Jun 30

Now what is going to happen to 365 when a huge majority of 28.8 members start winning on

our free software mounting yard fitness % tips out in August?


They will lose 50% of their punters and so will all the others, advance to Betfair.




British punter to take legal action against Bet365

Bet365 is one of the biggest betting operators in the world Bet365 is one of the biggest betting operators in the world Image: Getty

A British punter is exploring legal action in an attempt to get global betting giant Bet365 to release almost $100,000 from her account.

UK publication The Guardian reported the punter – whose identity has not been made public – felt legal methods were required to get her hands on the money after a lengthy series of emails and phone calls had proved futile. 

The customer opened and deposited £30,000 ($54,000) into an account in April this year and quickly lost £23,000 ($41,400) on the races. 

After being contacted by Bet365 to inform her that her maximum bet size had increased, she continued to punt on horseracing and turned the remaining £7,000 into £54,000 ($97,200).

At this point the punter’s account was restricted to a maximum stake of £1 ($1.80) bets on horseracing due to a “trading decision.” 

Frustrated that she was unable to place bets of any meaningful size, she requested a withdrawal of the £54,000 ($97,200) balance. Two months down the track the transaction still hasn’t been processed. 

Her account has reportedly been verified and she has also provided bank statements to Bet365 – at the bookmaker’s request – confirming the source of her funds. There is supposedly no question about the validity of the winning bets.

Bet365, which has held a Northern Territory licence to operate in Australia since February 2011, has so far declined to comment on the case.

Bet365 faces legal action over delay in paying winning punter £54,000

Jun 30



This story has been hitting the headlines the last few days and believe me the owner has made a big mistake.

Lee Freedman is a champion trainer and achieved wonders with this horse, the new trainer is now under immense

pressure to go better. 

Freedman knows how to peak on the day and that is the key to a champion trainer, I have rated his horses since 1987

and his improvement each run made my assessments of fitness so much easier than the thousands of hit and miss trainers.


Arrogance, sure u must have it, many champions do and that is the key for that person to perform even better.

Over my time rating horses I would of had on social media 10,000 postings "he's a cheat, liar, imposter, does not even exist, fraud etc"

It spurred me on to even greater things because I stuck with my guns at what I thought was right or wrong.

Very few in the world would take me on now.


After Freedman’s heyday, he went off the boil, just burnt out and now back on track is still one of the top 5 trainers in Australia.

He had 3rd and 4th string horses from Godolphin, and fair dinkum half the horses were missing, very small, low quality,

yet he did his best and won bush races with them on 100% fit.

You cannot do any more.

Time will tell with the new trainer but me personally, he should of stayed with a winner!





Ben Melham and Lee Freedman

Ben Melham and Lee Freedman after Malaguerra won on Melbourne Cup Day last year (Image: Slickpix)


Freedman hits back at Malaguerra owner



Lee Freedman has taken offence to suggestions his stable has poor communication in the wake of the Malaguerra fiasco that has come to the boil this week.

Bruno Micalizzi, the owner of Malaguerra, made such claims on Racing.com’s Racing Ahead on RSN 927 on Wednesday, suggesting a lack of contact as the reason the Group 1-winning sprinter has been shifted to the Peter Gelagotis stable.

But Freedman refuted Micalizzi’s comments and highlighted that Malaguerra improved from a benchmark of 64 to 108 under the care of his brother Anthony and himself.

“Freedman Racing was not going to offer any comment on the removal of Malaguerra from our stable but some commentary in the media has inflamed the ugly side of social media and engendered some wild misconceptions,” he said.

“We defend our high standards of training and communication and totally refute any claims otherwise.

“Whilst our standards are high the very occasional lapse would be no different in any business.”

While acknowledging there have been many to sink the boot in over the past two days, Freedman indicated he has also received plenty of messages of support.

“I would like to thank our legion of loyal owners, big and small, who have phoned or emailed with messages of support. We are very grateful for that,” he said.

“We are proud of our achievement taking Malaguerra from a BM64 horse to a 108-rater and we acknowledge the work of our staff in helping achieve this.

“We wish Mr Micalizzi good fortune with Malaguerra in the future.”

Jun 27



Cool, thanks to my prodical son.



Jun 27
Jun 27



Wealth, good fortune and lucky!

Jun 27



Winners data only from March 2013, but 100’s more before that and also hundreds of smaller wins not included in Lucky 28.8 Big Wins.


Lucky 28.8 Big Wins:

A new link will be up soon for our archives, Lucky 28.8 Big Wins where there has been many hundreds of big winning races.

I call stand out horses on 98% + plus, that win about 90% of the time and return great dividends.

I call start with top line horses that commence some very big exotics of up to $32,000, and plenty over $1,500.

And then we have “A value bet race” with huge dividends.


What do these bets costs?

Super fit horse 98% plus    1-6-6-6  Pick 4 costs $120          (flexi 10% - $12)

Super fit horse 98% plus    1-6-6     Trifecta costs $30          (flexi 10% - $3)

Start with top line call:        4-7-7-7  Pick 4 costs $480          (flexi 10% - $48)

Start with top line call:        4-7-7      Trifecta costs $120       (flexi 10% - $12)


Over the next few weeks our new link: Lucky 28.8 Big Wins with literally show 100’s of big results that members got.

Then there are the big winners on top like Nautical won @ $105 Betfair.



25th July 2016

Lucky 28.8 Big Wins:  No.  488

Our race of the day easily wins $1,600 Jim

Top line starts it all members.

2-1-4-5/7   $1,600.......Costs $660 for a big $940 profit ($1600 return) or $66 for a $160 return, flexi bet.

142% POT.


$660 just about covers 100% dividend in returns, so as on Saturday our POT OF GOLD RACE costs $660 for a $18,000

return which is $17,340 profit  / 2740% POT


Jun 27



Testing new link data of Lucky 28.8 big wins, I think I have about 2 months work here with so many, Jim


Winners data only from March 2013, but 100’s more before that and also hundreds

of smaller wins not included in Lucky 28.8 Big Wins.



25th July 2016

Lucky 28.8 Big Wins:  No.  488

Our race of the day easily wins $1,600.... Jim

Top line starts it all members.

2-1-4-5/7   $1,600

Jun 25


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