Nov 3

Forums left right and centre are either killing off Waterhouse or the jockey tactics but none mentioned that the horse

was not fit enough on the day to win.

Our media pre race photographs posted here showed a clear lack of fitness in Hampton Court and that is the main reason why he floundered over the last 400 metres.

Not sure if he can run the 2500 either, but was never likely on low fitness ratings.

Tens of millions of dollars went into bookies bag in this race.



Nov 3

Yesterdays tips at Mornington, all in the betting, punters advised to rate their blood counts.

None of the horses won, none had any decent blood counts or fitness and that is the answer why you lose on the punt.


So here is another example of horses with good recent form,  ready to collecty for punter but did not because of low fitness levels.

U must be able to rate horses in fitness from the yard, then place your bets.

The rest is just one big guessing game.

When u see my early morning tips, and they look unfit, do not bet on them.


Cheers Jim

Nov 2




I want your Blood Mornington!

These horse are in the fitness zone and only need a 19 or 20 blood rating from you to finish

in the winner circle.  See documentaries to learn how to rate blood counts.


1       5             Statue of Warriors

2       1             Diggers Rebellion

3       3             Lunar Watch

4       9             Vienna Prince

5       5             Miss Famous

6       1             Jarrah Twist

7       3             Vizhaka

8       7             Princess Sevah



Good luck today on a heavy track



Nov 2



I have had my 90 minute sleep for the night and am writing a new screen play: Drama/Science Fiction with opening scene go                                    way back too 65BC.

Cool this will take me 3 months to do and I have 4-5 other screenplays to write over the next 2 years and 2 theatre plays to finish.

Am also going in a world wide competition of a short stories of no more than 100 words and allowed 2 entries to win the $20k in prizes on offer.

Done both of these and will publish in about a month or so and seem ok to me.


I have to compete with about 15,000 other contestants, now that is a real challenge!


Cheers Jim

Nov 2

As per photo down below this horse has improved 2-3 lengths and blood now a top 20.

This is all bad news for punters on others horses and will be hard to beat.

Forget about all the huff and puff of the .5 kg re handicap to 58.5, it all marketing by the Japanese.


I just cannot see anything beating this horse, unless something with a big pull in the weights comes in also at 20/100% fit.



Nov 2



The photos as posted this week told the story of Hampton Courts fitness levels of only 97% fit and low blood counts of 17 (85%) and supplied the horse with no oxygen over the last 400 metres and folded up badly.

It was all there in the photos to rate in fitness and punters around the world lost many millions of dollars on an unfit favourites.

U too can learn how to rate fitness and blood counts, go to our documentaries link and get that fitness edge missing in your bets.


Cheers Jim

Nov 2



How fit is he:   98%  (2 lengths under peak fitness)


Hi Mick,


Been fitness rating your champion the last few starts and the same ol story was with Lord Of The Sky fitness ratings and his unsuccessful campaign so far also.


Basically media pressure is making you try too hard in training with this horse.


Relax and go back to what you best know.


His blood counts have been 18 (90%) – 19 (95%) so on track to peak at 20 (100%) soon, but

the main factors stopping the horse is its strength and power factors are low which are preventing

it from letting down over the last 150 metres.


He has nothing left in the tank and gives the impression he is racing like a flat horse.


His fitness levels are on track, but it’s his power and strength stopping the horse.


Increase his body weight 5 – 10 kg, peak his blood count at 100% and bingo he

will be back to his best.


Putting more miles in his training will only stop him quicker, he is fit, but no strength

to finish off his races with.


Good luck


Mr James Conway


Fitness consultant

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Nov 2



Morning Chris.

Just about every racing expert web site chat talking is rubbish about the quality of this year’s Derby with some saying it is the worse field for many a year.

Well you can eat your words in 5 days’ time because 2 outstanding colts in Hampton Court from the Gai Waterhouse camp and magnificent type Preferment from the Chris Waller camp will sensationally fight this out in this year’s epic Derby of all time.


He has that much class it has not been seen before on a race track over a distance since the mighty PHAR LAP!

Once he gets the upper hand on Hampton Court over the last 300 it is good night Irene and wins x 8 lengths running away,

PROVIDING HIS BLOOD COUNT ON 20 and strength factors in-tact. 

Well that is my two bobs worth and sit back and watch a super star be released in sensational winning fashion to the world of punters.


Cheers Jim





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