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When GOBBLE GOBBLE Racing Club invites the local nudist colony to their Cup meeting to ward off bankruptcy; a mining corporation has secretly found rich mineral wealth on their land and must sabotage the meeting.

Our female protagonist “not too bright” sports reporter, who naively, drifts into “Secret Women’s Business” to millions of viewers, must team together with our hero to defeat the bad guys and re-kindle her love with the timid, retired sex craved jockey; who must ride again and overcome the bad guys with the help from two unlikely ghosts.

Who are these ghosts and what about the talking dog chief steward, will the ring in horse win and where’s the Punters Club $200 million gone?

Do seagulls ever root and who has to extensively fart to avoid detection in the GOBBLE GOBBLE Toilets?

Plenty of 10/10 laughs in this brilliantly new style and unique, quirky film: move over Flying High, Blazing Saddles and Naked Gun here is the next big dark comedy hit!

Enjoy the film.




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