Syndicating an unfit horse.




Feedback answers:




I will look for:




·        A bigger horse with natural strength factors, so they can carry weight when we start winning


·        Preferably a gelding


·        Experienced with 10-25 starts; so well broke in


·        No injuries (vet certificate)


·        Out of maiden class


·        Watch it for a few races, generally races up with them and fall in a hole because unfit


·        Racing 1400 – 2,000 metres, so gives us more scope.


·        Approach the owner and buy cheap


·        Select a good fitness trainer up the bush


·        Get it 100% race fit and win


·        Look at our photo on the wall


·        Open to all




Please register your interest, this could take 3-6 months to sort out.




Thanks Jim






Mr James Conway CEO 28.8


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