Jun 25



Our race of the day easily wins $1,600 Jim

Top line starts it all.

2-1-4-5/7   $1,600




Jun 25



Still going, the races I dont post we still get the winners, mostly top line, I just like to get the pick 4 for members and trifectas,

as this race in Sydney with top line to start your bets, $1,000 dividend.





Jun 25



POT OF GOLD RACE, BINGO Sydney   $18,000


$33,000 in two races.




Jun 25



Ring the fire brigade, $33,000 in two races! Wow!

Top line to start, will pay well.


Flemington   2-9-7-4   $15,000

Jun 25



Top line to start


1-4-3-6  $1.2k


Jun 25



Syd top line has it to start

3-1-5-2   $1k



Jun 25
Jun 25



From Punters.com and discussed about 1,000 times per year, but it not quite right because they miss 50% of the form guide to win: Fitness


Shop for the best odds across multiple accounts. This includes betting late where percentages are especially high early. Bonus points for backing something above the betfair lay price.

Value is essential over the long haul and taking $3.50 when $3.80 is available consistently means you can't win.


This make little difference, you need to be on more winners with a fitness edge.

Where an arbitrage opportunity arises such that you can back every result for a guaranteed profit across bookies, take it for as much as you can get on.


Agree, trade fitter horses early so you cannot lose, then lay them as lesser liabilities, it will happen, fitter horses will firm and punters need to know how it works.

In all other circumstances, bet small. More than 2% of your bank on a single event is suicide in the long run if you bet a lot, even successfully.

Related to 3, don't chase losses, ever. Every race is an independent event.


Take advantage of promos and bonus bets. Read the terms and work out how to guarantee profit from them or at least stack the odds in your favour.


Most punters believe the promos are designed to still favour the bookie, just a bit less, but that's frequently not the case as you'll find when you start

winning from them and they ban you. They're gifts when used wisely. Similarly, bonus bets usually don't return the stake, so using them on a 1.50 chance is a waste.

Use them on roughies. Bonus points when the roughie is particularly good value with that bookie and you back the fav elsewhere to guarantee an 80% plus return.


I can’t see how bonus bets will make you win, sure you have some free bets for the month, but over the long run you need the right strategies.

Most importantly, enjoy it. If you're betting enough that you're a nervous wreck and throwing things around the room when it doesn't go right, you're in the wrong caper.


Build the bank slowly and enjoy the ride rather than trying to get rich quick.


Basically you need more winners and less losses, go to 28.8 live free in August.


These type of forum conversations are everywhere, year in year out into all matters of form except including fitness ratings, 28.8 has that 50% edge for punters.



Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 Has a 50% Fitness edge not in form guides.

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