Good morning members,


Good morning punters short and sweet yesterday as wanted to break our million dollars in

exotics as stuck on $999,300 after the end of previous meeting.


It did not take long with only 6 races done as had guest arriving for a bbq, but we tipped

$2,540 in exotics for a cost of $1240.


ROI was 100% and now we stand at $1,001,840 in exotics tipped.


ROI on 21 weeks is a very impressive 5,385%.


We had 2 lay and successful and on 604 lays (Win and Place) for 595 winners with

win on 99.34% and place on 97.70% strike rates.


Our top line fittest horses were 6/6 undefeated, with our win average is a great 87% strike rate;

a great easy start for Trifectas and Pick 4’s.


Back live again on Thursday to keep up this world record pace.


I have no fear.







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