Jun 22



Hong Kong soon, just saw the best documentary every on Amy Winehouse, she had no hope with all the press around

here 24/7 and it appears some very very gready personal to keep her performing.


Elvis had it very easy compared to Amy.





Jun 22



Hong Kong has 3-4 weeks to go then a break.

I want to break their code in the mounting yard as different to in Australia with all the humiditay and such a fast pace,

working on it for next year.


Pop in and see how I go and tips ups before the race.....Jim

Jun 22



The right callsall day today, with top call, top line wins, value bet called and top line or next wins with exotics.

Our Race of the day got off to a flyer with exacta in order first two and $185 trifecta, good stuff for members.


Our Pot of Gold race got close with our 1st tip running 3rd at $4 a place and out 2nd tip (1) winning at $16.50.

I missed one horse that made over $15k in exotics, right race but I just missed.


Members won well on the day and that is all that matters.


Top line call, top line run 1-2-3-4 and shows about 150% profit.

Jun 22



Had all the winners top line and exotics so far...Jim

Jun 22



Pak top line starts.


3-6-8-1  $550 divies huge in small field


Jun 22



Top line start:  2-5-6-9


results 6-5-9-10  $330, having another good day today, members very happy.

Jun 22



Race of the day, exacta on top and trifecta, good call Jim


3-8-16  $210 easy money


Jun 22



Got the lot with winner on top 11-7-6-12 $630 easy. Jim


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