Nov 1





Thanks for the Derby winner mate. I had a great collect

5m 5 minutes ago

Thanks steve so did lot of others, really nice stayer and heaps better next year for the Melbourne Cup, congrats well done Jim ....19/99% rated

Nov 1



4h4 hours ago

Preferment well called!!


5h5 hours ago

you are left field but you can be a freak - well done on your great Derby tip Preferment



I sure am Craig, thanks mate, I got heaps out of him, he will mature into a all time champion Aussie stayer....Jim

Oct 31


Fav has improved on fitness 2-3 lengths and very hard to beat now.



Oct 31
 are showing more and more pre race videos of horses racing on the weekends or features.


Dowload our  trilogy on fitness and u too can rate these horses on the Friday in fitness to know where you are at on your weekend betting.

This is a good idea!

Cheers Jim


Oct 31

Preferment (let it rain!)



Later on Chautauqua  (magnificant looking horse, looks like a black cavair in grey)



Oct 30

      James Conway @fithorses  ·  4m 4 minutes ago 7 wins x 10 $2.00 0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites  



James Conway @fithorses  ·  6m 6 minutes ago dapt 7-2-8

Oct 30


 ·  21s 21 seconds ago

angle 1 wins $4.00 1- result.

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andgle 1-6-8

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dapto 2-6-1 wins x 5 lengths nice dog and chased hard.

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Ballarat trots last impressive winner tipps Sparkling can win again, nice type

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dapto 2-1

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ball results 8-10 $2.00

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Oct 30





I already have $4.50 a place Preferment and just unloaded on at $2.02 a place.

Run a place and still nice win, but the $17 is looking down the barrel for my win bet.


If he gets his own way and chases over the concluding 600 he wins x 8 lengths.




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