chance in the P4.

Right call.

2-7-8-6 Pick 4 $461

Profit on race 95%, nice start.

Mar 6

Sandown race 1 the two fav look well on 96% plus (2-8) but rest of field right up their ginger in fitness also, including outsiders.

Could rover 2-8 field p4 flexi

Mar 6
Dean Holland Enquiry.
When it goes to a hearing and the trainer, whom I cannot find his strike rate, presumable under 15% which means 85 + - of his horses lose out of 100 starts will hold all the cards.

Holland is looking at a beating to nothing fine and or suspension.

Holland will say simply that the horse did not perform, and that is his only case he has got.

However, Holland needs to ask for:

Recent blood test of the horse to determine it's oxygen power (no more than 7 days old)
Recent vet's reports on any injuries before and after the race (no more than 7 days old)
Recent weight variations of the horse (no more than 4 days old)
Has there been any feed problems with the horse?

Recent feedbacks from track work jockeys (no more than 7 days old)

From the owners

How many times has the trainer told them that this horse would win?
Have the owners lost monies on the trainers advise?
What is the feedback from other owners on horses that are trained by this trainer.

What is the horses stats at Mornington, track conditions etc.

Mounting yard fitness accessments of the every runner in the race.

Then watch the video.

All I am suggesting is that it should be a level playing field for any jockey on these type of hearings, because I know that low fitness levels in most cases are the reasons for horses losing.

That is my opinion
Mar 5

Dean Holland has been charged with his ride on Eight Bills at Mornington.

I am sure that I rated this horse unfit and not in my selections, now the trainer (and backed by the owners of course) want the jockeys blood!

Who is right and who is wrong, the trainer who obviously will say the horse was 100% fit or the jockey who rode an unfit horse?

You cannot position a horse in the right spots as required by the trainer if it is unfit, it just cannot run on the day.

This is going to happen more and more each year around the world and is heading for big legal battles in the courts from now on!

Very interesting.

Mar 5


Traralgon 3 Besant back

2nd $1.50, again martingale place wagering wins.

I have not got all the details of the 58 bets though kept the count, but am sure there was one

2 horse duck eggs and rest easy martingale strategy wagering worked to never lose.

It would be safe to say that with a martingale betting system, the strike rate would be 100% on 47 selections, huge.

Last 22 Tips: 1 1 1 2 1 3 0 3 0 2 1 1 1 1 0 2 1 1 1 0 1 2

1st leg of quaddie:

17/13 76%

Lays 11/11

100% strike rate 1,100% profit.

Selective exotics, showed immediate good profits today, which is a vast improvement on too many races tipping.

Profit on exotics today about 700%.

Strike rate

Win 58/41 71%

Place 47/38 81%

Lay 11 100%

1st leg of Quaddies in 17/13 76%

Sandown tomorrow.

Mar 5

Immediate success on selective exotics.


75% of races are a raffle because of equal or near to equal fitness levels either all low or all high.

I achieved our huge strike rates by waithg for the other 25% for a fitness edge and now no more 75% tips just for the sake of tipping and saying hello, all business on 1 tips, lay, quaddies or exotic suggestions with a real chance.




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