Jul 13



Another big day for members, it just keeps going on and on and on.


I have peaked in rating fitness winners for members and the up-coming spring

carnivals we are looking sensational.


We go FREE live in August and 28.8 will be monetizing our services, failing this

I intend to just close up shop and our group will go the punt in a way never seen before.


Today summary:  82% win strike rate top two horses on “I like the top line here to start”


Last 3 meetings:  87% - 80% - 82% strike rates, amazing results.


Today $23,000 in exotics that takes our last 5 meetings to now $107,000.


It is very easy for our group to go the punt, but let's first see how things work out new year.





Jul 13



Another big day, summary later, may be nearly $100k in exotics in only 5 meetings.

Went with the 5 on top last race at $26 and 2nd that blew out the top line dividends to a massive $2,800


Top line start, results 4-5-7-6



Jul 13



Top line starts, wins again 9-3-6-2  $3,800 massive dividends because favourites had good opposition from as fit horses.

Passed on 2-3 races in Sydney today, valley hot.



Jul 13



Top line start, all in 7-6-4-12  $1,200



Jul 13



Sydney top line starts, 1-4-10-6

$660 dividends.


Jul 13



Big day today, another winner on top and leads again all the way, this is easy

2-6-10-3   $1,400 winner paid $4.20



Jul 13



28.8 world-wide marque party days at the races.


28.8 will be having fantastic race days on-track, free food, free drinks

and great music to dance to for supporting members.


This is really amazing days out around the world, more later.



Jul 13



Valley the 4 wins at $18.00 missed the 9 at $50  [value bet call]





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