No 13,  $107.00,  won at the valley on Saturday night, I rated it 20/99% fit and watched it win, without a penny on it.

Just too tired after work to log in to bet.



Writing is taking over my life now with 44 songs done since 25th of November, feedback from ex band players is very good, so haveta


learn music and the paino and watch an old fart take on the world....wahoo




TVN is in a mess and interesting to see if they see the light out, not a good thing if they close down, just need complete sackings of administrators and stop paying the boys.


Did u read how 2 current committee board members of two city clubs, have been on $10K - $30K PER MONTH CONSULTANCY HAND SHAKES FOR 10 YEARS WITH TVN!!!!!!!


THAT is a criminal offence to me!


I was doing a draft about Scanfit and word check fixed my miss spelling, surely Scanfit not in the dictionary, now????



Keep punting and keep on rock in.







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