2017 Fitness Percentage Summary:


Good evening members, we finished off 2017 and 22 weeks live with a great day and some amazing dividends,

like tipping Chris Waller had the key to one race; and he ran 1-2-3-4 and dividends were a massive $6,000.


Our only 99% fit horse on its own, MUSIC MAGNATE won nicely 1st up and we got $3.40 fixed. (5/2)


I got two bolters up in the top 5 fittest horses, winner paying a whopping $25 and the Quinella, Exactors and

other Win/place paid over $700 in just 2 horses home 1-2. I missed on the 13 and the exotics paid $90,000!


As the weeks went by I made some good changes to my 1st fitness services where I rated every runner.


That pretty quickly looked a bit confusing and then went to top 4 fittest, then next 3 on the 2nd line and

dropped off the unfit horses, and this quickly showed that the 5th horse that just missed my top fittest

was causing punters plenty of grief.


Then like a brilliant chess move, I included this 5th fittest horses on the top line and only 2 runners

on the next line.


This returned immediate results with the top 5 fittest continually running 1-2-3-4 across the line and some

massive dividends for less outlays for punters, so a smart business move.


I offer a QUICK PICK numbers in my suggested betting strategies each race, who come from

horses in the top line in different order for punters who have no idea about punting and just

want to win, no form study and box up my numbers like Keno or Lotto!


Blow me down, QUICK PICK punters have collected many hundreds of thousands of dollars for smaller outlays.


Just today QUICK PICK punters would of collect nearly $9,000, an amazing help new and  pensioner punters win.


After the 2nd half of my first 22 weeks, I really started to hit my straps and having no fear;

the winners just kept coming in.


2018 holds some more cutting edge innovations by us and during the year you will be the 1st to

hear about new services for punters to win.


We have huge pro punter contacts in Asia for Hong Kong and Singapore racing

and will get stuck into it more in 2018.


It is another kettle of fish because of the humidity and horses sweating up so much, you have to look

under the lathers of sweat to get your rated winners, but the million dollar pools are just

too big to ignore.


Asian punters love a bet and with these big pools they will still win big time on my fitter combinations.


I may row my dingy over and do some live ratings from the parade yard in UK, this would be sensational

and a real challenge because of lower fitness ratings, but a big market for punters

in exchanges like Betfair.


We now would hold every world record for tipping profits and not by just a few percent;

but by unimaginable figures never dreamt about like something from another galaxy.


My increased progress in the ability to pick the horses that can run 1-2-3-4 improved dramatically

over the second 11 weeks and when I peak in this ability,  I have no idea, but that is all

good news for members.


We will continue to be live and free and things live web cam is just something I want to look into, I want to

entertain you and say hello.


International Punters Clubs and rebates is another service we want to pursue, but then again you only

get rebates on losses and we keep on winning!


Laying unfit horses world records are broken every day and I cannot see any of this ever changing.

I have the eye for who cannot win because of low fitness ratings.


Here are my first 22 weeks stats that I am proud of after 30 years in formula building.


·       Exotics Tipped            $1,044,840        Average dividends per week of $47,492


·       Last 40 hours on the fitness punt, members have won a world record $AU1,979 per hour,

f    every hour x 40, tax free!


·       ROI in 22 weeks:   6,310% a world record, pro punters would be happy with 1/10th of that.


·       Top line fitter horses winning:    87% strike rate another world record.


Laying Unfit horses


·       Win:      319 bets - 317 winners. Strike rate 99.37%, a huge world record


·       Win lays in succession, undefeated  209, another big world record


·       Place 319/311 winners. Strike rate 97.50%, a world record


·       Place lays in succession, 159, another world record.


Profits on Laying:


·       Win and Place:   71,800%, world record.


So that is about all members and thanks again for all your support and encouragement in

our early stages of fitness % ratings from the yard.


And I look forward to improving my strike rates even more with no form guide study.


I always, will have no fear.


Happy new year to punters and all.




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