A Merry Xmas to all members and some exciting things are going to happen in 2018 and

has been a pleasure winning with you.


You can never say I don’t know the difference between a fit horse and an unfit horse.


December 24th


Start of week 21 for members.


·       We got so close to $1m in exotics dividends, finishing on $999,300.00   WORLD RECORD


·       Lays till Xmas on UNFIT HORSES:      601/592     WORLD RECORD


·       Win lay strike rate:   301/299       99.33% win lay strike rate        Profit  47.9k% profits.  WORLD



·       Place lay striker rate:  301/293    97.34% place lay strike rate    Profit 23.8k%   WORLD RECORD


·       ROI   5,285%   WORLD RECORD


·       Top line Fitter horses winning 86%   WORLD RECORD


·       Win lays in a row, undefeated  191   WORLD RECORD.





James CEO


Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 LIVE FREE Horse Fitness TV.

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