Dec 16




$30.5k in exotics or $2,750 returned per race, outlay was $4,000 = 700% ROI

6/6 lays, now 165 in a row undefeated.

550/541 winners.

Profit on lays 65,000%

ROI  4,960% in only 19 weeks, average 261% per week.

Fit horses winning 86%

Closing in on our first million $966k, may get it week 20?

I fear nothing!


Dec 16



Good morning members.


Today we are live at Randwick at about 12.15pm and then Caulfield, because of Chrissy functions we may

only get in the first 10 – 12 races, but they will be winners.


See u then




Dec 15




I really do keep scratching myself.

Firstly I had a real fear of going live for many years, but new I had to.

So went on twitter and did some, what I thought amazing results with up

to 1 million views per month.

Then we spent over 2 years on our current software and I went live again.

The software allowed me to rate all horses in an order of fitness.

Then refined it with less horses and better strategies.

Then re-find it again with mainly fittest horses on the top line to cut bets down.

Then improved the suggested betting strategies for each race as is different,

in respect to fitness and prices and the likely dividends that may happen.

This now allows punters to bet less and win more.

I still keep scratching myself as what I thought was very good 3 years ago

is now really old hat.

How far can I go, am I at the top of my game yet after 58 years in racing?

Where will it end?

Rain Man

Dec 15



INTO WEEK 19 Summary: 

Thursday 70% ROI, average dividend $538 over 18 big races I rated horses live in the mounting yards.

The profits were huge because my new strategy suggestions involved less investments for bigger wins.

12/12 lays successful and we were again undefeated on the day.

It’s all working like a well oil computer and if you want to win, pop in for free next race day, Saturday.


World Records keep getting broken. 

·       ROI 4,260%.

·       Laying unfit horses: 544 bet, win 535 times.

·       Profit on lays 64,300%

·       Win lays in a row: 162 undefeated.

·       Fittest horses winning 87% of the time strike rate.

·       Exotic dividends now getting closer to $1 million ($937,700)



Mr James Conway CEO 28.8

28.8 World’s No 1 LIVE FREE Horse Fitness TV.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dec 15



11 riders graduate RV's apprentice program

Apprentice jockeys Jessica Eaton and Melissa Julius have been awarded top honours in the latest batch of graduates from Racing Victoria's Apprentice Jockey Training Program.

The two were among 11 apprentices to graduate in a ceremony conducted at Flemington racecourse on Thursday night.

Eaton, 24, claimed the Victorian Jockeys' Association Outstanding Apprentice Jockey in Training award while 26-year-old Julius collected the Andrew Gilbert Principles of Sport Science award.

They were joined at the ceremony by fellow graduates Mitch Aitken, Juana Andreou, Lucy Doodt, Trent Germaine
Trent Germaine

, Chelsea Hall, Tahlia Hope, Rose Pearson, Jessie Philpot and Brandon Stockdale.

The apprentices were praised for their dedication to their craft on a night when a record eight female jockeys graduated.

Women currently make up 23 per cent of licensed jockeys across the state.

The apprentices each received a memento of their time in the program and were congratulated by RV's chief executive officer Giles Thompson.

Five-time Scobie Breasley Medal winner Craig Williams is a past graduate while more recent graduates include Regan Bayliss, Katelyn Mallyon, Beau Mertens and Ben Thompson.

The four-year program offers specialist learning in areas such as race riding, performance analysis, sports science and sports medicine, as well as media, finance and business skills.
Dec 14



What’s coming up the weekend?


We are having 28.8 drinks on Saturday and the races are at

Randwick and Caulfield.


I should get in the first 10 races for punters live from the mounting yards then happy hours.





Dec 14



Horse Racing Trading

Arguably, the biggest revolution developed by the arrival of Betfair’s betting exchange was the ability for punters to trade.

Trading, for the inexperienced, is where a punter backs a horse at high odds, before later laying the same horse at lower odds, or vice versa, in order to guarantee a profit.

For example, you have $10 on a soft-ground specialist in the ante-post markets for a big race at 20.00. After a few days of persistent rain, the horse’s odds shorten to 10.00. You lay the same horse for $20.

If the horse wins, you pick up $190 profit on your back bet, but pay out $180 on your lay bet, for an overall profit of $10. If the horse loses, you lose your $10 back stake, but win the $20 you laid, again for a $10 overall profit. It’s the betting world’s version of merchants’ attempts to buy-low and sell-high.


Horse Trading Strategies

One strategy used by successful traders is to focus on only a few horses in any race and, more often than not, on just one.  Short-priced favourites are especially popular because the majority of punting activity on the race will be solely back and lay bets on that one horse, to the virtual exclusion of other runners, which creates the small movements in odds that traders can profit from.

Another strategy these traders use is to look at how much money is “queuing up” to back or lay a particular horse. If a significant weight of money appears on the back side of the market, the odds can often shorten, whereas if a lot of punters are out to lay a horse, its odds will likely lengthen.

Information is key when assessing your trade opportunities. In much the same way that day traders will carefully monitor market reports, company results and world media – for any news that may affect the markets – the best Betfair traders will be listening and watching carefully for weather reports, jockey interviews and stable form: any of which may spark a movement in a horse’s odds.


Trading Small Price Movements

The changes in odds don’t need to be as significant as in the example above to make a profit, though. Some punters are able to make profits by trading on the smaller price movements that occur before any race.

If a horse trades at 2.10, then shortens to 2.04, then back to 2.08, before settling at 2.02 before the off, a punter is able to make a series of smaller bets that guarantee a profit, in much the same way that a financial market trader might speculate on market movements within a single day.

The challenge, of course, is in being able to accurately predict those market movements: if you lay a horse at 1.80 in the expectation of its odds lengthening, you can find yourself in trouble when it gets backed into 1.50.


Mitigating Risk & In-Play Benefits

Trading is not risk free, but for some punters – those who are prepared to put the time in – it does represent a less volatile way of betting.

That’s not to say that trading is only for those who are prepared to sit at their computers all day, buying and selling in each and every race for a $20 profit.

Even if that style of betting does not suit you, trading can still be a useful strategy to combine with in-play punting. If you know that a horse can race unenthusiastically, but can often find their stride in the final 400 metres, you might be able to lay the horse pre-race at shorter odds, before placing an in-play back at greater odds, which will be duly matched when the horse looks to be struggling in the early stages.

Conversely, if you know a horse can often race impressively, but finds little under pressure, a back pre-race can be laid in-play at much shorter odds when the horse appears to be cruising.


Getting Started Trading

As with any new betting strategy, the best advice is to “paper-trade” for a couple of weeks first. Make a note of bets you want to make and see – at the end of the trial period – whether you would have been profitable. And even if this period is successful, keep stakes to a bare minimum for a few weeks thereafter.

Only when you’ve demonstrated your profitability over a sustained period should you consider trading with a larger percentage of your betting bank.


Trading with Advanced Software

Advanced betting applications are essential for successful Betfair traders. One-click betting, super-fast price refreshes allow for Betfair traders to get the most out of the betting exchange. Learn more about these applications and download free trials today – betting applications.

Dec 14



Our very exciting world-wide punters clubs in the works.

I have added a new dimension to my after rating strategies and is working great with

a lower investments by punters for bigger wins.


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