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Jan 17



With the forth coming closure of TVN and mounting yard images uncertain, I will be going live

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Jan 17


Drugs at picnice races.

What is wrong with this story?

The horse had not won for 4 years and now alledgely boosted up with drugs wins, but what the trainer had more than likely done is prepare the horse

the fittest it has ever been for years, he thinks a "boost" will win the race, where in fact he put in a sound fitness program and would of won the race



When I won many successful big plunges back in the last 70's with my dogs, when I decided to set a dog for a plunge, in the 4 weeks

leading up to the race, I trained the dog up to peak in 100% fitness levels on the day.


Drugs don't work, because you see many trainers outed for drugging thier horse when in it ran unplaced.


The trained did not how to peak it in 100% fitness for that race and they did not get the money.


At least have your horse 100% fit and money on, if you are dumb enough to use drugs.















Rich picnic meeting winner tests positive

SYDNEY, Jan 16 AAP - An inquiry into a positive swab returned by the winner of the feature race on one of Australia's richest days of picnic racing will be held on Monday.

Trainer William Slater will face Racing NSW stewards after Color Purple tested positive to lignocaine after winning the $15,000 Fernhill Picnic Cup in October.

An eight-year-old, Color Purple's victory was his first for Slater and it ended a winless streak of almost four years for the gelding.

The Fernhill Picnic Cup was first run in 2013 when a sprawling property on the western outskirts of Sydney was granted a licence to use a purpose-built racetrack for picnic racing.

Backed by Fernhill Estate's wealthy owners Simon and Brenda Tripp, the meeting is run under the control of the Hawkesbury Race Club.

And despite its short history, the meeting attracts thousands of racegoers as well as owners, trainers and jockeys who are regulars on the NSW picnic racing circuit.

Leading trainer Clarry Conners was hit with a $10,000 fine when a horse he trains for John Singleton tested positive to lignocaine after winning at Canterbury in September.

Lignocaine is described as a local anaesthetic which can have an effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system.


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Jan 16



TVN presenters and production staff face uncertain future as racing channel’s demise nears

  • Matt Stewart and Daryl Timms
  • Herald Sun
  • January 16, 201510:00PM
Richie Callander at the races.

Richie Callander at the races.

BIG Richie Callander, the most recognised and colourful of TVN’s presenters, said staff were in the dark and concerned about their futures as the demise of the racing channel moves closer.

“We’re the same as everyone — we’ve got no idea what’s going on,’’ he said.

The NSW and Victorian shareholders of TVN agreed they would dissolve the TVN board on Thursday at a meeting in Sydney.

Staff will be paid entitlements in full, but jobs — including those of some familiar presenters — are certain to disappear.


TVN personality Richie Callander recently participated in the 4Tracks4Kids charity walk a

TVN personality Richie Callander recently participated in the 4Tracks4Kids charity walk alongside other racing, sport and television identities.

“I’ve sort of given up worrying about it. I’m a lot better than I was for the last month — what will be will be,’’ Callander said.

“But we’ve all got families and mortgages. I think the Melbourne guys might be sweeter than those of us up in Sydney, but I guess it all comes down to what decisions are made from now on. It’s not just the on-air people. The whole production comes out of Sydney.’’

A date when the racing channel will go off the air has yet to be announced.


Bruce Mann, CEO of TVN.

Bruce Mann, CEO of TVN.

Sydney’s Australian Turf Club owns 50 per cent of TVN, while the other half is split between the three Melbourne race clubs and Country Racing Victoria.

Racing Victoria chief executive Bernard Saundry described the issue as a “work in progress”.

“We have just agreed to continue to work toward an amicable solution where each state has agreed to manage its own media rights,” Saundry said. “The discussions are ongoing and they are amicable.”

Both states are in talks with Tabcorp-owned Sky Channel, plus Channel 7.

Jan 16



Dog eat dog now for presenters, not sure who will get postings, who will get the sack!


PUNTERS will be way down the tube now on looking at horses, I better get back to the track!


Cheers Jim

Jan 16



No date set for end of TVN



Presenter Richard Callander (left) has been the face of TVN in Sydney Presenter Richard Callander (left) has been the face of TVN in Sydney


TVN shareholders have agreed to dissolve the board but a date to wind-up the racing broadcaster was not determined at a meeting on Thursday.

The Victorian and NSW shareholders of TVN met for the first time since Christmas in Sydney to work through the dissolution of the network. 

Australian Turn Club boss and TVN director Darren Pearce said earlier this week the decision to disaggregate was the only decision available after two years of hard work without a result.

"We wanted it to succeed but ultimately it hasn't proven to be the case," Pearce said.

"Now we’re looking at the most sensible way to disaggregate and protect the reputations of TVN staff that have worked so hard to get us this far down the track."

Shareholders have agreed to honour all employment contracts, but the channel could be wound-up by as early as the end of the month. 

Pearce said it was important to move quickly now that a decision had been made to dissolve the board.

"Nobody likes uncertainty and the board of TVN recognises that and they recognise they don’t want to lose customers through the transition."

The breakdown between TVN shareholders came to a head prior to Christmas, with a split between the two states on the direction that should be taken with the media rights. 




Jan 16



Nothing to do with me, but interesting read from read.


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By comparison the USA has 45,000 races per year and US$11billion in totalisator turnover, Australia has 20,000 races per year and US$9billion in totalisator turnover. The average Hong Kong turnover per race is 30-50x bigger than USA and Australia.

These massive betting pools per event attract global punters. The combination of a progressive racing administration, public availability of detailed form (including sectional times, speed maps, video replays, track-work information and statistics) and a comparatively small racing pool of horses, trainers and jockeys, ensures the Hong Kong racing market continues to engage sophisticated and recreational bettors alike.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) has announced co-mingling arrangements will be rolled out on five continents during 2014-15. This means that Hong Kong racing will become the first truly international horse racing product presented on a weekly basis.

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I am all for the punters and some huge breaking news could be coming soon.


Stay tuned if you want more winners @ better prices!


Cheers Jim


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