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Live streaming from 28.8 headquarters.


Live streaming now is the future of sport and 28.8 is ahead of innovations to punters, and free of course.


It has been a long dream of mine to have a 28.8 live betting & trading ring and it will happen next year.


I won’t be able to show the races but 28.8 members will be able to join in the exciting action as on the

floor of the stock exchange as we hit the high octane levels every race.


My fitness tips will run fast and furious during the day and our team of expert punters will bet $1,000,000

PHANTOM trading and betting right before your eyes on all utilities to show you how

to get an edge in our great service.


Watch the big trades on Betfair; laying unfit favourites; fixed odds markets; trading not to lose, huge

exotic betting and running features during the day.


This will be all new world wide and great action plus for members on 28.8 live streaming and a must

watch to how to win on fitness.


More later, but this will be a world first new service to 28.8 members and our team have to win every

day to get their bonus!


Watch us celebrate after the last, when the bars open!


28.8 TV is the place to be for punters.










Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 Horse Fitness % Winners

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