Nov 21



Good afternoon, I was on fire for 40 minutes last because I rated runners blood counts, you too can improve your betting tomorrow.

Some members are just download, blood count or a fitness or a power, this is leaving them short.

You need to get the whole picture of fitness ratings.


Cheers Jim

Nov 21



mandura results 1 wins easily $3.10, nice

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mandurah dogs 1-4 look well

Nov 21



HORSE RACING UK, tips 7-6, results on fittest horses 6-7, Quinella $9.00


Nov 21

first fit dog tip wins at huge odds.


Bingo ablion dogs 1 wins with great run huge, $11.70 as fittest in race, wahoo

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albion dogs 1-8 looks well

Nov 15


Good morning punters been a quiet week online, but off line plenty is going on.

Punters are downloading our documentaries (see above link) to get that fitness edge into their betting and asking me for advice etc on how

best to improve their profits.



Our team at 28.8 are going the punt and this will sure be exciting times ahead over the next 6 months.

Ideally ontrack at local race meetings with two banks:


  1. Back a super fit horse to win/place
  2. Back Pick 4's when you have unfit favourites and know 20/1 plus horses that can fill the pick 4 placings.


I have tipped many, many pick 4's to punters ranging in the $10,000 - $25,000 dividends, I know these races  because of my ability to rate unfit favourites and low rating races, where anything can just about get up in the pick 4's.

Go wide and collect value returns.


Cheers for now



Nov 12



It is just being lazy, we read so many stories about horses racing over the weekend and they ALWAYS go to old photos of the horse.


When visiting stables and talking to trainers, how hard is it to take a "today" photo of the horse and use in their editorials.


That way we can check its fitness, fit or unfit.


Cheers Jim

Nov 11



It's 11.35am and been writing since about 4am and doing some good stuff and well focused.

Getting tired and ready for a nap,  so will crack a scotch now before lunch and keep going for rest of the day.

May turn to TVN and rate a few fitter winners also.


Cheers Jim

Nov 11


Good morning punters into my second sleep session now and off for 4 days and will see what happens around the tracks to find a fitter winner.


cheers Jim


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