Nov 5



Admire Rakti cause of death revealed




By Brent Zerafa TVN Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 10:44 AM


Admire Rakti

An autopsy conducted on Admire Rakti has revealed the Melbourne Cup favourite died of acute heart failure at Flemington on Tuesday.

As the racing and wider community still come to grips with the tragic running of the Melbourne Cup, Racing Victoria's Dr Brian Stewart said the cause of death is extremely rare in horses.

“The diagnosis is that the horse died of acute heart failure as a result of ventricular fibrillation probably, which is a disorganised heart rhythm that happens very, very rarely in human athletes and horses,” Dr Stewart said on SEN’s Morning Glory.

“It’s a disruption of the normal electrical conduction through the heart (and) there can be various sets of circumstances that might set it off.

“Athletes are probably more prone to the syndrome, especially those with large hearts and a big capacity to raise the heart rate.

“A large heart plus a rapid heart rate can contribute to the electrical activity through the heart being disrupted and throwing it into this abnormal rhythm and the heart’s unable to supply enough blood to the body.”

Nov 4



Admire Rakti dead after Melbourne Cup




By Brent Zerafa TVN Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 3:43 PM


Admire Rakti , Photo: Colin Bull


Japanese favourite Admire Rakti collapsed and died upon return to the stables after finishing last in the Melbourne Cup.


The Caulfield Cup winner was backed to start $5.50 in the $6.2 million race but tragically died only minutes after the race.


Racing Victoria chief steward Terry Bailey said an autopsy to determine the cause of death would be conducted at Werribee Vet Clinic.


Jockey Zac Purton, who won the Caulfield Cup on Admire Rakti, said he knew all was not right during the race.


"He wasn't the same horse today," Purton said.


"I got in to a nice spot, he relaxed really well, I was happy with the way the race was unfolding.


"Obviously when he didn't start towing me in to the race I knew there was something wrong with him.


"I didn't know it was as bad as it was, of course I eased him down, the horses welfare always comes first.


"He gave me a great thrill at Caulfield, for this to happen to him, it is not fair.


"I didn't think they would beat me, I thought I would win today the whole way through the run I thought I would win too.


"I didn't think they would beat me in the run."

Nov 3

 I like Admire Rakti in the Melbourne Cup and he is going to come into the race with a 99% - 100% fitness rating and this big, huge horse that will go the 3200 metres I will get on.


Also Chautaugua, again and very strong type with plenty of ability is my other next bet.


Cheers Jim

Nov 3

I am on my next screenplay which is a crime/science fictions and was looking for some ancient poisons etc to use in my screenplay.

Google search took me back to about 65BC and as I researched more and more it because a really interesting story, so instead of just a mention in my movie I look like including 6-10 minutes of movie time and thats pretty cool, so I say.


Nov 3

Have a go ya mug!

It certainly was interesting all the betting I did with Preferment and good fun.


I think picking out a great black booker and following it and then having a go at just one horse is good punting.

Obviously hard to do 12 months of the year, but still certain rules you can follow can apply.

Like I have 4-5 good black bookers from my day out at Cranbourne, now 3 of them would be in the bigger, better quality types

in their next race and they could be the horses to seriously follow as a black bookers.


Its all interesting and I think a good idea, forget about the smaller black bookers, set some rules in place like bad barriers are out and have the horse in the right distance and have a go ya mug!

More later



Nov 3

For those that like the betting in running in the uk, many of longer distance races the winners pretty much all come the form leading 1-2-3-4 horses right from the start.

It amazes me at over 4,000 or 5,000 metres the lack of horses that come from behind are few and far between.

Cheers Jim

Nov 3

As long term members are aware yours truly has sleeping problems, one because my back is really sugared and two because I keep getting different ideas in my head for all sorts of things, like movie scripts at the moment; so I have to get up and put pen to papers to get these ideas out of my head.

What I am getting into a habit of is watching the early morning, Melbourne Time, overseas racing in Uk and France.

I do some work I am onto, plus a few small bets here and there and watch the races.

The UK long distance flat and jumps racing is pretty good and some the tracks are magnificent in colour.

Yes, some early morning racing is not too bad and also I have noticed over the last 12 months that pools are continuing to increase.

Maybe there are plenty of others who cannot sleep like me.


Cheers Jim

Nov 3

I just wonder how long they can race Preferment for?


A son of Zabeel, who no longer stands at stud, Preferment could be one serious sire for stayers and that places his racing future in doubt.


Sprint sires available in Australia are a dime a dozen, but any owner with a mare that has won at 1600 and longer and keen to try and breed a distance horse would seriously look at Preferment to do the job.

Also he may start to have glancing worries in the Autumn at the fillies and this is another problem he has to over come.


One bad distraction and he will be retired immediately.

Its a shame because I am sure punters would love to see a real Aussie horse have a big show in the 2015 Melbourne Cup.

Cheers Jim



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