Jan 29




Wild horse charges me at races!


I must be a strange person as I have tempted death and fate many times over the years.


A Ballarat yesterday, a horse was playing up badly in the mounting yard and later scratched

as the jockey could not mount  up, nor could the handler control it.


At one end of the mounting yard was this wild horse and yours truly about 40 metres away opposite it.


The horse reared, broke free and at full gallop raced in a straight line, towards yours truly.


“This will be interesting I thought as I stood there with my race book in my hand watching, motionless as this wild beast charged towards me”


Something will save me, I have my destiny, my fate, I clearly thought to one’s self.


We were eye balling each other out as it got closer and closer.


Now at full pace, suddenly my guardian angel appeared from nowhere, a man ran over next to me screaming loudly, waving his arms high up in the air.


I stood upright as the horse skidded to a halt, some 6 inches from me; our eyes met.


That was cool, I was saved once more from a fate worse than death, but then, I knew it was always going to happen.


I am here to help punters win.






Jan 28



What Happened today at Ballarat?


Well tried Unfit favourites bit the dust and punters lost millions because they

we’re not fit enough to win, connections or pros, got it wrong.


Hi punters,


I went to Ballarat and made NO CALLS all day because of low fitness levels

with compressed ratings too close between unfit and fit.


I was a very good call all day as I respect punters finances and if I had of took the

“easy tip” way out on any favourite, you would of lost a packet.


But my fitness ratings, said no, these horses are not fit to warrant that price.


So that is a huge edge I supply and at times no tip is sometimes a very good tip.


Many races had 95% and 96% top fitness ratings and lowest fitness ratings of 93%, they have to be 98% plus.


I could of called about 8 lays (800% profit) but the ratings were just too compressed

with only 3 lengths between unfit and fittest.




However NONE of the selected lays ever looked like running a place and my

strategies with MARTIN PLACE are looking extremely promising.



Some black bookers, on an ordinary day, with ordinary horses.


Follow these horses next start in country races:


WITHOUT A POP, nice type, plenty of solid strength factors  17/96%


TOUCH OF REASON, low blood count stopped this horse last 80 metres, watch out for 17/96%


NERISSA, nice type and low fitness stopped this runner on only 18/95 fit, will improve.


AIRFAIR, nice type and ran on, can’t believe still a maiden, needs better trainer.


AURELIOUS HERO, Nice big horse backed from $3.60 into $2.20 and never likely on 17/95%, they got it wrong.


OERTER, 18/97%, probably worst ride seen for a while, 3 and 4 wide in small field, back to 2000m get on.


JADES BOY, FAV. only 18/95% and faltered near the line, will improve with that run and fitter


DOMESDAY WARRIOR, 2ND UP ON 18/96% did some nice things at the finish, watch out for a value odds.


MISS SOFTHANDS, very nice type, lightly raced and finished off nicely, 17/96


BABY DON’T CRY, impressive type and good run, on 18/96% should win next start.


ZADON, backed for a stack and its class got it through on low 17/96%, will improve on that hit out.


POSTNTHYME, fit on 18/96% and back in a mares race can win next start, fair type of mare.



What I learnt from this meeting?


Even with compressed ratings MARTIN PLACE has massive potential to be the best system in the world

to keep winning on.


More later











Jan 28



Sky Racing and NSW reach a 10-year media rights agreement

Sky will be the broadcaster of NSW racing Sky will be the broadcaster of NSW racing
Sky Channel will be the home for NSW thoroughbred racing after a long-term deal was reached between Racing NSW and Sky's parent company Tabcorp.

The media rights for NSW thoroughbred racing with be held by Sky Channel for at least the next ten years under the deal announced on Wednesday.

Sky will also be able to show NSW racing on their digital platforms, however the digital rights is a non-exclusive arrangement, allowing Racing NSW to negotiate with other providers for access to racing vision.

Tabcorp Managing Director and CEO David Attenborough said Sky Racing was delighted to have finalised a long-term deal.

"We look forward to continuing to expand the reach of NSW racing, both domestically and internationally," Mr Attenborough said.

Under the arrangements of the new deal, foxtel subscribers will no longer have to pay the extra $5 to receive Sky Racing's thoroughbred showcase channel, Sky Racing World.

In a statement from Tabcorp, they said Sky Racing were continuing to negotiate broadcast arrangements for Victorian thoroughbred racing.

NSW and Victorian racing have been split over media rights, resulting in the disaggregation of TVN over Christmas.

It has not been announced when TVN will cease to broadcast.

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Jan 28



Summary, black bookers and what happened today coming up



Jan 28



If you are not on live SMS tips today (Ring Steve 0438 545 277) results will be up later tonight when I get home.

Will advise next meeting attending for FREE sms tips out from ontrack.

If the fields are all over 14-16 runners will pass, maybe or could be laying unfit horses all day.

If stinking hot will pass

If pouring rain will pass


Have a nice day


Cheers Jim

Jan 28



Good morning punters, looking at the form now, then heading off the Ballarat today, if you would like my live

fitness tips from oncourse today,  SMS to your phone please contact Steve on 0438 545 277 for great tips and Rebates to your betting.





Jan 27


Next meeting live oncourse is Ballarat tomorrow so ring steve if want FREE tips and rebates....cheers Jim





If you're not getting a rebate on your punting you are missing out on, depending on your betting activity, maybe thousands of dollars. 

Clients and associates of 28.8 have been offered rebates by Premium Wagering Service plus selective, live on course fitness tips to back or lay.


If you are interested in getting a rebate and selective fitness tips SMS to you, please visit the website;-  www.premiumwageringservice.com.au


Then call Steve on 0438 545 277 for a personal analysis and recommendations on what you may be able earn. 

Nothing to lose but possibly a lot to gain!”




Mr Jim Conway 


Jan 27


Punters I am live oncourse at Ballarat tomorrow.


FREE SMS fitness tips plus REBATES, ring Steve today on 0438 545 277


Cheers Jim




11202111111111  =  14 bets


Best Win price:        $7.50

Strike rate:               93% (Includes lays)


Best place:              $5.20

Strike rate:             86%  (6/7)  


Lays:                       7

Strike rate               100% (placed 0)




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