How I create my selections.

Next meeting Flemington Saturday and early 10.30am start because of the hot weather.


Good evening members.


We have been refining and improving all the time the last 3 months are having some great days,

with some great innovations for members.


Firstly today just to show members how I arrive at my final ratings looking at horses.


See how quick I have to rate in a fitness percentage to get them in time to make a bet.




They are after the race, but entertaining, I will do more and punters can see how close your bets



Have your logo go out to thousands of punters on this concept, contact me please.


Punters have been screaming out for the fit 2 win App.


As most of my 1-2 selections run in the first 4, when I see 2 standouts on 98%, I called e-dutch bet. (exotic dutch)


That means dutch one horse in exotics with my other numbers, then dutch the other horse; and

if both finish in the Pick 4 or trifecta you get twice.


So far 6 calls in 3 weeks and we have returned dividends of about $15,000, so great information

to members.


I am splitting the field in two with great success, fitter horses are winning 95% of the time and

unfit (not rated) recently nearly 700, only 7 have won:


Our lay strike rate is that’s world best.


Been on Betfair UK some nights with live tips for UK punters.


Last night winners around the world in thoroughbred, dogs and trots.


All the best and a Merry Xmas.







Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

“The Best Fitness Tipping Site in the World!”

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